*                 OFFICIAL DREAMCAST MAGAZINE DEMO DISC                       *
*                      ISSUES ONE THROUGH ELEVEN+                             *
*                                                                             *
*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
*                                                                             *
*                      v3.3            May 25, 2001                           *

0. Introduction  
   Who am I?
   What is the Official Dreamcast Magazine Demo Disc?
   Where can I get a subscription?
   Is this the latest version of this guide?
   Can I use this guide?
   Can I send you E-mail?

1. Version History

   Disc #0: The Generator
     What is this disc?
     a. Sonic Adventure
     b. Sega Bass Fishing
     c. Champ Cart Racing Flag to Flag
     d. House of the Dead 2
     e. NFL2K(movie)
     f. NBA2K(movie)
     g. Hydro Thunder(movie)
     h. NFL Blitz 2000(movie)
     i. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
     j. Monaco Grand Prix
     k. Power Stone

   Disc #1: September 1999 Issue
     a. Movies

   Disc #2: November 1999 Issue
     a. Virtua Fighter 3tb
     b. Dynamite Cop
     c. Toy Commander
     d. NFL 2K
     e. Trickstyle

   Disc #3: January 2000 Issue
     a. Zombie Revenge
     b. Slave Zero
     c. Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing
     d. TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
     e. Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
     f. Street Fighter Alpha 3

   Disc #4: March 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. Sega Swirl
     c. MDK2
     d. Rayman 2
     e. Chu Chu Rocket
     f. Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000.1

   Disc #5: May/June 2000 Issue
     a. Sega Swirl
     b. Dead or Alive 2
     c. Carrier
     d. Formula One World Grand Prix
     e. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
     f. Gundam Side Story 0079
     g. Re-Volt
     h. Slave Zero Multiplayer

   Disc #6: July/August 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     a2. Sega Swirl
     b. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation*
     c. Silver
     d. Fur Fighters
     e. Railroad Tycoon 2
     f. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
     g. Super Magnetic Neo

   Disc #7: September/October 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. Virtua Tennis
     c. Magforce Racing
     d. Aerowings 2: Airstrike
     e. Sydney 2000
     f. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
     g. Ultimate Fighting Championship
     h. San Francisco Rush 2049
     i. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

   Disc #8: November 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. Shenmue Movie
     c. Ecco the Dolphin
     d. Demolition Racer
     e. Gauntlet Legends
     f. Hoyle Casino
     g. Jet Grind Radio

   Disc #9: December 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. Skies of Arcadia
     c. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
     d. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
     e. Silent Scope
     f. KISS Psycho Circus: Nightmare Child
     g. Starlancer*
     h. Super Runabout: San Francisco Ed.
     i. Looney Tunes Space Race
     j. Super Boom Tread Troopers

   Disc #10: Holiday 2000 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. Ferrari F355 Challenge
     c. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
     d. Evil Dead(movie)
     e. Toy Commander: Christmas Surprise
     f. Sega Marine Fishing
     g. Speed Devils Online
     h. truth(advertisement)
     i. Kao the Kangaroo
     j. Grandia II(movie)
     k. POD: Speedzone
     l. Phantasy Star Online(movie)

   Disc #11: February 2001 Issue
     a. Web Browser
     b. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
     c. Outtrigger
     d. 4x4 Evolution
     e. Max Steel
     f. Jurassic 5(music video)
     g. Metropolis Street Racer
     BONUS: Cleaning your GD-ROMs

   Disc #12: Generator Vol. II
     What is this disk?
     a. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation 
     b. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 
     c. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 
     d. Railroad Tycoon 2 
     e. Sonic Adventure 
     f. Dead or Alive 2 
     g. Rayman 2 
     h. Fur Fighters 
     i. MDK 2  

  The Conclusion: March/April 2001 Issue

* indicates an incomplete walkthrough.

3. Rumors

4. Thanks/Contributor Recognition

5. Contact Info  
   E-mail address
   ICQ #
   Web Page
   Copyright Info

0.  Introduction  
Who am I?  

I am SloDeth.  I've written many game FAQs, and this is my Official Dreamcast  
Magazine Demo Disc FAQ.  I'm proud of this guide, and I hope you find it useful.  
Check the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide for more info.

What is the Official Dreamcast Magazine Demo Disc?  

The Official Dreamcast Magazine(whew! I'll call it ODCM for short) Demo Disc is  
a disc that comes with the magazine if you have a subscription.  Every issue,  
ODCM puts out a new GD-ROM with new demos, movies, web browsers, game add-ons,  
and/or VMU games.  Although the magazine is great by itself, the disc makes the  
magazine worth every cent.  The demos are up to the standards of SEGA itself,  
and many of the greatest games for the Dreamcast have had demos on the discs.  
Not only are the GD-ROMs a great way for companies to advertise their games, but  
it gives us consumers a way to preview the products before we shell out money  
for the games.

Where can I get a subscription?  

Head to your favorite newsstand and pick up a copy.  Fill out one of the many  
cards inside and you'll save some money.

* UPDATE *  The Impaler says to visit, which is a nice
addition to the magazine.  You can get a subscription and a free magazine there.

Is this the latest version of the guide?  

Maybe.  My personal web site ( will always have the latest  
version of my guide. will have any new versions of my guides  
within a day or so.  If you found it at any other web site, it might not be the  
latest.  If you're reading this version(3.21), it's probably the latest one,  
unless something changes with ODCM's plans.  I won't update this guide until I  
hear some news on it...

Can I use this guide on my website?  

It depends.  Here's how it is:


You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no"  
 in almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must  
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.  
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me an E-mail address which  
 I can inform you about updates to the guide.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me a hyperlink to the web  
 site on which you post the guide.

Can I send you E-mail?  

Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide FIRST!

1. Version History  
v3.21 February 15, 2001 Another update with some news.

v3.2 January 26, 2001 Added the twelfth disc, but it's a bit different from the  
                      others.  Is this the final version?  Only time will tell.

v3.1 December 19, 2000 Added the eleventh disc and a Rogue Spear walkthrough.  
                       By the way, the guide now goes to eleven! Heh heh.

v3.0 November 21, 2000 Added the tenth disc.  It was disappointing, to say the  
                       least...oh well.  What could top Skies of Arcadia from
                       last week?

v2.92 November 20, 2000 Completely finished Skies of Arcadia walkthrough.

v2.91 November 19, 2000 Finished Skies of Arcadia walkthrough.  Another disc is  
                        expected in a week or two...

v2.9  October 28, 2000 Added the ninth disc.  Also ran the guide through a  
                       spell-checker.  Only around 5 errors!

v2.8  October 2, 2000 Added the eighth disc.  Get your subscription now, because  
                      the next issue will be for subscribers-only!

v2.75 August 16, 2000 Added the Generator disc.

v2.7  August 7, 2000 I'm back!  Added the seventh disc.

v2.1  July 1, 2000   Added Contributor section and a Tony Hawk tip.  By the way,  
                     I'm leaving for most of July, so Issue 7 might be late.

v2.0  June 26, 2000  The full guide is released.  At first, I was planning to  
                     do each disc separately, but it's much easier this way.

v1.0  June 13, 2000  First version of the guide.  Includes only Issue #2.

Disc #0: The Generator  

What is the Generator?  
The Generator is the disc that comes with(or should have come with) your  
Dreamcast.  It's in a brownish protector with characters from the game on it.  
It contains demos and movies from a few of the release titles.  If your  
Dreamcast did not come with this disc, you may want to contact your retailer.

a. Sonic Adventure  
Controls: L-Rotate Camera  
          R-Rotate Camera
          X-Spin Dash
          B-Spin Dash

Wow, I'd be surprised if any Dreamcast owner hasn't played this game before.  
Sonic Adventure is one of the must-have games for the Dreamcast.  This demo lets  
you play the first Adventure level: Emerald Coast.

-If you're not familiar with the Sonic games, your goal is to reach the end of
 the level, killing enemies(and releasing the animals inside from slavery) and
 collecting rings along the way.  100 rings gives you an extra life, getting hit
 by an enemy causes you to lose your rings, and getting hit with no rings kills
 you.  The Spin Dash is your attack(jump and spin to kill enemies), but when
 standing on the ground, you can hold it down and release to gain speed.
-If you have any trouble, consult a full Sonic Adventure guide, but you should
 have no trouble if you simply try to move forward constantly.

b. Sega Bass Fishing  
Controls: L-Reel In  
          R-Reel In
          Y-Select Lure
          Stick/Pad-Move Rod

This is a strangely fun game that brings the arcade hit home.  Little fishing  
knowledge is required, so even people like me can play this game.  This demo  
lets you play one level(Docks) for two minutes(plus bonus time).  Your goal is  
to catch at least ten pounds of fish.

-Select a lure first.  There are four different techniques the lure could
 require you to use: Reel Constantly, Move Lure Reel-and-Stop, Twitch Rod and
 Reel, and Move Rod to Make Lure Shake.  Pick whichever one you'd like, but note
 the more advanced lures will catch bigger fish.
-Next, select an area to fish in.  Use Left and Right to move your boat.  I've
 found that the bigger fish are always to the left or right away from the docks.
-Cast your line.  Reel it in and move it until it's near fish.  Then, you may
 want to shake it slightly to make it catch the fish's eye.
-When the fish is on your line, do whatever the lure told you to do and follow
 on-screen instructions.  When the tension of the line is high, STOP REELING.
 You may snap your line if the tension is too high.
-The biggest fish I caught in the demo was 17 pounds, 14 ounces.
-You can't catch the turtle or ducks.

c. Champ Cart Racing Flag to Flag  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Down Shift
          Y-Change Camera
          A-Up Shift

One of the first cart racing games for the Dreamcast, this game boasts realistic  
graphics and good handling.  This demo lets you play through three laps on the  
first circuit.

