*                    ╔═╗╔═╗╔╗╔╔═╗╦╔╦╗╔═╗╔╗╔╔╦╗╦╔═╗╦                           *
*                    ║  ║ ║║║║╠╣ ║ ║║║╣ ║║║ ║ ║╠═╣║                           *
*                    ╚═╝╚═╝╝╚╝╚  ╩═╩╝╚═╝╝╚╝ ╩ ╩╩ ╩╩═╝                         *
*                          ╔╦╗╦╔═╗╔═╗╦╔═╗╔╗╔                                  *
*                          ║║║║╚═╗╚═╗║║ ║║║║                                  *
*                          ╩ ╩╩╚═╝╚═╝╩╚═╝╝╚╝                                  *
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
*                           for Sega Dreamcast                                *
*                            FAQ/Walkthrough                                  *
*                                                                             *
*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
*                                                                             *
*                      v1.1            July 3, 2001                           *

 Table of Contents 

  Can I use this guide on my website?
  Is this the latest version of the guide?
  Can I send you E-mail?

  What do I do first when I get this game?
  ***How do I unlock so-and-so mode?***
  Why doesn't Auto-Reload work on my gun?
  How do I beat that last mini-game?
  How do I maximize my score?
  I can't beat all those training missions...
  I can't remember which training missions I've beaten and which I haven't!
  How big is the Confidential Mission save?







VIII. DISPLAY OFF MODE (Advanced Advice)  
 *NOTE: This advice applies to Mission Mode also!*





                               I. INTRODUCTION

What is Confidential Mission?  

Confidential Mission is the latest Light Gun game for the Dreamcast.  It  
contains 30 training missions and three unique spy missions in three different  
modes of play.  While it's not the longest game, it costs only $20 at most  
stores.  If you own a Light Gun already, go get this game!

Can I use this guide on my website?  
It depends.  Here's how it is:

 please use your {NAME OF GAME} guide on my website(www.wherever)?" will do
 it, but any and all sucking up is appreciated. :)

You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no"  
 in almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must  
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.  
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

Is this the latest version of the guide?  

It depends.  If you got it from my website( or from GameFAQs  
(, it is the latest public release of the guide.  If you got 
it from'm a mod on the boards there, look for me), it is  
probably the latest version, give or take a day.  If you found it at any other  
site, it may not be the latest version.

Can I send you E-mail?  
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide, after  
you make sure it's not one of the questions below!

What do I do first when I get this game?  

If you're using a Light Gun, the VERY FIRST THING you should do is calibrate  
your gun!  Go to the Options menu and select Gun Calibration.  It's more than  
just putting the gun against the screen and pulling the trigger!  Think about  
how you'll be holding the gun while you play.  The ANGLE of the gun matters, so  
try tracing a path from that comfortable position to the corner of the screen.  
Put the gun against the screen, but keep it at the same angle.  Repeat this for  
the three targets, and you're set.

How do I unlock so-and-so mode?  

I've gone into more detail at the beginning of each section, but here's the  
quick run-through, in chronological order...

Unlock Another World - Beat Mission mode on any level difficulty with any  
 number of lives, then beat the first eighteen missions at the Agent Academy. 

Unlock Golden Guns - You get these when you beat the first eighteen missions  
 at the Agent Academy.   These are only for the Another World mode.

Unlock New Missions - Beat Another World.

Unlock Blasters - Once you beat the last twelve missions at the Agent Academy,  
 you get Starfire Blasters for Mission mode.

Unlock Display Off Mode - I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but play through  
 the game a few times to unlock it.  Play both modes, play each mission
 individually...whatever, just have fun.

Unlock # of Credits Select - I haven't figured this out yet!  In the Options  
 menu, the # of Credits option is in gray.  I don't know how to unlock it yet.
 I suppose it involves doing well in Partner Mode, or beating the game on Very
 Hard with only 3 lives, or it could be time-activated...who knows?

Why doesn't Auto-Reload work on my gun?  

If you have an older gun, like from the original release, Auto-Reload probably  
doesn't work.  They were designed to work with House of the Dead 2, so the  
designers of Confidential Mission somehow disabled it.  You can either buy a  
different gun(see Section III) or play the game honestly!

How do I beat that last mini-game?  

See the walkthrough in Section IV.

How do I maximize my score?  

See the walkthrough in Section VIII.

I can't beat all those training missions...  

They're pretty hard, eh?  The developers did a good job!  Even the advice I  
give in Sections V and VII certainly won't be enough.  The secret is PRACTICE.  
When I began playing, I was just as overwhelmed as you.  The more you practice,  
the better you will get, and eventually you will get lucky and complete the  
mission.  This goes for every single mission available...I bet it's even  
possible to beat Reflex Basic 3 without cheating with some serious practice.

I can't remember which training missions I've beaten and which I haven't!  

It's a very subtle difference.  The gun on the door turns from black to white  
when you beat the level.

How big is the Confidential Mission save?  

The save file takes up three blocks.  It saves your high scores, what modes are  
available, and which training missions you've completed.

                             II. VERSION HISTORY

v1.1 - July 3, 2001 - Updated my high scores and fixed a rumor.  Updated the  
 intro to Another World.

v1.0 - June 13, 2001 - Finished the guide for Another World.  Added the High  
 Score and Partner sections.  I think that's it...

v0.99 - June 5, 2001 - Added the final mission and fixed the guide up.  All  
 that's left is Another World...

v0.98 - June 4, 2001 - Added the second Mission Walkthrough and added some  
 questions to the FAQ.  Added a gun to the Controller section.

v0.95 - May 29, 2001 - Fleshed the guide out, fixed a few errors, and added the  
first Mission Walkthrough in three sections.

v0.9 - May 27, 2001 - First public release.  Controller Options and the Agent  
Academy walkthroughs are complete.  I'm not too fond of the current formatting,  
so I'll work on it.

                           III. CONTROLLER OPTIONS

In this section, I'll take a look at your options in terms of controllers for  
the game.  There have been many options added since the Dreamcast's release...  
I've only tried the first three of these, so if you have anything worthwhile to  
add to this section, please e-mail me about it!

Standard Dreamcast Controller------------------Available at:  all retail stores

Considering this is a game designed for LIGHT GUN use, using the standard  
controller is a bad idea.  There are people who honestly prefer the controller,  
but I can't understand why.  Sure, it has increased accuracy, but you have to  
sacrifice speed and FUN.  Only choose this if you need the extra accuracy for  
one of the training missions, or if you can't afford a Light Gun.