-Slow down when taking the curves, but don't slow down as much as the other
 carts.  You can gain a position or two at every curve if you judge correctly.
-The collision detection on this game is hardly there, so don't hesitate to slam
 into the other carts.

d. House of the Dead 2  
Controls: L-Center Screen  
          X-Speed Up
          Stick/Pad-Move Cursor

House of the Dead happens to be one of my favorite games, but it is not fun at  
all without the light gun controller.  This demo won't convince you to buy the  
game unless you can try it with the light gun.  However, if you can get used to  
the Dreamcast controller, the demo can still be enjoyable.  You can play through  
two of the training levels as many times as you wish.

-HEAD SHOTS ARE KEY in this game.  Always aim for the head when you can.
-For the first training level, play through it enough times that you memorize
 where each zombie will be next.  You will be able to predict where the next
 zombie will be and you can get shots off quickly.  To save the two people
 hanging from the balcony, shoot the two barrels first before you worry about
 the zombies.
-For the second training level, you must kill all the zombies with only 30
 bullets.  You MUST make head shots for this level.  In the first hall, take
 your time.  The zombies walk slowly and you have plenty of time to line up head
 shots on each one.  In the second hall(open room), shoot when the zombies don't
 block their heads with their axes.  In the third hall, it is easier to wait
 until they jump on you and shoot their chest quickly, so you have an easy shot
 and they can't hurt you.  When you get outside, judge how to kill them by
 looking at your remaining bullets.  If you have enough(10+), take easier chest
 shots.  If you're running low, be patient and look for a head shot.  Remember
 that you can be hit once without failing the mission.

e. NFL2K  

f. NBA2K  

g. Hydro Thunder  

h. NFL Blitz 2000  


i. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing  
Controls: L-High Block  
          R-Low Block
          X-High Left Punch
          Y-High Right Punch
          A-Low Left Punch
          B-Low Right Punch
          Stick/Pad-Move Character

A quite humorous boxing game.  This demo lets you play one match with Boris  
"The Bear" Knockimov(Zagrev, Croatia), Butcher Bronn(Washington DC), or
everyone's favorite, Afro Thunder(New York, New York).

-Vary your punches as always.  Also, experiment with the control pad's position
 when you punch to discover variations.
-When you get a good punch in, you receive a letter.  When you spell "RUMBLE!",
 your gloves give off light and your punches are more powerful.
-When you get KO'd, don't furiously tap buttons.  You get up automatically the
 first two times, but you lose the third time.
-Watch the blue bar at the top.  If it's low, you may want to step back and
 recover for a second.

j. Monaco Grand Prix  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Change Camera
          Y-Rear View
          Analog Stick-Steer
          D-Pad-Opponent's Camera

Another racing game...this demo lets you play through one circuit in Arcade  

-You can see the other circuits in the full game by choosing Circuits in the
 options screen before your race.
-The steering is a bit sensitive, so be careful.  Spinning out is realistic, so
 be even more careful.  You don't want to end up facing the wrong way.

k. Power Stone  
Controls: L-Jump+Punch  

Power Stone is quite different from typical fighting games.  It takes place in  
fully-3D environments and is item-based.  You can pick up and use many items  
and parts of the environment to your advantage.  The graphics on my demo were  
terribly distorted(flashing red/purple, hard to look at), but it's still  
playable.  You can play one Arcade match between Falcon and Gunrock in Londo.

-Use every item to your advantage!  Pick it up with Punch and use it with Punch.
-Pick up the Power Stones(look like crystals).  If you collect all three, you
 become super-powered for a short duration of time.

Disc #1: September 1999 Issue  
This is the only disc that is a CD-ROM instead of a GD-ROM, so it goes in your  
PC instead of your Dreamcast.  It contains the following movies(in this order):

Airforce Delta  
Blue Stinger  
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat  
Champ Cart Racing Flag to Flag  
House of the Dead 2  
Hydro Thunder  
Marvel vs. Capcom  
Mortal Kombat Gold  
NBA 2K  
NFL 2K  
NFL Blitz 2000  
Red Dog  
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing  
Shenmue(beautiful 3-MINUTE video!)  
SEGA Bass Fishing  
SEGA Rally II  
Sonic Adventure  
Soul Caliber(guess they changed the spelling)  
Virtua Fighter 3TB  
Vigilante 8  
Crazy Taxi  
Dynamite Cop  
Slave Zero  
Speed Devils  
Trick Style  
WWF Attitude  
Toy Commander  
Wild Metal

Disc #2: November 1999 Issue  

a.  Virtua Fighter 3tb  
Controls: A-Block  
        L-Change Camera Angle

Typical fighting game as far as I'm concerned.  In this demo, you can play a  
best-of-three match between Sarah and Lion.  No reward for winning, over  
quickly.  To activate two-player mode, just plug in another controller.

b.  Dynamite Cop  
Controls: A-Jump  

Ahh, everyone's favorite beat-em-up, almost.  Here's the rundown of the choices:

Start Game-Play the game.  Choose Caribbean Pirates.  Choose from three  
characters: Bruno Delinger, Jean Ivy, and Eddie Brown.  Then choose Mission 2:  
Using a boat, infiltrate the ship from the sea.  Fight enemies, etc.  Be sure to  
pick up the anti-ship missile and the bazooka on the deck near the end.

Extras-Tranquilizer Gun-Some classic Sega game from the 80's.  You can play for  
one minute.  Score points by shooting the animals and dragging them back to your  
truck, or shoot all the animals and move on to the next level.

Extras-Survival Mode-Play Mission 1:Casino Fight.  Kill as many enemies as you  
can before you die.  Once you get the machine gun and plenty of ammo, it becomes  
much easier.

Gallery-Master Tony's Illustration Gallery-View the illustrations you may have  
won during the game(mission 2).  Nice pictures, but nothing spectacular.

Gallery-On-Line Comic-One page of a black-and-white comic.  View the rest if you  
waste your money on this game.

Other-Download Detonator Pack-Downloads the Detonator Pack to your VMU.  I don't  
know if it does anything to the demo.

c.  Toy Commander  
Controls: L-Brake  
          A-Machine Gun
          X-Change Vehicle
          Y-Change/Pick Up Weapon

A game where you get to control toys to complete missions.  The full game has  
around 50 missions, incredibly long.  The demo lets you play three missions:

Training-Land on the runway, drop two sugar lumps in the coffee, and find the  
bar of chocolate.  Not very difficult.

Deep Sea Trap-Destroy the enemy submarines.  Use missiles while you can, then  
use the machine gun.  Don't touch the water, or it will kill you.

Bedroom Grand Prix-Complete four laps, and don't get last place.  Simple.

d.  NFL 2K  

Sit back and enjoy!

e.  Trickstyle  
Controls: L-Brake  

An extremely difficult boarding game.  The demo is just as difficult as the game  

Start by choosing between Angel and Brad, and the Rookie board and the Ripslide  
board.  Go up to the Guide to talk to him.  Take the New Challenge.

Challenge 1:  Touch all of the globes.  Use A to jump.

Challenge 2:  Race the guide and hit each ring.  This one is more difficult.  
Use the Speedluge(Y) and hold up during straight stretches to gain speed.  On  
the jump in the middle, you may need to do a 360(X) to get extra air.

Challenge 3:  Switch all the globes to your color.  This is hard to describe, it  
really takes practice.  Concentrate on getting the four at the ramps first.  Try  
to be right behind him on the ramps (when applicable) so you flip the globe and  
he gets nothing.  Note you can hit the three globes towards the right all in one  
jump by using the 720(X+X) to gain extra air.  When you hit all four on the  
ramps and the time is right, hit the one farther out.

Challenge 4:  Get 10,000 points in a freestyle stunt competition.  There is one  
minute on the clock to start, and bonuses scattered around.  This is next to  
impossible!  Finish it by using a combination of 1080's(X+X+X), multiple  
backflips(A+A), and grabs(A+Left, A+Right).  I spent most of my time in the pit  
where Challenge 3 took place, but be sure to use the whole course to get time  
bonuses.  Nothing special if you beat the challenge, so don't hesitate to give  

Disc #3: January 2000 Issue  

a. Zombie Revenge  
Controls: X-Kick  

Ahh, Zombie Revenge: a mediocre beat-em-up.  This demo allows you to play  
through two quick areas.

-You have three ways to attack: kick, punch, and shoot.  You should use SHOOT
 the most because your gun is powerful and ammo is plentiful.
-The sphere around enemies changes colors from blue to red gradually.  The
 redder it is, the sooner the enemy will attack.
-Don't sweat this game.  Take it slowly.  You have three credits, so you can
 take plenty of hits.

Area1 Woodside City  
PM 9:32

Kill the zombies in the immediate area.  Further along in the area, some guys  
with machine guns and shotguns will attack you.  Kill them quickly before they  
get a good shot.  Take the shotgun(press Y while standing over it) instead of  
the machine gun because it is more powerful.  Walk through the shutter.

Inside this room, you must save a girl.  You can kill her without any problems;  
she'll drop the disk either way.  If you save her, she has some brief dialog.  
Once you kill the zombies, leave the room and head back outside.

Kill the fresh zombies outside and walk over an obstacle to reach the boss.  
He's a big zombie with weapons impaled into his chest.  Shoot at him when you  
can.  When he flashes red, either Guard or step back to avoid damage.  If you  
can get him to smash the crate in the upper left corner, you'll get a Grenade.  
Once you kill him, you can move on to the next level.

Area2 Edward Street  
PM 10:18(time flies when you're having fun!...)

Fight the zombies in the alley.  Open the door into the building.  Kill the  
zombies in here.  Go to the computer and check the contents of the disk!

Congratulations.  You made it here alive.  I am not your enemy.  Choose a card.

Once you pick a card, the demo is over.  The end.

b. Slave Zero  
Controls: L-Fire Missile  
          R-Fire Primary Weapon 
          X-Strafe Left
          Y-Move Forward
          A-Move Backward
          B-Strafe Right
          Analog Pad-Look   
          D-Pad-Up=Jump, Down=Stump(should be stomp) 

Slave Zero: a futuristic FPS with big robots.  If you are familiar with any  
other first-person shooters, this demo should be no problem.  You play through  
one mission(two levels) in this demo.

-Use rockets!  Rockets are plentiful in this game, and they are much more
 powerful than your guns, even with the upgrade.
-Check around each corner for extra powerups.
-Use strafing techniques to deal with enemies.  If you aren't familiar with this
 type of game, start with the basics: when a missile is flying toward you,
 strafe out of the way.  Take time to line up your shots between the enemy's
-The Stomp attack is surprisingly powerful.  Press Down when you are very close
 to enemies and obstacles to wreak havoc.

Level One:  To finish this level, you must destroy one generator and move on to  
the next level.  This level is very straightforward, so follow the advice above  
and you'll do fine.

Level Two:  Head left at the first turn.  After you destroy the next generator,  
continue downstream and turn the corner.  As you jump down into the next area,  
the Titan Siege Sentinel attacks you.  Use rockets and keep your distance to  
destroy him.  Stay in open areas instead of getting backed into corners.  
After he's destroyed, a door opens up and you have a good shot at the last  
generator.  The demo is now finished.

c. Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing  
Controls: L-Brake  
          Y-Camera adjust

This is a motorcycle racing game with a great physics engine.  In this demo, you  
can race through three laps in one course.

-Right next to the Gear display is a Turbo Gauge.  This shows how much turbo
 power you have left.  It increases by a small bit each time you pass a
 checkpoint.  There isn't much turbo overall, so use it only on straight
 stretches to pass other racers or after taking a spill to regain speed.

d. TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat  

Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Shift Down
          A-Shift Up

Another racing game with a long name!  Unfortunately, this one SUCKS.  You get  
one race on a very simple course.

-The demo does a great job of teasing you; it shows many, many options that you
 can't use.  Go to Championship-Normal.  Now you have the choice between nine
 vehicles, but you can only use two!
-The Hammerhead is big, but it has very sensitive steering.  I couldn't get this
 one around for a single lap.
-The Dune Hopper has the opposite problem-undersensitive steering.  Turning all
 the way left or right won't change it more than twenty degrees.
-Nothing opens up if you get 1st place in the race.

e. Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense  
Sit back and watch the movie.  It looks nice, except for the fog...

f. Street Fighter Alpha 3  
Controls: L-Strong Kick  
          R-Strong Punch
          X-Weak Kick
          Y-Medium Kick
          A-Weak Punch
          B-Medium Punch

Street Fighter speaks for itself.  I'm a big fan of the originals, but this one  
seems too complicated.  In this demo, you can play Ryu vs. Guile, Guile vs. Ryu,  
and some very difficult network battle.

-This game is very complicated, so check out a full guide for the details.
-I do remember some special moves for Ryu, in case you don't know them:
      Back-DownBack-Down-DownForward-Forward-Punch=Hadoken(stronger fireball)
      Down-DownBack-Back-Kick=some flying kick thing(Tatsumakesparuken?)
-Go to Network, select the Dojo, Join, choose your character, and exit.  Go to
 the GR match to fight against Dan, some extra-powerful guy.

Disc #4: March 2000 Issue  

a. Web Browser 1.219  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

That's right, an update to the old browser!  This one has better JavaScript,  
a better Command Cluster(with a Reload button), and it shows phone numbers.

b. Sega Swirl  
Controls: X-View Level Goals  

That's right, a full game for FREE on this Demo Disc!  Nemesis has written a  
guide for this one too, but it doesn't tell you anything you can't figure out  
for yourself.  I've got a few strategies listed here, but no walkthrough because  
it's a puzzle game and no Mode descriptions because Nemesis has those.

-Level Challenge gets difficult fast, so play Single Matches until you have
 skills and confidence.  Turn the timer off and think about EACH MOVE.
-The first thing you should concentrate on is NOT GETTING SINGLES!  Always
 eliminate them in pairs or greater!  Singles subtract 100 points from your
-To avoid getting singles, think before you act.  Plan for same-colored swirls
 to fall together or in pairs.  Avoid patterns that look like checkerboards.
-When you have the choice, make the larger chains larger instead of the smaller
 chains.  Chain points increase exponentially, so you will get more points
 between a 28- and 29-swirl combo than between an 8- and 9-swirl combo.  For
 this reason, a good strategy is to look at the large chains of swirls and
 eliminate the swirls around it, trying to make it as large as possible.
-One beginner strategy is to eliminate swirls from every color except for one,
 then end the game in one MONSTER combo.  Sorry, this doesn't cut it.  It won't
 make up for the points you lose, and you miss huge opportunities by not playing
 with skill.
-In Vs. Modes, don't expect anyone to cooperate with you.  It's simple game
 theory.  Everyone WILL try to steal your monster combo.  Do the same to them.
-In Vs. Modes, you get double points for your own color.  Because of this, you
 should make a huge chain with your own color for major points.
-In Vs. Modes, you can hurt another player's chances of winning by using all of
 their color early on.  It will cost you points(for the singles), so only do
 this when you have no chance of winning.
-On the Level Challenges, read the goals first before you start.  Plan your game
 according to them.  Make sure you get a big enough combo and a good column
 bonus(at the end).
-This is a puzzle game!  THINK!  The time bonus isn't very big anyway.  Anyone
 can click on each swirl, but it takes a good player to think each move through.

c. MDK2  

MDK2 is the most beautiful, most exciting action game out for the Dreamcast.  If  
you enjoy this demo even for a second, go get the game!  The demo lets you play  
through the tutorials of each character and little snippets of the action games.  
There are three characters in all, each with a unique style of game.  You must  
battle the evil aliens from Sector 8675309(get it?) who are planning to invade  
and destroy the Earth!

There is a full, lengthy walkthrough for this guide written by Nemesis(although  
most of the file isn't about the game), which is posted at  Still,  
I will provide a brief walkthrough.

-MDK stands for Max Doctor Kurt now, which is a big change from Murder Death
 Kill...I guess they wanted to make it politically correct.
-This demo is easy.  The full game is NOT.

Controls:  L-Jump  
           R-Machine Gun
           X-Strafe Left
           Y-Move Forward
           A-Move Back
           B-Strafe Right
           Analog-Look Around     
           D-Pad-Down=Sniper Mode, Left+Right=Ammo Select, Up=Exit Sniper Mode

Listen and follow all of the Doctor's instructions.  Once you complete the  
training, go through the door snipe the target behind the glass when it appears.  
Move on to the next area.  In this room, kill the generator(alien blob thing)  
below before you continue.  The easiest way to complete the room is to snipe  
the enemies from above or use your Dummy Decoy.  Find the fan on the edge of the  
room.  Snipe the nearby globe first and then float up to the next tunnel.  The  
level ends soon after that.

-As if you need it, there's a way to become invincible.  Shoot the doorlock
 right after you pick up the grenade in the tutorial.  You lose the grenade, but
 somehow you're granted invincibility.

Controls:  L-Jump  
           X-Strafe Left
           Y-Move Forward
           A-Move Back
           B-Strafe Right
           Analog-Look Around     
           D-Pad-Up=Equip, Down=De-Equip, Left+Right=Gun Select

Listen and follow all of the Doctor's instructions.  Shoot each of the walls;  
four of them are destroyable.  Three lead into side rooms with minor items,  
while one leads to the rest of the level.  This larger room has regenerating  
Uzis in the center and enemy generators behind glass to your left and right.  
Destroy the glass on one side and destroy the generator, then turn around and  
get the item on the other side.  Do this on the other side of the room also to  
open the door in the middle.  Head through this middle door to end this level.

Controls:  L-Jump  
           R-Combine Items
           X-Strafe Left
           Y-Move Forward
           A-Move Back
           B-Strafe Right
           Analog-Look Around     
           D-Pad-Up+Down=Item Select, Left+Right=Equip Left/Right Item

Listen and follow all of the computer's instructions.  You can drink Mr. Fizzy  
to regain health, and you can combine A Bunch of Dirty Towels with Booze to form  
a Molotov Cocktail (and then light it with the lighter, which is on a table near  
the TV) but no other item combinations are useful.  Head out of the kitchen and  
forward into the intersection.  The bathroom is straight ahead(you can get more  
Bunches of Dirty Towels), and the area where you began is to the left, but you  
want to go right through the green door.  Grab the Leaf-Blower at the end of the  
passage and blow enemies to the giant plant in the corner, Kermit.  He eats them  
one by one!  After all the enemies are eaten, he gives you the Atomic Toaster  
and the demo ends.

d. Rayman 2  
Controls: L-Targeting  
          X-Camera Left
          Y-Camera Right

Rayman 2: one of the greatest platformers of all time, IMHO.  This demo lets you  
play a very small section of one level.

-Press jump in the air to activate your helicopter.
-When fighting an enemy, hold down L to activate "fight mode", which is very
 similar to Z-targeting in Zelda 64.

Walk forward and head through the cave to the left.  Ignore the pirate throwing  
exploding barrels.  Past the cave, you enter a small, tall area.  Jump to the  
two islands with yellow lums(little fairy things), avoiding the jumping pirahna.  
Be careful jumping back; it's a tough jump.  Once you get back, make your way  
around and up, using ladders and such.  Red lums are on a timer, and each one  
gives you a little bit of health.  At the top, shoot the mosquito-thing and free  
the character from the cage.  Make your way back down to the open area in the  

Stand over the bandaged wooden flooring near the pirate ship.  Trick the pirate  
into throwing a barrel onto the flooring while you jump away.  Drop down into  
the new area and jump across the barrels and crates.  On the other side, you  
must climb a spider web and avoid the falling barrels.  Switch between the left  
path and right path to avoid them, and make your way quickly to the top.  Shoot  
open the bandaged door at the top and move on to an open area.