MadCatz Dream Blaster----------------------------Available at:

This is my weapon of choice.  These have auto-fire and auto-reload, a rear  
D-pad hat for one-handed control, and rubber grips for comfort.  Unfortunately,  
the accuracy is not so's pretty jerky.  I don't notice the problem  
much, but sometimes I notice that a perfectly-aimed shot just doesn't hit the  
right spot.  Note that there are two generations of MadCatz guns: the first  
one's auto-fire and auto-reload only works with House of the Dead 2, and the  
second one only works with Virtua Cop 2 and Confidential Mission.

Interplay Starfire Blaster--------------------Available at:  most retail stores

This is the first and the worst.  The accuracy isn't so good, it's heavy, and  
you must hold it with two hands.  To put it simply, it's not the best choice.

Mini Light Gun------------------------------Available at:  
                                             (and for $5 more)

This seems like the best choice to's cheap, small, and accurate.  It  
has a built-in rumbling feature, and functioning auto-reload and auto-fire.

Mini-Gun 2----------------------------------Available at:

Same as the one above, except it trades the rumble feature for Silent Scope  
support.  I'm not sure if it actually works, but that's what it says...

Jolt Gun------------------------------------Available at:

These seem to be another wise choice.  It's just like the Mini Light Gun,  
except it is longer and it has a built-in kickback function.

Japanese/European Light Gun--------------------Available at your local importer 

These are NOT an option!  If you have the American version of the game, you can  
only use American or Universal guns!  Although the Japanese guns are more  
accurate, you'll need a Japanese version of the game to use them.

Sega Mouse------------------------------------Available at:  most retail stores

Yes, the Mouse works with the game!  If you can't get a Light Gun, this seems  
like a good idea to me.  It has the accuracy of the controller with nearly the  
speed of the Light Guns.

                            IV. MISSION WALKTHROUGH

Well, it's pointless to write a typical "walkthrough" for the mission, since it  
couldn't be any more straightforward.  In this section, I'll explain the basics  
behind the mission mode, i.e. how to handle each scene, what to do in the  
mini-games, and how to defeat the bosses.  Later in the guide, I go into depth  
with the more advanced strategies, like how to maximize your score.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION ONE: THE MUSEUM -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

You start out in a room in the museum.  Take out a few cops in the room, then  
chase the midget in a blue suit out the door.  This is the first time you see  
some civilians - you know, those frightened people in bright shirts with their  
hands on their heads?  Every time you shoot them, you lose a life and 30k  
points.  After the way is clear, you have to take out a few cops here and  
there, including some terrorists who break through the window.  The next room  
is more frantic - cops appear from all directions.  In this room, you'll  
probably find a few powerups that you haven't seen before.  For example:

Assault Rifle - this is a rapid-fire gun with 44 bullets.  When you fire, it  
releases a little spray of bullets.  These are usually placed in strategic  
places where they will come in handy soon...

Body Armour - it pretty much gives you an extra life.  It disappears after one  
hit.  Also, when you get shot with it, the screen turns yellow instead of red.

Briefcase - shoot it for 3k points.  Three floppy disks pop out of the case -  
shoot them for 5k points each.

C M F Symbols - if you shoot a letter symbol, it adds to the total in the lower  
left corner.  If you collect one of each letter, you get an extra life.

Grenades - when you shoot it, it blows up.  All the enemies in the immediate  
area die, and any powerups in the area are magically collected for you.

Okay, back to the game!  After that room, you experience your first mini-game.  
Some poisonous gas is flowing through the vents.  Luckily, you have your  
plaster gun with you!  You must hit five exact spots to seal up the vents.  
This is an easy one.  It only takes one shot to seal each one up, but it has to  
be in the dead center of the target.  Take your time and line up your shots.

IF YOU SUCCEED, you get out relatively |IF YOU FAIL, it's not a big deal.  You  
unharmed.  You remain dizzy for awhile,|only have to fight a few more enemies  
and it will be hard to shoot the next  |under the influence of the poisonous  
few enemies.                           |gas. 

The boss sneaks under the door, so you need to take another path.  Open the  
door and shoot the two guards in the back.  When you look over the edge, you  
have a big battle to fight.  Shoot the enemies on top of the other building,  
then take out some enemies on the ground.  There are enemies running back and  
forth without stopping to kill you - try to take them out early.  After that,  
it's time for another mini-game!  This time, you must shoot the clock across  
the field with only one shot.  Put your gun right up to the screen and fire!  
If your gun isn't very accurate, you should wait for a few seconds until the  
clock is bigger and it stops moving.  The longer you wait, the easier it is...

IF YOU SUCCEED, you zoom down the line |IF YOU FAIL, you have a much tougher  
into the next building.  In this room, |battle.  You jump off the building into  
enemies pop up from all directions, but|a warehouse room.  This place almost  
it still isn't hard.  There is one     |always takes one of my lives because  
civilian in the closet, so don't shoot |enemies come in large groups.  Do your  
him!  When you leave the room, you     |best.  When you get out of the  
enter a courtyard.  This is a much     |warehouse, you enter the courtyard.  
easier scene than the one that happens |Zooming in on the building in the  
when you fail the mini-game.  Relax,   |corner can be tough...don't let the  
and take out the enemies in the        |powerups distract you!  Concentrate on  
buildings, on the roofs, and on the    |the enemies FIRST.  After that, you  
ground.  Enter the building to engage  |enter the building to engage the boss.  
the boss...                            |

To start out, he runs around the balcony.  A few various cops pop out, but  
these are simple.  When he jumps out, take several shots at him while he's out  
in the open!  Note that you should shoot at him every chance you get - the more  
shots you take at him, the sooner the battle ends.  Then, he runs around with  
some remote control that activates traps inside the columns.  These traps are  
always either guns or missile launchers.  Take out the guns quickly, and take  
out the rockets without worrying about the launcher itself.  After he runs  
around for awhile longer, he starts activating traps on the big statue in the  
middle.  Be patient and take them out accurately.  Again, continue shooting at  
the boss whenever you can.  When the camera switches to a cop behind you, shoot  
him, then turn around and deliver the final blow to the boss.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION TWO: THE TRAIN -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

You start in a room in the front of the train.  Terrorists walk back and forth,  
with the exception of one terrorist through a door in the back.  In the next  
room, enemies pop out from behind the seats - do your best not to take out the  
civilians.  In the next room, you can see down a hallway.  As you stand on a  
little balcony, shoot down on the enemies below.  You do have two difficult  
shots in this room - there's an enemy hiding behind the balcony on the other  
side, and one comes up behind you later.  Two enemies come crashing through the  
side of the train.  When you turn around, kill the enemies early, because Irina  
will get in the way soon.  After that, you climb up the stairs.  Enemies cross  
the hallway in front of you - there are no civilians passing through, so shoot  
everything that crosses!  In the hallway, watch out for the lady coming out  
from the door on the left.  It's easiest to wait until she goes back in her  
room, and you'll still have plenty of time to take out the terrorists behind  
her.  You then exit through a window in the back of the car.