Kill the pirate in this open area, then enter the next room.  The pirate in here  
is sleeping, so you can kill him easily by grabbing the exploding barrel in the  
left corner and hurling it at him.  Once he's dead, grab another barrel and go  
back outside.  There's another door out here with a bandage on it, which you can  
destroy with your barrel.  Past this door is another character in a cage.  Free  
him and head back to the previous room.

Climb the gate in this room up to some netting on the ceiling.  Climb around and  
grab two yellow lums before you enter the door.  In this next room, you must hit  
the switch on the wall to enter the next door.  Jump towards it while avoiding  
the laser on the floor.  The floor bounces, so don't press anything to fly back  
up.  Once the switch is flipped and the door is open, go through it and head to  
the right.

e. Chu Chu Rocket  
Controls: L-Cancel  
          X-Left Arrow
          Y-Up Arrow
          A-Down Arrow
          B-Right Arrow

Chu2 is a great puzzle game by Sonic Team.  This demo allows you to play one  
minute of the multiplayer game and five puzzles.  The Help! section explains the  
whole game.  Here are the solutions to each of the puzzles:

   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12
  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Original Puzzle One: left arrow at 12B

Original puzzle Two: up arrow at 4C, 3D

Original Puzzle Three: left arrow at 11E

Original Puzzle Four: up arrow at 12D, 12H  
                      right arrow at 1B

Original Puzzle Five: right arrow at 1E, 6G, 8D, 8H  
                      up arrow at 6H
                      down arrow at 8F

f. Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000.1  
Controls: Y-Long Pass  
          A-Short Pass

Virtua Striker 2 is one of the first football(international) games for the  
Dreamcast.  This demo allows you to play for two minutes at a time.  The  
controls aren't very easy to use, but the game looks nice overall.

-Follow general strategies for football, whatever those are...
-The A button can also slide tackle while you don't have the ball, but be
 careful of those red cards!

Disc #5: May/June Issue  

a. Sega Swirl  
Controls: X-View Level Goals  

Sega Swirl again!  Check the section above in Disc #4.

b. Dead or Alive 2  
Controls: X-Punch  

DOA2: certainly the most beautiful fighting game out there.  This demo lets you  
play through three levels with three characters.  Read any DOA2 FAQ for fighting  
advice, since the characters haven't changed.  The levels shouldn't be a  
challenge at all.

-Choose between three characters-Kasumi, Ayane, and Ein.
-Extra costumes in the demo!  Yes!  Hold down X and Y and press start on the 
 title screen(the one that says PRESS START).  Then on the character select
 screen, select the C3/C4 costume(with up or down).  Enjoy the schoolgirls...

c. Carrier  
Controls: L-Change Weapon  
          R-Aim Weapon
          Y-Map Data

Carrier looks like a survival/horror adventure game.  The cutscene at the  
beginning of this game is intriguing, and you get to play for five minutes.

I couldn't figure much of this game out, so if anyone out there could write up a  
decent section on this game, E-mail it to me( and I'll give  
you full credit and all that.

d. Formula One World Grand Prix  
Controls: L-Brake  
          Y-Change View
          B-Rear View

This driving simulation lets you enjoy some laps on two of the courses.

-Slow down for the curves!  You have to do it, unlike most racing games.

Go to Time Attack.  You have five cars to choose from, each with two drivers.  
There are two courses: San Marino, and Japan way at the bottom.  Enjoy.

e. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver  
Controls: L-Crouch, Crawl  
          Y-Impale, Grapple, Throw
          A-Jump, Glide, Spin
          B-Devour Soul
          D-Pad-Rotate Camera/Spell 

Soul Reaver: a dated third-person shooter arrives on the Dreamcast.  You get to  
run around, destroy enemies, and DEVOUR THEIR SOULS!  As badass as it sounds, I  
didn't enjoy this demo very much.  This demo lets you play through some of the  
first level.  

-Grab sticks, spears, and other items to attack and impale your enemies.
-You cannot impale enemies or devour souls until the enemy is weak enough.

~~~~~~~~~~<del>UPDATE</del>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<del>UPDATE</del>~~~~~~~~~~~~~<del>UPDATE</del>~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has sent in a decent walkthrough for this demo.  Here it is, just  
as he's told it except for some small editing...

"Okay. From the beginning, kill off some of the demon thingies and run around
for a while. But, after the fun, go back into the main room and use your  
magic skill (the blue and green one in the inventory) and jump into the space  
where the hole use to be. Kill off the water demons and eat the souls, but  
before you go out of the alt-reality, pick up a blue flame stick on the wall.  
Now, run into the room with the columns and toss the stick across the room  
into the other room that's so far away on the other side. Now, do the magic  
thing again (it looks so awesome, doesn't it?). Kill the wizards and any  
other demons and hop around to the top column. Run through the hallway and  
use the glowing patch of floor to get back out of the alt-reality. Set the  
stick on fire with the...well...flames and it will make a torch. Run to the  
room where the demons were eating the man (don't worry the flames will not go  
out) twist the lever switch thing on the wall. As quickly as possible, do the  
spell again. The door should be stuck open. If it closes, absorb more souls,  
go out of the alt-reality and try again. When you finally do this, go through  
the door, absorb more souls and get out of the alt-reality. Jump down the  
hole. No, really... DO IT! And you'll land in a room with an idol holding a  
conveniently-sized pan. Swipe the torch through the idol's pan and it'll  
catch on fire. You get an extremely nice cut-scene of Soul Reaver  
getting...well, you'll see...and a tile will appear on the floor allowing you  
to switch between the real world and the alternate reality. From here, do  
whatever. You can turn the switch on the wall and open the wooden gate to get  
out of the room or, you can just use the Atomic Fire magic (as I like to call  
it) and finish the demo.  
 Overall toughness of the demo: *** out of *****

P.S.: One thing that didn't fit into the demo I just thought of. You can  
phase through that wooden gate in alternate reality mode by pressing Up on  
the D-pad. But, the only problem is you can't do anything in there. So, just  
phase out again. Neat trick, huh?"

That's it!  Thank you again to

f. Gundam Side Story 0079  
Controls: L-Jump-Hover  
          X-Change Weapon
          Y-Sniper Mode
          B-Target Lockon
          Analog Pad-Move Torso
          D-Pad-Move Legs      

Gundam Side Story sounds like a game with some major history, but I don't know  
it.  The game has many, many story elements in it, which didn't make much sense  
to me.  The demo lets you see quite a few briefing videos and play one level in  
this mech game.

-The controls are difficult, and I couldn't find any Inverse Y Axis option, so
 good luck getting used to them.
-Follow basic FPS strategies for this one, and you should be fine.
-When you jump, you can hover for quite a long time before your energy bar
 drains.  However, when you land, make sure you give it sufficient time to

I can't write a decent walkthrough for this, so if anyone out there could write  
up a decent section on this game, E-mail it to me( and I'll  
give you full credit and all that.

g. Re-Volt  
Controls: L-Reverse  
          A-Use Item
          B-Change View

Revolt: a surprisingly fun toy car racing game.  The game comes complete with  
realistic physics(you'll understand if you ever played with remote-control cars)  
and beautiful environments.  The game lets you play through one race on one  

-Pick up the bubbles!  They have weapons inside them.
-Try not to flip your car.  You'll lose plenty of time.
-Follow all the arrows.  The courses can branch and confuse you, but the arrows
 always point you in the right direction.
-Turn up the volume.

h. Slave Zero Multiplayer  
Controls: L-Fire Missile  
          R-Fire Primary Weapon 
          X-Strafe Left
          Y-Move Forward
          A-Move Backward
          B-Strafe Right
          Analog Pad-Look   
          D-Pad-Up=Jump, Down=Stomp 

This demo is just like the single player demo, but it's multiplayer...enjoy some  
split-screen action!  Goody!  Read the single player guide above for general  
advice for the game.

Disc #6: July/August 2000 Issue  

a. Browser Version 2.004  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

A new version of the Internet Browser!  New features:  
-Flash support!
-New, revamped, flashier screens.
-MP3 support.
-VMU uploads, although the system isn't very good yet.

a2. Sega Swirl  
Controls: X-View Level Goals  

Sega Swirl's can play it through the Web Browser.  I've noticed one  
difference with this version: when you use E-mail Challenge, the error no  
longer quits the entire game.

b. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation  
Controls: L-Look  
          R-Crouch, Crawl 
          Y-Draw Weapon

Ugh, a new Tomb Raider.  It's back and worse than ever.  I hate this game and  
everything it's done for gaming.  Not only did I already hate third-person  
shooters when the first one came out, but the whole game concentrates on  
graphics instead of gameplay.  Oh yeah, and it's just another game that shuts  
women out of gaming.  Just what we need!

I refuse to write a walkthrough for this, so if anyone out there could write  
up a decent section on this game, E-mail it to me( and I'll  
give you full credit and all that.

c. Silver  
Controls: L-Hint  
          R-Attack Trigger
          B-Command Cluster

One of the first RPGs comes to the Dreamcast.  The battle system is much deeper  
than just hack-and-slash, and the story is strangely intriguing.  You get to  
play through about half an hour of gameplay in this demo.

Listen to the long dialogue between Silver, the townspeople, his servants, and  
you.  When you gain control after talking to Grandpa, enter the house.  Grab the  
apple in front of you, then walk up the stairs and open the chest.  Equip the  
shield(lower left on the cluster) and the sword(left on the cluster) from the  
chest.  Go back downstairs and outside and engage in combat with your grandpa.  
Here are the moves you learn:

A: slash  
R+Up: strong jab  
R+Right: right swipe  
R+Left: broad left swipe  
R+Down: attack with 180 degree turn  
R+B: block/jump back

Once you battle with Grandpa for awhile, Silver and his soldiers interrupt you.  
He steals your girlfriend, and you plan to get her back!  Fight the two soldiers  
and move on to the lower left.

Go down and fight the two soldiers who rush at you, then continue going down  
into the town.

Kill the four soldiers in the town, then continue to the docks towards the left.  
Look at that, you're too late!  Exit the town the way you came in.

* NOTE * If you run low on health, eat the apples you find.  They can be eaten
with the up option on the command cluster.

Kill the four soldiers in your area, then head right into the castle.

Kill the three pairs of soldiers that attack you, then go right through the  
other end of the castle.

Cross the bridge in the upper right, then head through the gate.  Good thing  
your heart isn't evil, or you'd end up like the soldier who chases after you.  
Go to the upper right.

Don't go in the cave!  There's a SCARY MONSTER inside!  Go left until some more  
dialogue kicks in.  When you regain control in the village, talk to anybody you  
wish.  When you finish, grab the Torch near the fire and go down the ladder.  Go  
back to the cave, but use the Torch(down on the command cluster) first so you  
can see inside.

What do you know, it was just a kid!  Go to the lower left and cross the bridge.  
The demo is now over.

d. Fur Fighters  
Controls: L-Jump  
          X-Strafe Left
          Y-Move Forward
          A-Move Back
          B-Strafe Right
          Analog-Look Around
          D-Pad-Weapon Select

Fur Fighters: a strange cross between MDK2 and Toy Commander.  You play as some  
little stuffed animals with powerful guns.  This game is strangely amusing.  The  
demo lets you play through one level.

Kill the enemies around you.  Steal the Starter Crank from the dump truck going  
around in circles.  Reach the upper edge by climbing crates(ugh) and use the  
bubble at the top to turn into Juliette.  She can climb up claw marks, so climb  
the set near you.  Save Phillipe, the animal whimpering on the ground.

Jump down and walk through the passage on the ground.  Shoot the enemies around  
here and climb up into the tunnel to the next bubble, which turns you into  
Roofus.  Go out the other side of the tunnel and turn right.  Walk down to the  
Rocket Launcher in a small secret area.  Leave this area and walk into the open.  
Use the Starter Crank on the dump truck to turn it on.  It pushes a set of  
stairs into place, so you can climb the stairs and save Michael.

Since you're Roofus, you can Use the dirt near the bulldozer.  It brings you to  
a new area, where you follow the winding path to an open area.  Before you fall  
down, jump across the edges and boxes to save another animal.  Jump down, kill  
the enemies, and use the bubble that turns you into Chang.  Near the end, you  
can find a Juliette bubble in one of the Port-a-Potties.

* NOTE * There is a time limit on the demo, but if you don't sit around for too
long, it will not be a problem.  Just don't leave the room without pausing the  

e. Railroad Tycoon 2  
Controls: L-Display Buttons  
          R-Display Buttons
          Y-Info Display
          A-Option Select
          B-Option Select

Railroad Tycoon: a very popular simulation game brought to you by GOD.  That's  
Gathering of Developers...anyway, the demo lets you play through one scenario.  
You are an entrepreneur who's building a railroad network in the 1800's.  The  
graphics are realistic and the interface is simple.

-To get a Bronze medal, you must build a railway to Washington in the southeast.
-To get a Silver medal, you must build a railway to Harper's Ferry in the
-To get a Gold medal, you must build a railway to Philadelphia in the northeast.
-Buying new engines is important!  They are your source of income and part of
 the winning requirement, but you should have many more shipments than the
 requirement.  Purchase an engine roughly once for every two stations.
-Place one-way tracks to each major city and to small towns between cities.  Put
 stations up at these towns.
-To place a track, click once at the destination and once at the place where the
 track joins up with your system.
-Economic problems kick in towards the end of the scenario.  Prepare

f. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater  
Controls: L-Rotate Left  
          R-Rotate Right
          A-Tail Grab

Tony Hawk brings the first skateboarding game to the Dreamcast.  Although the  
game is just a PSX conversion, the graphics and gameplay have been updated.  
Your goal is to get each of the five video tapes in the level.  The demo lets  
you play through the Warehouse level.

-Give yourself a long time to play this demo.  You just can't stop!
-Jump at the height of a ramp to catch more air.
-The stunt system is simple:
  *Hold A and Up, Down, Left, or Right while in the air.
  *Hold Y to slide on edges and rails.  If you're going straight, you do a plant
   instead of a slide.
  *Try to pull off many stunts in succession to multiply your score.
  *Don't use the same stunt over and over again.  Keep it fresh!
-When doing grabs, hold L or R to rotate and gain some points.
-Start the level by turning right, grabbing the item, then sailing down the
 right ramp, then jumping over the pipe into the Secret Room and out, getting
 the Hidden Tape and landing on the other side cleanly, ALL WHILE DOING STUNTS.
 This will get you up to 7000 points, depending on the stunts you pull off.
 SonicAD elaborates on this: "you jump and attempt a 540 Kickflip, to Indy(Up+X)
 then over the pipe and through the secret room, followed by a Madonna."  This
 combo gets you 9900 points.
-After doing many stunts in succession, your stunt bar begins to flash.  Stunts
 done while this bar is flashing are worth more points.
-As you travel around the room collecting the items, do stunts whenever it's
-Ride the entire length of the rail in the middle of the room for a few thousand
-Hold Up on the analog pad while going on a ramp to travel through it instead of
 going up into the air.  You must do this to get a few of the items.