On the roof, you have to deal with some terrorists on snowmobiles.  Hopefully,  
you'll have an Assault Rifle from the train for this scene.  The train is  
moving quickly, as well as the terrorists.  Concentrate on the ones with the  
targets over them for now.  After awhile, you turn around to zoom in on two  
snipers on the back of the train.  It zooms in and zooms out quickly, so it  
will be difficult to snag the Assault Rifles on the same car.  After one more  
round of snowmobile terrorists(this time on hills), the first mini-game pops  
up.  For this one, you must tap the B button quickly.  Yay, button-mashing...  
for my MadCatz gun, I hold the barrel of the gun in my left hand and put my  
right thumb on the B button.

IF YOU SUCCEED, you look into the car  |IF YOU FAIL, you swing down into the  
under you to take out the enemies.  You|room.  You have to kill a few more  
happen to be upside down, so it's not  |enemies, but at least you're upright.  
that easy...                           |

In the next car, you shoot enemies ahead of you, then you hide behind the  
stairs.  Enemies come from everywhere, but they come slowly, so don't worry.  
After you go forward in the room, the civilians become annoying.  Do your best  
to shoot around them.  At one point, a terrorist lobs grenades at you while a  
civilian runs through the train.  Shoot the grenade in the air, wait for her to  
pass by, THEN take him out.  Terrorists also pop out from behind the bar, so  
look out for them.

In the next car, you simply plow don't have time to shoot all  
the enemies, so take care of the threatening ones first.  Next, you climb up  
onto the train again.  You have to eliminate two sets of enemies up here.  It's  
really not a problem.  For the next mini-game, you must shoot out a red peg  
keeping the trains together.  To do this quickly, you should definitely use  
the alternate reloading technique - that is, hold the barrel of the gun with  
your left hand, and put two fingers in front of the barrel while shooting to  
reload.  This way, you can maintain your aim on the small target instead of  
disrupting it by shooting off the screen.

IF YOU SUCCEED, you go straight to the|IF YOU FAIL, you have to take four  
boss.                                 |enemies before you fight the boss.

The bosses in this level are inside a tank and a helicopter.  On both of these,  
you want to take out the guns first.  The tank launches very fast missiles at  
you, while the helicopter summons snowmobile terrorists to fire at you.  When  
the tank is directly behind the train, you should shoot the barrels and crates  
off the train to slam into the tank - this will cause some serious damage.  
Once you take out all the guns on the helicopter, it will crash directly into  
the tank.

After that, it's just you against the tank.  When an enemy pops out of the  
tank, he will do one of two things - fire missiles, or shoot directly at you.  
If he fires missiles, shoot the missiles with RED smoke behind them.  These  
create a chain reaction that take out some or all of the other missiles.  After  
a few shots at the terrorists inside, the tank will crash into a water tower.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION THREE: THE SHIP -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

In the beginning, you slide down a tube with a bunch of turrets.  Shoot early,  
shoot often.  It's pretty tough, since everything moves so quickly.  At the  
bottom, you land in a room with about twenty tubes in it.  Enemies will pop up  
from everywhere, so shoot quickly.  After you turn around and look at a sign,  
you go through a set of automatic doors.

Kill the enemies immediately through the door.  The next room is a long hallway  
with doors on either side, an exit at the far end, and two balconies.  As  
usual, enemies come from everywhere.  They start down the hallway, then come  
from the balcony, then from the right side of the screen.  When you go into the  
hall itself, you see one doctor, then a few enemies behind him.  When you turn  
around and enter the door, you find a stairwell.  Take out the enemies on the  
stairs then go down.  There's another doctor with terrorists around him.  After  
this, you go into the main room of the level.

This room is absolutely huge, and you will shoot enemies in all parts of it.  
The first set comes from the left side around a set of crates.  The next set is  
up much higher - they are hard to see, but there are about three on the top of  
the submarine in the middle of the room.  Next, there is a line of them on the  
far end of the room on a balcony.  Shoot these from the middle outward.  Next,  
you look to your right for a few sets of enemies up high and on the steps  
across from you.  The ones on the steps are difficult because of their height  
and the protection from the balcony, so shoot for their heads.  After that, you  
turn around and go into the crates on the left side of the room.  You have some  
close combat until you emerge on the other side.  After you shoot some enemies  
on the steps, a horde of six enemies pop up across the ENTIRE screen -  
hopefully you grabbed the Assault on the stairs.  After you climb the stairs,  
you must kill a few more sets of enemies on the railing above and among the  
crates below.  After that, you climb the stairs for the final battle.

The boss has three main attacks...

1: He drops some bombs that divide into smaller ones.  Shoot them all.  After  
that, he appears into the background - shoot him at least once.

2: He drops some weird missile-launchers on the ground.  This can be a real  
hassle if he drops too many of them.  Take out as many as you can early on.  
When they start launching, concentrate on the missiles, then shoot the  
launchers when they get to the bottom of your screen.

3: A big cloud of missiles appears in the air.  Only the ones with targets are  
a threat, so take them out first.  He rolls into the background at the end, so  
shoot him at least once.

When he's not doing one of these attacks, he just runs around.  Shoot him while  
he does this, although it doesn't do much damage.  About halfway through, he  
activates his suit and becomes invisible.  You can still see his sword, so use  
that to judge his location.  He adds one attack to the above three - a white  
cloud of smoke appears.  You see him running across the screen, but then he  
runs down the edge of the other screen to attack you.  Aim at the side where  
he SHOULDN'T be, then shoot when you see his sword.  At the end, he runs  
towards the door, then he just stands there.  Shoot him quickly and repeatedly.  
He falls backwards onto the submarine.

After a cutscene, you enter the final mini-game.  For this one, you must align  
three different sights of a satellite.  The first is a submarine from the left  
side of the screen.  The second is controlled by you and the D-pad; the third  
is controlled by the second player or the computer.  Once all three of the  
sights align, the crosshair turns yellow - when this happens, pull the trigger  
quickly!  You only have as much time as it takes for the submarine to cross the  
screen.  This can be difficult to do with a partner, but it's much easier with  
the computer.  Line up with the submarine, THEN concentrate on the other person  
aligning as well.  If you succeed, the mission is complete; if not, the game is  
OVER.  You really want to succeed with this mini-game!

                          V. AGENT ACADEMY WALKTHROUGH

If you've ever played the Police Trainer games in the arcade, you'll understand  
these exercises immediately.  They are designed to train you in one of six  
different gun concepts.  However, they are quite will need  
practice to perfect them.  This is the hardest part of the game by far, so I  
have included detailed instructions for each one...

Justice Shot  

In these levels, you try to score Justice Shots against the enemy - that is, a  
shot that hits the enemy's right arm, knocking the weapon out of his hand.  
This is a "stylistic" bonus, as the manual says...that's right, kids, it's  
cooler to disable your enemies than kill them!  Justice Shots are worth extra  
points in the game, but you usually get them by luck, not skill.

BASIC ONE: Polygon people with red arms pop up.  Shoot the red arms to kill  
them.  Take it slow and work on your accuracy.  You need 25 hits in 30 seconds.

BASIC TWO: Polygon people with red arms pop up and move around.  This isn't so  
easy.  There are plenty of them, so I recommend you constantly switch targets  
instead of shooting several bullets at the tough ones, like the one with his  
arm fully extended forward.  You need 25 hits in 30 seconds.

EXPERT ONE: You must score 18 Justice Shots against real enemies.  In the  
beginning, try to score Justice Shots on each enemy.  Try shooting to the left  
of the arm(NOT at his chest), even if it doesn't hit the arm itself -  
essentially hitting the air near it.  Then, move slowly and steadily towards  
the arm.  It's hard to's like on The Price is Right where you  
try to get as close to the price without going over...just try to get close to  
the arm without hitting the chest.  When it gets closer to the end, concentrate  
on speed and rely on luck more than accuracy.  You need 18 points.


This is one of the more fun levels.  Circles pop up with numbers and colors on  
them - you must shoot them all in any order without a problem, but the goal of  
this exercise is to shoot them in the correct order.  They are time-activated,  
so if you shoot the ones closer to 0/red, you will have more time to shoot the  
others.  For these, just relax and shoot them in the correct order.

BASIC ONE: Get used to the way these missions shouldn't be a problem.  
You need to hit 95%(19 of 20) of the targets.

BASIC TWO: This one is more frantic.  The numbers count down faster, but you  
can still relax on this level.  Take your time and shoot them in the correct  
order.  As for reloading, notice that the objects come in sets - just reload  
after each one.  The most objects you have on-screen at a time is five, so you  
won't have any problems.  Also, when you reach a set with four objects, they  
always go in clockwise order.  You need to hit 95%(19 of 20) of the targets.

EXPERT ONE: This is just like the real game - enemies pop up, and you must  
shoot them.  This scene is about halfway through the third mission.  The whole  
thing about shooting enemies in the correct order really doesn't apply that  
much...if an enemy is red, shoot it, but otherwise just shoot them in the most  
convenient order.  You need 26 points.


Oh boy.  This is the hardest set of the six.  For the Basic levels, you see a  
4x4 grid of panels.  These flip to reveal red, circular targets.  You must  
shoot 95%(yes, 95%...that's 19 of 20) of these targets.  They disappear  
quickly, so speed is the only option.

BASIC ONE: Shoot the red circles as they appear.  Make sure you shoot each one.  
I think you fail the mission if you only miss two, so don't put yourself in a  
desperate situation.  They get faster towards the end, but it's still not too  

BASIC TWO: This is the most difficult mission of them all!  To add to the  
difficulty, only about half of the panels that flip have red circles on them.  
They get faster as you progress, until they go much too fast in the end.  Let  
the adrenaline flow through you and use your sixth sense to get the circles.  
In the end, all you can do is hope you get lucky...anyone can handle rapid  
circles close together, but you're screwed if they start appearing in opposite  

EXPERT ONE: If you handled that last mission, this should be no problem!  Shoot  
the enemies as they appear.  Honestly, this is too simple...there are parts of  
the mission itself harder than this.  You need 34 points in 30 seconds.  This  
scene is right at the beginning of the third mission.

Who's The Enemy?  

Good question!  In these missions, you must shoot the enemies while leaving the  
civilians alone.  I thought these would be the most fun, but they're also  
pretty difficult.  For the Basic levels, you need to learn what the enemies  
look like until it's drilled into your head.  If you can't separate the good  
from the bad in no time flat, you won't make it through these missions.

BASIC ONE: Shoot the bad guys.  They're the ones with guns and other weapons,  
in case you couldn't tell.  Take it slow and easy...

BASIC TWO: This is next to impossible.  You have fifteen seconds to kill 18  
enemies, but it isn't that simple.  It's all exponential - you have less and  
less time to kill each successive enemy.  In the end, you will only have a few  
milliseconds to identify and kill the enemy.  Because of the intense time  
limit, you can't make any mistakes during the first fourteen seconds, and the  
last one can still take you down if you shoot a civilian(you lose three  
Okay, here's the game have to kill 18 enemies in a row without  
messing up AT ALL.  Take your time with the first few enemies before you feel  
the time constraints.  Later on, you won't have time to make sure you're  
shooting the right person - just use that sixth sense again and hope for the  
best.  The only way to identify those enemies is with PRACTICE - the more you  
play, the easier it will be to identify them.  Even with practice, there are  
still some tough ones, like Prom Boy with his flowers and the guy with the pink  
shirt that looks like my Latin teacher.  Also, the last few enemies come in  
sets of three instead of pairs - again, use that sixth sense and hope for the  
best.  As for counting to 18, it's simple - as long as you hit an enemy with  
each hit(this is the ONLY way to succeed!), and you reload after exactly six  
shots, you'll have 18 points after three reloads.  With those 18 points, STOP  
AND PUT THE GUN DOWN.  You don't want to ruin it by shooting a civilian!