-When you've collected all the items, if you don't have 15,000 points yet, go to
 the half-pipe and do stunts until your time ends.
-Read a full guide for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater if you need any help.  The stunts
 haven't changed and the level is the same.

g. Super Magnetic Neo  
Controls: R-Dash  

Here's one of the completely unique games that makes the Dreamcast great.  You  
play as a creation with a big electromagnet on his head!  You use the two poles  
to use platforms, transporters, and battle enemies.  This demo lets you play two  
levels and a bonus level.

-Remember that science you learned way back in elementary school?  Here's what
 you need to know:
  *Opposite poles attract.
  *Similar poles repel.
 This means:
  *To bounce off platforms, use the opposite pole.
  *To use transporters or whatever you want to call them, use the same pole
   until you want to release it.
  *To battle enemies, you may use either pole.  The opposite will turn the enemy
   into a box, which you can hurl at enemies or VERTICAL PLATFORMS to knock them
-Frogs are enemies, but you can jump on their heads to reach higher places.
-It takes practice, but you need to learn when to use which pole!
-Pinki medals are those pink items with a mouse on them.  Collect enough in the
 first level to reach the bonus level.
-Once you collect 100 Z-coins, you get an extra life.

This level should be very straightforward.  Get yourself acquainted with the  
controls and such.  Don't touch the flowers in the middle of the level, or it'll  
kill you.  Collect all the Pinki medals you see so you can go to the bonus  

First, get the Z-coins on the floor near you.  Bounce up the platforms to reach  
the top.  This requires good timing.  When you reach the top, you'll see a blue  
horizontal platform.  You'll need to use the South pole on this one so you get  
stuck on it.  When you recover, jump and use the North pole to fly up, then use  
the South pole on the transporter to reach the end.

Start the level by Dashing, then jumping over the pit.  You should have no  
problems as long as you have good timing.  In one section, you'll need to  
attract an enemy and throw it against a platform to knock it over.  Later on,  
you'll reach a more difficult cave.  Avoid the falling rocks, and attract the  
large swinging pendulums.  Release at the right time to send yourself flying to  
the next pendulum, then continue to the open air.  If you fall down, walk  
through the muck to higher ground.

Disc #7: September/October 2000 Issue  

a. Browser Version 2.100  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

It's back!  The front/main menu has been redone, and overall, the browser feels  
a whole lot more jerky...I'd rather use v2.004.  Thanks anyway, Sega.

You can play Sega Swirl, as usual.  Check the info on Disc #4 for more info.

b. Virtua Tennis  
Controls: X-Lob  
          Y-Change View
          A-Normal Shot
          Stick/Pad-Move/Direct Shot

Sega Professional Tennis has been acclaimed as a great game, but I was  
unimpressed by this demo.  This demo lets you play one Singles match as Jim  
Courier(USA) or Yevgeny Kafelnikov(Russia).  I don't know much about tennis(just  
enough to get by on the Atari games), so if I mess anything up or leave  
something out, email me( and help me out.

-In tennis, you must win by two points, minimum of four.  The scoring system
 goes from Love(0) to 15 to 30 to 40 to game point/Deuce.
-To serve, tap either X, A, or B once.  When the power bar nears the top, tap
 the button again.  The higher the power bar is, the faster the serve goes.
-Moving the Analog Stick during a swing will control the direction it goes.  In
 general, you should hit the ball away from your opponent so he has more trouble
 reaching the ball.
-A Normal Shot is just a straight-up shot.  You should use this shot almost all
 the time.  Lobs are better for situations where the opponent is too far
-If the opponent hits the ball high enough, you can hit an overhead slam(almost
 a guaranteed point).
-A cheap way to win is to play up in front.  Make your way closer to the net and
 hit the ball away from the opponent each time.

c. Magforce Racing  
Controls: L-Grip Wall(Magnet)  
          X-Strafe Left
          Y-Change View
          A-Use Weapon
          B-Strafe Right

Magforce Racing is like an F-Zero or Wipeout for the Dreamcast.  The demo lets  
you play through one course.  From what I hear, the game doesn't get much better  
than what you see in this demo.

-There are two energy bars at the bottom of the screen: one green and one
 yellow.  The green bar boosts your power(I think) and can be refilled by
 driving over the glowing-green parts of the track.  The yellow bar is the
 energy of your magnet and can be refilled by driving over the glowing-yellow
 parts of the track.
-Use the magnet to help you go up walls and turn upside-down.  I'm not sure if
 it's helpful in any other situations.
-The purple diamonds are weapons.  Each time you pick one up, the power of your
 weapon increases.  The demo includes four lines of weapons:

     Simple Missile   ->      Seeking Missile   ->     Triple Missile
(one straight missile)   (heat-seeking missile)   (three missiles at once)

      Thunder Bolts   ->      Seeking Bolts     ->       Heavy Bolts
(lightning projectile) (heat-seeking projectile) (stronger lightning projectile)

      Laser Beam      ->        Ion Beam        ->       Tractor Beam
     (laser beam)        (stronger laser beam)   (pulls enemies back toward you)

      Shock Mine      ->      Flash Mine        ->        Dust Thrower
 (mine, shocks enemy)(mine, causes screen disturbance)(throws particles back)

-If you upgrade the third weapon, it becomes a Turbo Ram.  When used, the Turbo
 Ram surrounds your vehicle with a red shield and you propel forward.
-The game doesn't inform you if you get first place in the race.

d. Aerowings 2: Airstrike  
Controls: L-Nose Left  
          R-Nose Right
          X-Change View
          Y-Fire Missile/Machineguns
          A-Engine Power Up
          B-Engine Power Down
          D-Pad Up-Airbrake
          D-Pad Down-Landing Gear(never used)
          D-Pad Left/Right-Change View

Aerowings 2 is a great flight simulator with amazingly realistic graphics and  
good physics.  This demo lets you play through several training levels,  
contests, and missions.

-Use the early missions to get a feel for the controls.  I've had very little
 experience with flight simulators, but I caught on quickly.
-Always watch your altitude(on the right side of your screen)!  If you aren't
 careful, you randomly crash into the ground.
-I can't figure out how the game decides whether you use missiles or guns, but
 the guns are very effective.
-In most missions, you have the choice between two planes: the F-16A Fighter
 (M1.9/high maneuver, 4 missiles/512 rounds) and the F-15DJ(M2.5/high maneuver,
 4 missiles/940 rounds).  There's not much difference in how they handle, so go
 with the F-15DJ because it has more ammo.


Free Flight-Map 13-Bay-Noon-Fine  
            "Urban coastal area.  You'll see [a] variety of landmarks on the
            ground."  There aren't many landmarks, but this level is good for
            learning to control the plane.

Fighter Pilot Missions:  
01-Base S-Fine-Beginner's Course Takeoff  
Follow the instructions and you'll do fine.  Spend a little extra time on the  
runway to get up to speed or you'll lose a few points.

16-Base I-Fine-Combat Course Drone Plane 1  
Nothing to do here except watch the demo.

22-Base N-Fine-New Plane Course ACM High G Yo-yo  
Another demo.

Tactical Challenges:  
01-Base S Noon-Fine-*-8 balloons, 10,000 points  
Fly around in a circle and shoot all the balloons.  Get some practice on this  
one, because the next levels are much harder.  The faster you beat the level,  
the more points you get.

02-Base I Morning-Fine-**-20 balloons, 15,000 points  
This time, the balloons are in a twisted line.  I usually fly in slowly,  
shooting down as many balloons at the beginning of the line, and then cut right  
and shoot the balloons in the rest of the line while I travel its path.  There's  
probably a better way to do this, so experiment.

03-Base S Noon-Fine-***-20 balloons, 13,000 points  
This level's really hard.  When you swoop in, shoot down as many as you can.  
Then, you may need to make several U-turns to get the rest of the balloons.  
Good luck.

04-Bay Noon-Fine-***-11 balloons, 7,000 points

11-Sea Noon-Fine-**-F-86T, 14,000 points  
This level is the most fun!  You get to shoot down planes this time.  Use what  
you've learned before, and you'll do fine.  The radar will be your best friend  
for this one.

e. Sydney 2000  
Controls: X-Jump  

This game looks to be a "Track and Field"-type game.  Button-mashing at its  
finest!  This demo lets you play the 110m Hurdles.

-Jam on the Run buttons to gain speed.  The best technique I found was to
 alternate between A and B.  I think you must do this, but I'm not sure because
 of lack of documentation...
-Jump right before you reach the hurdles.  Timing is very important!

f. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2  
Controls: L-Brake  
          Y-Change View

This is one beautiful racer.  This is the Dreamcast's answer to...whatever that  
PS2 race game is.  The cars in this game are incredible, and the game isn't so  
bad itself.  This demo lets you play through three rounds.

-Your goal is to bring your opponent's SP bar down to zero.  Do this by:
 *Causing it damage by crashing into it or making it crash into something.
 *Stay ahead of it.  The more distance between you and your opponent, the faster
  the bar drains.
-Don't let your opponent pass you!  Swerve, cut it off, and do whatever you must
 to keep it behind you.

g. Ultimate Fighting Championship  
Controls: X-Left Punch  
          Y-Right Punch
          A-Left Kick
          B-Right Kick

Ugh, another fighting game.  This demo lets you play one SHORT match as either  
Tito Ortiz or Frank Shamrock.  The match is much too short and you don't really  
get a feel for the game.  The full game sounds more interesting, boasting "22  
fighters!  3,000 moves!  1,200 combos!  34 styles!"

-Alternate your attacks and be aggressive.  It isn't too hard to win.

h. San Francisco Rush 2049  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Shift Down
          Y-Shift Up
          D-Pad-Change View

I'm a big fan of the Rush series, so I'm glad the game is coming to the  
Dreamcast.  Unfortunately, the graphics aren't great and the framerate isn't  
stable.  In this demo, you can play one race track and one stunt course.

-On the race, look everywhere for shortcuts.  There are extra paths almost
-Use your wings for stability in the air.
-In Stunt Mode, use your wings to flip every which way.  Try to land upright,
 or you don't get any points.  Because of this, you may want to try to stop
 spinning near the end of your jump.

Disc #8: November 2000 Issue  

a. Browser Version 2.100  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

Exactly the same as last time, except the menu has been redone again.

You can play Sega Swirl, as usual.  Check the info on Disc #4 for more info.

b. Shenmue Movie  
Sit back and watch this beautiful movie.  After watching this, you will go out  
and buy the game immediately!  It's absolutely incredible.

c. Ecco the Dolphin  
Controls: L-Right Side View, Roll Left in Midair  
          R-Left Side View, Roll Right in Midair
          X-Sonar(Hold Down for Map)
          Y-Special(Y+Left or Y+Right = 180 turn, Y+Down = Swim Backwards)
          Stick-Directional Control
          D-Pad-Switch View

In this game, you take control of a dolphin in attempt to save the world from  
The Foe.  Enjoy the first level of this game in this demo, but beware if you  
need a walkthrough for this level.  The game gets much, much harder in the later  


First, take a minute to explore the place.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of this  
beautiful ocean.  Talk to the nearby dolphin if you want to learn about the  
controls.  After awhile, the game switches to a cutscene of The Foe attacking  
the Earth.  When you regain control, the adventure begins!

-Find the mother whale(to the West, green character on map).  She has lost her
 child.  Oh, no!
-Find the baby whale(northwest of the mother) behind some rocks.  Swim through
 the holes in the rocks and talk to the baby.
-Swim back out and back east to find some other dolphins to help you.  Talk to
 them and they will join you.
-Swim back to the baby whale.  You will push away a rock, with the help of your
-Return to the mother and talk to her.  She will help you by blocking the flow