EXPERT ONE: This is the easiest expert level by far.  While the train is filled  
with civilians, a little patience and precision will pull you through.  Just  
shoot the guys in camouflage.  This scene takes place on the train in the  
second mission.  You need 26 points.


These missions aren't so difficult.  In the Basic levels, you must shoot the  
floating enemies behind moving layers of pillars.  All you have to do is wait  
for an opening in the pillars and take the shot.  The Expert levels are more  
difficult, because you have to deal with real civilians and dangerous enemies.

BASIC ONE: You only have one layer of pillars, so it shouldn't be a problem.  
Note that if you shoot a pillar accidentally, it spawns another enemy.  You  
have ten seconds to eliminate the enemies.

BASIC TWO: Same as the first, except you have two layers of pillars.  Again,  
a little patience will pull you through.  If you rush, you'll only have MORE  
enemies to deal with.  You have fifteen seconds to eliminate the enemies.

EXPERT ONE: This scene is from the beginning of the first mission, in the room  
with the primates and dinosaurs.  You must shoot the terrorists in a room  
filled with civilians.  While patience is usually the key, don't rely on it -  
sometimes you can save yourself some hassle by quickly taking a shot, like when  
a terrorist jumps to the ground from the right side.  You will almost always  
have an open shot right before the terrorist takes his shot, so be patient!  
You need ten points to pass.

Combo Shots  

A Combo Shot is achieved when you shoot an enemy three times without hitting  
his right arm(that is, a Justice Shot).  These are VERY important because Combo  
Shots are the easiest way to score points in the missions.  In the Basic  
levels, you must shoot targets three times successively to eliminate them.  In  
the Expert levels, you must shoot enemies three times to score points, similar  
to the Justice Shot levels.  These levels are all simple if you have a rapid-  
fire gun.

BASIC ONE: The targets just sit there.  Fire three bullets at one target, then  
three at another target, then reload.  Repeat four more times.  You must  
eliminate the ten targets in fifteen seconds.

BASIC TWO: The targets move, but they stop moving when you shoot them once.  
As long as your first shot hits, it's just as easy as the first level.

EXPERT ONE: This scene takes place about halfway through the third mission.  
Shoot for the legs of the enemies!

                              VI. ANOTHER WORLD

Once you complete the first eighteen Agent Academy missions, Another World  
opens up.  This takes place in the same areas as the regular missions, except  
different sets of enemies and civilians appear.  For the walkthrough in this  
section, I will point out how the situation has changed in major spots.

* UPDATE *  To add to the difficulty of this mode, many of the enemy and
civilian patterns are determined randomly.  If any of the info in the following  
section isn't quite right, that's why...sorry, I'm too lazy to fix it up.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION ONE: THE MUSEUM -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

The beginning is much different - you turn around and find an entirely new  
room!  In the hallway, you face more enemies after turning around an extra  
time.  In the museum room, you have to take a sniper shot at an enemy peeking  
over a civilian's shoulder.  You get more of a view of the room, because you  
step in the middle to shoot at enemies in the back corner.

After the mini-game, you have to take out snipers on the RIGHT building instead  
of the one in front of you.  The yard below is more frantic.  After the second  
mini-game, either path leads you to a more difficult room with MORE CIVILIANS.  
The courtyard is also packed with them.  The boss himself doesn't change...

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION TWO: THE TRAIN -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

The scenes in the train cars are much more difficult - the civilians stay in  
the way longer, and there are more of them.  In the third car, a short-range  
attacker stands directly in your way, like a civilian...tricky, eh?  Kill him  
and his friend.  In the next hallway, there are two civilians instead of just  
one.  When you climb the stairs, the hallway is a bit different - terrorirsts  
AND civilians run across, so try not to shoot the wrong ones.  The rooftop with  
the snowmobiles is exactly the same.

When you descend into the cars again, you're in for some trouble.  Civilians  
are EVERYWHERE.  Do your best not to shoot them!  This is the toughest area of  
the game, IMHO.  When you climb the roof, the enemy positions have changed, and  
you find one civilian behind you.  The boss seems to be harder - the helicopter  
guns are more difficult to hit.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION THREE: THE SHIP -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

The trip down the tube is exactly the same.  At the bottom, the enemies from  
the pipes are in different positions, but it's an easier scene overall.  In the  
hallway, instead of lingering in the doorway, you deal with one set of enemies  
before charging through.  This makes the scene much easier, since you deal with  
the enemies on the balcony from a shorter distance.  The civilians(doctors) get  
out of the way quickly, so they aren't much to worry about.  When you go down  
the stairs, you look briefly upstairs to see some enemies.

In the large room, most of the enemies have changed places.  Luckily, the  
doctors don't get in the way in here...there's one in the very beginning, one  
among the boxes, and one to the right before you ascend the stairs.  The boss  
launches more stuff - missiles, launchers, and even bullets.

                        VII. NEW AGENT ACADEMY MISSIONS

When you beat the game on Another World mode, you unlock 12 new missions.  If  
you thought the first 18 were challenging, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Justice Shot  

BASIC THREE: The enemies move much faster.  This still isn't very hard as long  
as you keep on shooting.  You need 25 points in 30 seconds.

EXPERT TWO: You need 25 points total.  Again, if you beat the previous level,  
you won't have a big problem.  Follow all the previous advice and you'll make  
it through easily.


BASIC THREE: This is insane!  The numbers count down more quickly, and you have  
more targets to deal with - six at a time in the end.  Unless you have a rapid-  
fire gun, you'll have to shoot the targets in the correct order.  In the  
beginning, you can try only shooting the targets when they are red, then moving  
to the next red target...this will prepare you for doing it later in the level.  
With six targets at a time, it's difficult to shoot them in the right order,  
but it's your only choice.  Use that sixth sense to decide on a pattern as soon  
as you see them, then execute the pattern quickly.  If you did well in the  
beginning, you can miss a few in the end, and you WILL miss some...don't worry.  
Luckily, you only need to hit 90%(9 out of 10) of the targets instead of 95%.

EXPERT TWO: This time, you need 28 points instead of 26.  You can only miss two  
of them.  Shoot as quickly as you can.


BASIC THREE: Yeah, right!  I sincerely believe this level is impossible for  
humans, so I'll reveal a little secret to you...there is a way to cheat through  
this exercise.  Hold your gun with two hands - one for the trigger, and the  
other for the Start button.  As soon as you see the first red target, press  
Start.  Aim your gun directly at it, then quickly press Start, fire, and press  
Start again.  If you did it correctly, you're paused again and the target is  
destroyed.  If another target has appeared, do the same...otherwise, un-pause  
and pause again as soon as you see another target.  If you are running low on  
bullets, or there are no targets on the screen at the time, aim off-screen and  
press Start-fire-Start.  Repeat until the mission is over.  Even cheating like  
this will take a little practice.  The faster you go, the more targets you will  
be able to shoot.

EXPERT TWO: Just like the first one, only you need 38 points instead of 34.  
You CAN use the cheat above, but I don't recommend it.  Speed is key here.  As  
long as you don't waste so much time that you get shot by the enemy, you should  
be going fast enough to kill enough enemies before time runs out.

Who's the Enemy?  

BASIC THREE: Geez...this is tough.  However, if you handled the one before  
this, then this one shouldn't take too much more practice.  You need 20 points  
instead of 18, so you need to reload thrice, then take two more shots.  After  
18, I recommend you stop shooting for a second so the pace will slow down and  
you can easily finish the round.

EXPERT TWO: You're back on the train.  This time, you need 28 points - I  
believe this means you can only miss three enemies overall.  The hardest part  
of this exercise is when the enemies cross the hall at the end of the train.  
You can only see a door's width of the enemy as they run across.  Aim your gun  
at the middle, then take a shot whenever you see camouflage.  This will take  
some luck and skill.  Whatever you do, don't shoot the civilians!


BASIC THREE: This time, there are three layers of pillars, but you also get  
five more seconds.  Patience is the key here again.  This isn't difficult at  
all - I've finished with over eight seconds on the clock.

EXPERT TWO: You need 13 points this time.  It isn't much more difficult than  
the first one.  As long as you don't take out a civilian, you shouldn't have a  

Combo Shot  

BASIC THREE: This one takes a leap in difficulty.  The platforms ALWAYS move up  
and down, and there are more of them without any extra time.  For this one, I  
choose to shoot at one object until it breaks, then reload.  I can't  
consistently take one out with exactly three bullets, so reloading after each  
one takes care of the problem.

EXPERT TWO: Same as the first, only you need 19 Combo Shots...follow the same  
advice as last time.

                              VIII. DISPLAY OFF

*In this mode, you go through the original missions WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE.
*This means you don't know your score, your life points, or your credits...the
*crosshairs over the enemies don't even appear.  This is the most difficult 
* part of it all - you don't know which enemies are a threat, and you don't 
*know when they will fire!  This mode is a bigger challenge, but it's not 
*impossible - it just takes awhile to get used to.

I'm not exactly sure how to unlock this mode.  After I completed all the Agent  
Academy missions, I ran through each mission individually, but nothing  
happened.  Then, I went through one of the missions again, and magically, the  
Display Off mode was available after I finished it.  In the manual, it says  
something hinting that the mode being time-activated.  I suppose the more you *  
play, the sooner the mode will be unlocked.                                   *  
In this section, I will discuss how to maximize your score.  While it's only a*  
small addition, the bonus in the end of the game is larger in DISPLAY OFF mode*  
than the usual MISSION mode, so this is a wise choice for experts.            *  

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- GENERAL ADVICE -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

When shooting enemies, aim for the right arm, and always shoot three times.

If you see anything peculiar in the scenery, shoot it!  This includes flowers,  
glasses, skulls, statues, lights...remember, bullets are free, so waste 'em.

Shoot any enemies you see, not just the threatening ones!  Early shots are  
worth extra points as well.

DON'T SHOOT THE CIVILIANS!  Shooting a civilian will cost you HUGE points, so  
don't do it!

Don't lose a credit!  It will cost you ~50k points.  To avoid the penalty, be  
sure to set your life count to 9 in the Options menu.

Whenever you find a Briefcase, try to get ALL the discs that pop out.

Try to complete the mini-games as quickly as possible for extra points.

The more bullets you shoot, the more points you get.  Don't hesitate to shower  
an enemy with bullets!

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION ONE: THE MUSEUM -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

In the hallway, be sure to grab any powerups dropped by the enemy.  In the  
museum room, you have two opportunities to take out the dinosaur skulls in the  
back left corner.  Don't worry about getting shot for the moment - you want to  
take out those skulls.  If you get all four, they will reappear when you turn  
around to shoot the terrorist behind you.  Shoot them from right to left.  I'm  
sure doing this triggers SOMETHING, but I can't figure out what...anyway, it's  
worth a few extra points.

As for the mini-game, speed is key!  You get huge bonus points for finishing it  
quickly - I usually get over 50k.  Remember, this game tests accuracy, since  
you only need to shoot each hole ONCE.  After the game, be sure to shoot the  
figurine on the pedestal near the metal door.  Through the wooden door, try to  
shoot the terrorist on the next building before you look over the balcony.  You  
can barely see him while you walk up.  While you look over the balcony, you  
have several opportunities to take out the terrorists before they can shoot at  
you.  When you look down into the field, take every opportunity you can to get  
those early hits!  In the lower right, when a Briefcase and a Grenade appear in  
quick succession, shoot the Briefcase, THEN the Grenade!  The explosion will  
collect each disc for 10k instead of 5k.

In the next mini-game, it's a gamble - the sooner you shoot, the more points  
you get, but it's also more risky.  If you succeed, on the way down, kill the  
enemies in the lower right, then the cop in the upper window.  The room has  
plenty of enemies, so concentrate on getting those Justice Shots.  The  
courtyard is pretty simple.  When enemies pop up on the building, don't go for  
the Combo Shots...Justice Shots will be enough.