 from the waterfall.  You can now enter the next area(and end the demo) by 
 swimming over to the waterfall(in the northeast).


Scattered throughout Ecco's world are Vitalits, which increase Ecco's life bar.  
Although it's pretty much pointless in this demo, here they are, for the sake of  

1. Before the cutscene occurs, talk to the three dolphins in the East.  They're  
playing Fish Challenge!  Talk to the leader, and quickly find a yellow fish.  The  
school is usually towards the northeast.  If you bring it back to the leader in  
time, he will ask you to do a victory tailwalk.  Swim towards the surface slowly,  
and flap slowly with your head above the water.  Once you begin the tailwalk,  
walk around until the camera switches to the view of a Vitalit floating above the  
surface.  Then, simply charge into it to get it.

2. Before you save the baby whale, get the Vitalit in the waterfall.  You have to  
charge above the water and land on it to get it.  It may take awhile, but you'll  
get lucky eventually.

3. In between the whale and the three dolphins, there is a bunch of three rock  
formations.  A Vitalit floats directly under the arch.

4. One Vitalit rests in the palm trees, near the floating logs, in the west.

5. This one's the hardest one.  There's a rock formation near the whale.  At the  
very top of it(several feet in the air) is a Vitalit.  To get it, you will need  
to flap quickly towards the surface of the water and charge as soon as you get  
near the surface.  Aim is everything for this one.

d. Demolition Racer: No Exit  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Rear View
          Y-Change View
          A-Hand Brake
          B-Use Powerup(Nitro Boost)

In this game, you must wreak havoc with the other racers while you race.  You  
receive points based on how much damage you do to other cars as well as how you  
place in the race.  This demo lets you play through three laps on one course.

-Try running through the course once without worrying about placing.  Find the
 obvious shortcuts and experiment with the powerups.
-There are two destructive moves, worth hundreds of points, which instantly
 destroy your enemies.  The first of these is Death From Above, which occurs when
 you land directly on top of an opponent.  This is quite common on the first hill
 of the course.  The other move is called T-Bone after the shape made by your
 cars.  If you slam directly parallel into another car(in the shape of a T), it
 will instantly kill the enemy.  This occurs when cars from shortcuts and the
 regular path mix again.

-Here is a list of the powerups and what they do:
GREY: explosion  
GREEN: instant life restore  
ORANGE: turbo boost(hit B to activate)  
RED: purple electricity flows through your car(you don't take damage?)  
BLUE: green grid flows through your car(life regenerate?)  
WHITE +: adds points  
WHITE -: subtracts points

e. Gauntlet Legends  
Controls: X-Use Potion  

Ahh, Gauntlet Legends makes its way over to the Dreamcast.  Unfortunately, it  
hasn't been improved in any noticeable way.  Poor sound quality, long load times,  
and low-poly models leave this game as one of the worst ports for the Dreamcast.  
Do yourself a favor and get the N64 version.  This demo allows you to play  
through two levels as any of the eight classes.

Wizard    Magic  
Archer    Speed  
Dwarf     Strength  
Knight    Armor  
Sorceress Magic  
Jester    Speed  
Warrior   Strength  
Valkyrie  Armor

-The Magic/Speed classes have ranged/projectile attacks, while the Strength/Armor
 classes have only melee attacks.
-Press B while moving to execute a charging attack.  It stuns enemies without
 killing them.
-This game has vague RPG elements.  You will gain a level after killing enough
 enemies, and you can use gold to purchase stats and items.
-Destroy enemy generators quickly, so you have fewer enemies to destroy.
-Follow the helpful advice from the game, such as "AVOID DANGEROUS OBJECTS!"
-If you encounter the Grimm Reaper, you must use magic(a potion) to destroy it,
 or it will lower your level.  You can also avoid it completely if you don't
 touch or attack it.
-In the first level(Fire II), the exit is in the upper right corner.  Don't waste
 your keys on doors leading back to where you came from.
-In the second level(Water V), the exit is high up the stairs.  Make your way
 around the dungeon, watching out for floor traps and such.

f. Hoyle Casino  
Controls: Y-Bet Menu  
          A-Place Bet/Accept
          D-Pad-Cycle Through Menus

This game really speaks for itself.  It maintains the classic Hoyle feel, but  
with it comes very limited appeal.  This demo lets you play Blackjack and Slots.

-When you enter the casino, you can click around to explore the casino.  There
 is a loan office near the top, but otherwise I can't figure out any use for this
 place.  Go to the menu and select Games to pick Blackjack or Slots.
-In Blackjack, you try to get a higher total than the dealer without going over
 21.  Face cards are worth 10, and Aces are worth either 11 or 1.
-If you are dealt two cards of the same value, you have the option to Split.  If
 you do this, you start a new hand with each one of the cards.  Your bet is also
 doubled in this situation.
-If you choose to Double Down, your bet is doubled.  You are dealt one more card,
 but you cannot choose to hit or stand after this.
-If the dealer shows an Ace, you may choose to buy Insurance against the dealer.
 If the dealer gets Blackjack(21), you win as well.
-To bet more money than usual, hit Y and press Right on the D-Pad to increase
 your bet by that amount.  It took me awhile to figure that one out...
-The Slots are pretty self-explanatory.  Read the buttons and do what you wish.

g. Jet Grind Radio  
Controls: L-Spray  
          R-Speed Boost

Wow!  Here's the gem of this disc.  You get to play through one open level and  
two training levels of one of the most anticipated games for the Dreamcast.

Training One:  
This one's simple.  Do just what Gum does to complete the level.

Training Two:  
This one is also easy.  When you make the jump between the first and second rail,  
hold down A longer than you think you should.  It can be difficult if you cut it  
too short.

Bus Station:  
There are many ways to complete this level, but this is the quickest path...  
-Go forward and get the three cans, then make a sharp right and jump over to the
 next roof.  Go forward and jump to the next roof, then make the final jump to a
 roof with a blue spray can(five cans).  Get this one, turn left, and jump to the
 next blue spray can.  This will give you a nice head start.
-Jump down and skate to the three buses(to the left).  Spray each one.  If you
 run into the rival gang members, they will drop three cans for you.
-The cops will now be on your trail, so go clockwise around the perimeter until
 you see a ramp with blue arrows and red cans.  Use your speed boost to get up
 this ramp and to the decks.  Spray the three murals in this area.
-Jump down and spray the two cars here.  This part is just like the first level
 in this demo.
-Continue clockwise and grind the rail to spray the final two vehicles.

Disc #9: December 2000 Issue  

a. Browser Version 2.100  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

Exactly the same as last time, except the front graphic has changed.

You can play Sega Swirl, as usual.  Check the info on Disc #4 for more info.

b. Skies of Arcadia  
Controls: L-Camera Left(lower altitude)  
          R-Camera Right(raise altitude)
          X-Character Profile
          D-Pad-Move Camera

This is certainly the best demo on this disc!  This is an RPG based around air  
pirates in the future.  The demo gives you a glance at the battle system, the  
storyline, and the exploration.


**Miniature Navigation**
Start here first.  Explore the town for awhile.  One of the houses has two  
pirates that explain the battle system to you, much like the House of Beginners  
from the FF series.  It will help out in the rest of the sections.

One of the ladies tells you that you can find three treasure chests in the area.  
One is behind the house, through the turnip field.  One is on Lookout Island,  
high in the sky.  You'll need to take the very long ladder in the middle of town.  
The last one is in one of the houses.

There's an Air Pirate down a hill on the outside edge of town.  He's looking for  
Ben, who has the key to the underground hideout.  Make note of this location.

Once you're done in town, head out to the boat on the other side of town.  Now  
you're flying around on the World Map.  Now it's time to do some quests...

Thanks to Mega Man Xa( for help on this one.  Go near  
Shrine Island.  When it is directly north of you, look to the east.  There's a  
big cavern in the wall; go through it.  On the other side, you'll find a little  
open area.  Find the pirate ship in here, which is usually to your right.  When  
you defeat the enemies on the ship, Ben gives you the key.  Return to Pirate  
Island.  The underground lair is northwest of the town entrance, behind the  
treasure chest near the turnip field.  The entrance is well-hidden, but if you  
saw the Pirate who tells you of the quest, it should be simple.  Use the key on  
the wall.  Welcome to the secret pirate hideout!  Straight ahead is a chest with  
a moon berry.  To the right is a shortcut to the bottom(use the wire).  To the  
left is the long way.  The first door on the long way is the Captain's Quarters;  
use the bookshelf in there to find a chest with 150 gold.  At the bottom, you  
will find a room with two shops and a chest with 200 gold.  These shops have the  
serious items, and you probably can't afford the good ones.  You can use the  
pirate ship at the bottom to leave the town.

* NOTE * You use moon berries to activate your special attacks.  Hit X, choose
a character, and choose Special Attacks.  Select a ??? attack and use a moon  
berry to activate it.  You can only activate one Special Attack for each  
character, and there are only three moon berries.

---Chase Ship---
Directly south of Pirate Isle, there's a Mysterious Ship.  Talk to it, and you'll  
engage in a chase.  Follow as closely as you can, cutting corners here and there  
when you can.  Talk to it again when you return to the starting point.  If you've  
done it fast enough, you'll receive a moon berry.  If you can't do it, you can  
try again later.  Either way, you'll get to explore the world without the threat  
of random battles.

You should play hide-and-seek with the children in town, Talk to one of the boys  
to begin the game.  The dog is near the crates near the house in the middle  
of town.  The girl is in the corner near the same house, on the other side.  
There's a boy hiding behind some laundry on the other side of town.  Another boy  
is in the corner near a house, to the right of the boy behind the laundry.

Around the world, you'll see flocks/schools of flying fish.  If you run into  
them, you collect them.  Some are tastier than others, but right now you only  
need ten Sky Sardines(the lowest quality).  The easiest place to find these is  
west of Pirate Isle, near the waterfall.  Run into the flocks to collect them.  
Once you have ten, return to town and talk to the mother in the house in the  
middle of town.  She'll give you a moon berry.

---Artifact One---
There are three artifacts hidden around the world.  Their locations are more  
obvious than you'd expect.  The first one, Dumpling Rock, is on the summit of the  
island with a little round forest on it, directly north of Pirate Isle.

---Artifact Two---
The Penguin is on a round, icy island west of Shrine Island.

---Artifact Three---
The Grieving Prince Statue is on a round, sandy island east of Shrine Island.  
You need to go around a mountain range to get to it.

---Boss on Shrine Island---
You should definitely level up before you challenge this guy.  Level four should  
be enough, but it's up to you.  Fly around and fight some random battles.  If you  
see any enemy ships, challenge them, since they give better exp.  Also, if you  
get enough cash, head back to town and buy new equipment.  There's a sword for  
Vyse that may help out.  When you fight the boss on Shrine Island, use S-Attacks,  
Increm(on Vyse, if you have it), and Crystalen(if you have it).  You shouldn't  
need healing spells, but use Sacri if you must.

**Laws of Air Pirates**
Here are six sections of the game...

1-A battle.  Use basic attacks.  
2-A choice.  Run away, but it doesn't matter if you choose the others.  
3-A scene.  Just watch it.  
4-A battle.  Again, use basic attacks.  You can use special attacks if it takes  
  too long.
5-A scene.  Just watch it.  
6-A scene.  Just watch it.