As for the boss, don't rush it.  The traps he activates are all worth points,  
so worry more about the traps than the boss himself.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION TWO: THE TRAIN -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

The first room is a good chance to pick up some big points early on.  The  
enemies drop a Briefcase and a letter medallion.  It will be tough to pick up  
the discs while killing the enemies(be sure to get the one through the door in  
the back), so be sure to shoot the Briefcase early.  In the next car, don't let  
any terrorists escape without a few shots.  In the next car, when you peek  
around the corner, try to take out one or both of the terrorists.  After the  
terrorists smash through the windows, you turn around after hearing a scream.  
There are no civilians for about three seconds, to take as many shots as you  
can until you see one in the lower left corner.  When you head upstairs, shoot  
all the terrorists that pass by.  When you turn the corner, try to kill the  
terrorists before the lady gets in the way.

On the roof, you want to shoot the non-threatening snowmobiles FIRST.  They  
will go off the screen quickly, and the threatening ones only get closer before  
they shoot at you.  When you zoom in on the snipers across the train, shooting  
them both is important, but NOT as important as picking up an Assault!  It's  
hard to take out all the snowmobiles, and an Assault makes it MUCH easier.

As for the mini-game, try to pass it.  If you do, you have a good opportunity  
to take out glasses and flowers on the table down there.  After that car, try  
to take early shots into the next room.  There is a civilian, but I never seem  
to shoot him.  Grab the Body Armor on the far end of the car, then the  
Assault on the steps to the right.  When you turn around in the middle of the  
car, you have to collect a Briefcase while a civilian wanders around - be  
careful!  In the next car, you move quickly, so shoot ALL the terrorists as  
quickly as you can.

For the mini-game, you want to shoot the peg out as quickly as possible, so  
fire quickly from the very beginning.  Hopefully, you'll pick up plenty of  
bonus points.  For the boss, notice that every shot that hits the tank scores  
you some points.  If you have auto-fire, this is great; if you don't, it's a  
huge hassle.  Don't bother to shoot at it unless you really need a few extra  
points near the end, or you have auto-fire.  Drag out the battle for even more  
points, since the missiles will also score you some points.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- MISSION THREE: THE SHIP -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

As for the turrets, shooting early is the only way to succeed.  This is  
especially difficult on Display Off mode, since you can't really tell where  
the turrets are coming from.  At the bottom, the Combo Shot idea doesn't work  
very well - you will be quickly overwhelmed if you try to shoot each enemy  
thrice.  Try to get a single Justice Shot on each enemy, then MOVE ON TO THE  
NEXT ONE.  Do the same in the hallway.

I've already described where the enemies are in the large room, so use your  
discrimination when it comes to using Combo Shots or just moving quickly  
through each set of enemies.  When Briefcases appear, you have to decide if  
your life or points are more important.  When you see the steps up to the boss,  
be sure to grab the Assault on the steps!  This will make it simple to kill the  
next horde of enemies.  When you step up, you will have many, many  
opportunities to kill enemies before they can shoot at you.  Like in the  
courtyard of the first level, you can see terrorists running across the paths  
often.  Take them out early whenever you can!

As for the boss, shoot him as many times as you can when he runs around.  As  
for his three attacks, treat them the same, except for the cloud of missiles.  
Shoot as many as you can.  Don't worry about the ones with targets on them -  
they are easy to shoot, since they get very close to the screen.  If you're  
playing in Display Off mode, this area is very tough since you don't know which  
ones are threatening...just understand that you will take some damage, and  
concentrate on attacking the boss himself.  As for the mini-game, speed is  
important again.  You probably aren't playing this with a partner, so aim at  
the submarine and shoot quickly.

                              IX. PARTNER MODE

In Partner Mode, you and a friend go through the Mission as usual, except the  
enemies are color-coded.  Only Player One can shoot the red enemies, and only  
Player Two can shoot the blue enemies.  If a player shoots the wrong enemy, the  
enemy freezes for a second.  If an enemy shoots the player, the color  
disappears and either player can shoot him.

The game judges how well you and your partner battle together.  You share one  
credit together(which you divide up at the main screen), but when one player  
dies, the game ends for both players.  The rating is based on how far you get  
in the game and how well you do together.  For example, instead of each player  
only dealing with their own enemies, go for Assist Shots.  If two blue enemies  
pop up on the screen, Player One should shoot the second enemy to "hold" him in  
place while Player Two deals with the first one.

I can't really help much in this mode...I've gotten an E+ on my own, and a D-  
with my friend...

                          X. HIGH SCORES / RATINGS

At the end of every action mode, your score is reported, along with a letter  
(either E, D, C, B, or A).  In this section, I've provided a table with my 
personal high score and the score you need to get an A rating.  I put a ? by  
the ones I'm not absolutely sure about.

* UPDATE * It turns out there's an S ranking as well...there might even be an 
SS and an SSS behind that one.  Maybe if I had a better gun, I could tell you  

REGULAR:        MISSION 1         MISSION 2         MISSION 3        ALL  
for A rating:   +700,000          +650,000          +500,000      +1,500,000?  
my high score:   720,380           657,285           551,541       1,615,103

ANOTHER WORLD:  MISSION 1         MISSION 2         MISSION 3        ALL  
for A rating:   +600,000          +400,000          +600,000      +1,500,000?  
my high score:   627,261           530,205(S)        669,882       1,707,525  
                                   (+500k for S)


I got these two e-mails from Dan-Zero, one of the best CM-players in the world:

"Hey there....

I am an avid arcade gamer, and I've played the Arcade Confidential Mission to  
death, in the 27", upright 50", and in the sit down deluxe 50" (Lost World  
style) cabinets.

I like your DC CM FAQ because it mirrors the arcade game quite well, save for  
the extra 2 player modes and the training areas...the missions are EXACTLY  
the the arcade, no extra modes like the ones I mentioned above.

My highest score is a robust 1.95 million, as of this writing, and on the  
Hitmaker Internet Ranking, I rank #3 in North America and #24 in the world.

I can help you with whatever you need with CM, because as I said, I played  
the game to death, I can help you with the actual game, the 3 missions.

I am going to attempt to play it tomorrow, as well. Last game, I did not take  
a single hit in Missions 1 AND 2 (and if you hit all the life ups, you'll  
have 6 lives at the end of Mission 2), but I run into problems at the last  
scene in Mission 3, when you are on the stares and the enemies pop out from  
behind the crates...too many "sights" to worry about, and I used to have a  
problem with the general.....but he's easy now...just would like to say that  
when he fires those missle-like projectiles, it is a good idea to concentrate  
on the sights, but keep in mind that he will come out of hiding and fire on  
you while you're distracted, so as soon as he lets them fly, shoot as many as  
you can, when he comes out, hit him once to eliminate the threat, and  
hopefully you can shoot the rest of the projectiles before they damage you.

And if you complete Mission 3's mini game, you get a 20000 point bonus for  
each life badge you have left, I dunno if it applies to DC's version, however.

And maybe you'd like to let the people know, since I'm obsessed with points  
for a better Internet Ranking (to enable it on the arcade machine, hold down  
a start button while inserting coins...your points will show on the screen as  
well whenever you shoot something (point values will appear), so that is a  
bonus. Hitting the B button on the train mini game gives you 100 points per  
tap, and shooting the red pin that holds the train together gives you 500  
points per shot, so shoot for a high score!

By the way, over 1.5 million in the arcades gets you an "S" grade, and there  
is also "SS" and "SSS" grades.

Hope this helps, I need to get over 2 million next play."

And the next one...

It's really cool in the Lost World style-cabinet, with the big screen and the  
bench with the two guns, but I got my score on the 50" upright style one.

>1) When you shoot enemies, do you shoot them three times, or do you just 
>shoot once and move on?  I usually take three shots, but it costs lives big-
>time.  I'm sure it matters more in the arcades, since you have to pay for the 

In case you didn't know, CM is kinda of like a pseudo-sequel to the Virtua Cop  
series, they used the same type of green-to-red sights and Justice Shots were  
also in them...except they called shooting 3 times on one guy a "3 Point Shot".

It IS essential, especially in the arcades, to shoot them three times, but  
unlike Virtua Cop 1/2, if you get a Justice Shot, you can still shoot them  
twice more for even MORE points, not to mention the 1500 bonus you got, as  
well. I ALWAYS try to shoot everyone 3 times, except for the running enemies,  
and if I accidentally shoot them in the head, they get blown back without a  
chance to shoot anymore. So go for the Justice shot, then shoot them twice  
more, if you can't get the Justice, just shoot them 3 times for maximum score,  
when it is safe.

>2) I can't seem to get an A rating on the second mission itself.  Do you have 
any >other advice for it?

In the arcade game, you don't get indivdual ratings for the missions, your  
total score is graded, anything above 1.5 million is S, and then there are SS  
and SSS ratings, as well.

Hmm, the second mission isn't as bad as the know and I know to  
avoid the hostages, except you lose 50000 points in the arcades if you shoot I said, go for the Justice AND Combo shots, and that one spot  
where you get the grenade (obtained after defeating the guy that throws one at  
you inside the train) there is another nearby briefcase, make it appear, then  
use the grenade, the points for the disks will double to 10k, and thats nice.

I never have completed the 1st mini game on the second mission, however, you  
have to tap the Start button, so that means you have to put the gun down and  
mash away. Not as easy as it sounds.

Shooting the tank at the end gets you 100 points per hit, and shooting the red  
missiles that the boss fires gets you 1500 points each in the arcade, and I was  
thinking of not shooting the tank so often to get points, but there are some  
risks involved.

I get 800,000 on Mission 1, 1.4 million on Mission 2, so that means I get just  
about 600,000 points on Mission 2, then there's Mission 3, guaranteed to make  
you burn 1 credit. Keep in mind I only used one continue to get my 1.95. And  
I'm going to play it again later today...see what I can do to move up in the  

Those training missions on the DC sound much too easy, personally, but it is a  
cool idea to improve your skill. 

I've been playing gun games all my life, including the Virtua Cop series (last  
time I played VC2 I got 195 Justice Shots) so CM is a great game, and even I  
find it challenging at times, especially mission 3.

My best advice is to be quick, shoot all enemies 3 times when safe, and ALWAYS  
try for the Justice Shots.

Hope that helped too, and good luck!"

There's some good info in DanZero's letters, so read them!  Thanks again, Dan.

                               XI. CONTACT INFO

ICQ UIN:   15025844  
Web Page:

E-mail Rules:  
Don't ask me questions that are already answered in the guide!  Search for it  
   before you email me!  It will save you AND me some time.
Make sure you are reading the most updated version of the guide.  
Include the name of the game or guide in the subject.  CM is enough.  
E-mail me just about ANYTHING: questions(not answered in the guide), comments,  
   praise, constructive criticism, requests...
Ask me if you can use this guide.  I will almost certainly let you, as long as  
   you ask politely.
Don't E-mail me crap.  Don't ask me to join a website, like AllAdvantage.  
   I've received way too many of those.
Try to use correct spelling, decent grammar, and capitalization.  I'm not a big  
   fan of people who like to freestyle with their spelling...
AOL slang is not up to my standards.  Don't use "r u" instead of "are you" or  
   anything like that.  It gets on my nerves.  If you do that thing where you
   cApItAlIzE eVeRy oThEr lEtTeR, don't expect a response.

ICQ Rules:  
Do whatever you wish.  I don't care about ICQ very much.  Put my number on spam  
   lists, tell it to your friends, and flood it with whatever you want.

What you can find at my web page:  
-More info on me(in case you care)!
-Links to all of my guides!
-The most recent versions of my guides!
-HTML versions of my guides!
-Feedback forms, surveys, and some other crap!
-News on what I've done and what I plan on doing!

If you're looking for me on a message board, you'll probably find me on the  
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the boards of the games I've written for.  Also, I'm a mod on the Neoseeker  
boards, so look for me there.

Please do not distribute this guide in any way without my explicit permission.  
I'm sure you could use it and mutilate it to your pleasing, but I'd appreciate  
it if you ask permission first.  Do not sell this guide, or do anything to pass  
it off as your own guide.  I am well aware of my rights, and I will take the  
necessary actions to protect my work.  Check out if you have any doubts.

Or, as they say, This document Copyright 2001 by Martin Silbiger.

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.-------| |--------------/  __     __  \-------------------.__
|-=====-| |>>>>>>>>>>>>> | />>\   />>\ |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:>
`-------| |--------------| \__/   \__/ |-------------------'^^
         \\               \    /|\    /
          \)               \   \_/   /
                            |       |
                            \       /

'##... ##: ##:::::::'##.... ##: ##.... ##: ##.....::... ##..:: ##:::: ##:  
 ##:::..:: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:
. ######:: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ######:::::: ##:::: #########:
:..... ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##...::::::: ##:::: ##.... ##:
'##::: ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:  
. ######:: ########:. #######:: ########:: ########:::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:

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