**4 Consecutive Fights**
Here's your first real experience with battles.  You won't heal between battles,  
so use this knowledge wisely.

Battle One-Escort Officer, 2 Guards  
Kill the Guards first.  Direct attacks will work fine here.  Note that Fina is  
quite weak.  You should have her Focus.  Even though she is weak, look at her  
magic spells...the green spells are healing spells.  Sacri(and Sacren later) may  
save your life many times.

Battle Two-Imagotalla  
If you earned the Sea Cutlass(or any other weapons) last round, equip it now by  
going to Weapons and selecting it.  Don't worry, it will not waste your turn.  
The easiest way to beat this thing is to have Vyse attack or use his Cutlass  

Battle Three-3 Wardens  
For the first round, have everyone use Focus.  Next round, have Vyse use Rain of  
Swords or have Aika use Lambda Burst.  This will even the score quickly!  Clean  
up after this attack.

Battle Four-Laas  
This fight is tough if you aren't prepared.  Aika's Alpha Storm is very effective  
here, so base your attacks around it.  Aika should use it each round, Fina should  
use Sacri/Sacren when necessary and Focus otherwise, and Vyse should use either  
basic attacks or Cutlass Fury, depending on Spirit points.  Be patient!

**Airship Battle**
First, I'll explain the attacks.  With the 3-inch Cannon, you can fire the cannon  
for one or two rounds(2 Spirit points each).  The two-round firing makes it a  
great weapon strategically.  Just hit Right after choosing which round to fire.

The Sparrow Torpedo is also very useful strategically.  After you fire it, you  
can have it land either one or two rounds later.

The secret to using these weapons effectively is planning a massive attack on one  
round.  Ideally, you want to fire a Sparrow Torpedo(to land two rounds later),  
fire the 3-inch Cannon for two rounds, then use the Main Cannon in that order.  
If you do this, you will attack with the Main Cannon and a 3-inch Cannon the same  
round the Torpedo strikes!  This will cause massive damage, especially on a round  
with a Green or C symbol above it.

Battle One-this should be simple.  Use the advice above and you'll do fine.

Battle Two-this is not so easy.  The first four rounds won't be dangerous.  Have  
Aika use Sacri on the fourth round, and the others should use Focus.  For the  
second four rounds, the first character should use Guard.  Use Sparrow Torpedo  
(to land in the ninth round) in the seventh round and a 3-inch Cannon (for two
rounds) in the eighth round.  You'll need 15 Spirit Points for the ninth round,  
so make adequate preparations.  Between the eighth and ninth round, choose to go  
on the Offensive!  During the ninth round, use your special weapon, the Harpoon  
Torpedo.  It will do over 14,000 damage!  Do any powerful attacks you can on the  
tenth round, and make sure Fina uses Sacri on the eleventh or twelfth if you need  
some extra hit points.  Use your best judgment for the later rounds.  It should  
be simple after launching the Harpoon Torpedo.

c. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2  
Controls: L-Rotate Left  
          R-Rotate Right

Players have been anticipating this game ever since the original Tony Hawk game  
came to the Playstation.  This sequel improves graphics greatly and adds many  
gameplay options and tweaks.  I was personally disappointed by this demo, mostly  
because of its lack of any goals, little change to the game's basic ideas, and  
that annoying "Cyclone" song.  I spent a few hours on the first demo, but I spent  
very little time with this one.  Sigh...

-Skate around this park for two minutes, doing stunts here, there, and everywhere
 in between.
-One addition is the way the game rates your spins.  For example, say you are
 doing a 360 spin.  If you land it at exactly the 360 degree mark(facing the
 exact direction you were when you started), you'll get a "Perfect" bonus.
 However, if it's more like a 300 or a 420(wrong direction), you'll lose points.
-This demo doesn't give any hints, like the first demo.  This certainly took away
 from the demo's replayability.  Check a real guide for the full guide if you
 want more information.

d. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes  
Controls: L-Zoom In(first person view)  
          Y-Lie Down/Crouch
          D-Pad-Map/View Change

I'm not a big fan of the Army Men series.  Why fight with plastic, green men when  
the virtual world lets you enjoy real people?  However, this game itself is not  
so bad.  The demo gives you one mission to play through, and it will actually  
take some intelligence and stealth.

-Don't use the Lie Down/Crouch command too much.  This level isn't very
 difficult, and it will only slow you down.  Don't jump, either.  Since when is
 jumping a viable army tactic?
-To complete the first objective, you must reach the bridge to the North.  Look
 around for guns and ammo aplenty.  Sneak up on any soldiers you find, and use
 the rocket launcher on any tanks you see.  Make your way to the bridge.
-To complete the second objective, cross the bridge and shoot the enemies there.
 Before you go through the narrow pass, shoot the tank on the far side with a
 rocket or two.  Activate the metal detector and walk through the path, although
 you will be safe if you stay on the dirt path.  Kill the few enemies on the
 other side and finish the demo.

e. Silent Scope  
Controls: L-Zoom Out  
          R-Fire Weapon
          A-Fire Weapon
          B-Zoom Out
          Stick-Aim Weapon
          D-Pad-Aim Weapon

Alright, one of my favorite arcade games!  Unfortunately, that huge Sniper Rifle  
doesn't come to the Dreamcast.  That was half the fun, but this demo shows that  
it is a decent game without any peripherals.  This demo lets you play through one  
mission in Story Mode.  The time constraints are quite heavy, but luckily some of  
the other modes will rely less on speed.

-The first time you play, try to get used to the controls.  Here's the general
 formula: zoom out, aim at a Target, zoom in, get a good shot lined up, shoot,
 repeat.  There are a few different paths with enemies in different places, but
 it will still help to memorize these locations.
-You get more points for head shots(go for these!) and body shots.  Limb shots
 are not worth nearly as many points.  Still, points are insignificant if you
 can't complete the mission!  Work on completing the mission before aiming for a
 high score.
-There is at least one bonus life in this level.  When you see a swimming pool
 on the roof of a building, aim your rifle at the woman laying in the lounge
 chair.  You'll get a bonus life, but DON'T SHOOT HER!
-The boss has 30 life points.  You can shoot the plane 30 times or shoot him
 directly in his head ONCE.  Go for the head shot!  Other various body shots will
 also cause larger amounts of damage, but the head shot is key in this one.

f. KISS Psycho Circus: Nightmare Child  
Controls: L-Jump  
          X-Move Left
          Y-Move Up
          A-Move Forward
          B-Move Backward
          D-Pad Left/Right-Cycle Weapon
          D-Pad Up-Open Door

Here's a first person shooter from one of the greatest Rock bands of all time.  
This game is based on the Psycho Circus comic book I believe, and there are many  
parallels.  The graphics are quite similar, the main characters are the members  
of KISS(in full makeup!), and the levels and such have references to KISS albums  
and songs.  I was of course quite interested of this game, since I have been a  
big fan of the band.  It measures up with, and surpasses most of, the other first  
person shooters for the Dreamcast.  Enjoy this demo, which lets you play through  
one of the levels.


Start off by killing the spiders in the immediate area.  Once it's clear, round  
the corner and walk down the rail to the next station.

Kill the big guy with the target on his chest with the rocket launcher.  Switch  
back to the machine gun or shotgun and kill the spiders.  Inside the station,  
take the ramp down.  You'll see the outer environment to the left, but you want  
to take the path on the right to more of the station.  First, kill the spider  
generators/teleporters.  Then you can clean up and kill the spiders.  Continue  
along the tracks.  You need to cross some lava on these tracks, so be careful.

Once you cross this lava-filled area and go up the ramp, you can access a ledge  
with some powerups.  Turn around and head to the doorway over to the right.  Go  
around this path and you'll reach the powerups.  Jump back down and continue  
along the path.  Go down a ramp and grab the invulnerability path on the way  
down.  Kill the enemies here also, but be quick!  The invulnerability doesn't  
last very long.

To get to the next station, you'll need to do some maneuvering along the ledges.  
Start by walking off the edge onto a ledge.  Make your way down to the platform  
that reaches across the pit.  From there, take the various paths up to the next  

Kill all the enemies in this station.  Head over to the door with an Exit sign  
above it and hit Up on the D-Pad to open it.  Congratulations!  You've completed  
the demo.

g. Starlancer  
Controls: L-Brake  
          A-Fire Laser
          B-Fire Missile
          D-Pad-Missile Select, Map Controls

Starlancer is the first space sim to make its way to the Dreamcast.  In this  
demo, you get to fly around the vast space completing objectives in two missions.  
The battle system is handled quite nicely and intuitively, but I haven't played  
many space sims for awhile...

-In the first mission, after one of your men is ambushed, you must kill a few
 enemy ships flying around.  When you have one in your sights and it is nearby,
 aim for the box floating near the ship.  If you shoot this box, your projectiles
 will hit the enemy at the perfect moment.  Once you've flown around and killed
 all the enemies, you must shoot down some missiles before they collide with
 your ships.

This is as far as I got...this obviously isn't my genre.  If someone out there  
can write and email me( a decent, full guide for this demo, I  
will post it here and give full credit.  Any help is appreciated! 

h. Super Runabout: San Francisco Ed.  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-Down Shift
          A-Up Shift
          D-Pad-View Change

Uugh...this demo sucks.  You must drive around smashing into things all the way  
to rack up cash.  Your mission in this demo is to collect six bombs and return  
them to the station, but there are no consequences if you don't finish in time.  
The slightest touch will destroy any vehicles, and miniscule items such as  
shopping carts will earn you cash($200 for each cart).  I wish I could get that  
much just for knocking over shopping carts!  The vehicles in this demo have  
horrible physics, especially the Moped.  Anyway, you can try to complete the  
mission, but you may as well drive around and smash into as much as you can.  It  
will be more fun that way.

-Smashing into cars is simple, but to smash cars without losing speed takes some
 skill.  Try to nudge into the sides of parked cars as you drive along, but don't
 drive head-on into any other cars.
-You also get bonus points for jumps and staying airborne.  Keep your speed high
 on hills and ramps.

i. Looney Tunes Space Race  
Controls: L-Brake  
          X-View Change
          A-Use Item

Try this demo out, it is strangely fun!  It's quite like Mario Kart with WB  
characters and a futuristic setting.  This demo lets you play through one course.

-The race isn't difficult at all, so have fun!  Use each weapon to see what it
 does.  There are some classics in there, like the falling anvil.

j. Super Boom Tread Troopers  
Controls: L-Reverse  

Here's a full game in itself.  This is a remake of an old Atari game, where tanks  
are pitted against each other in an arena.  Your weapon bounces off walls towards  
any opponents.  Dead enemies drop powerups.  It's that simple!  Now, get some  
friends and enjoy an old-school deathmatch!

-Rather than killing your enemies with missiles, you must shoot them into a wall
 or one of the obstacles around the course.
-H powerups increase the power of the missile to home in on enemy tanks.
-S powerups increase the size of your tank.
-V powerups increase your speed.
-B powerups increase the size of your missiles.

Disc #10: Holiday 2000(January 2001) Issue  

a. Browser Version 2.100  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

There's nothing new in this version.

You can play Sega Swirl, as usual.  Check the info on Disc #4 for more info.

b. Ferrari F355 Challenge  
Controls: L-Reverse  
          Y-Assist On/Off
          B-Assist Select

Another racing game, as far as I'm concerned.  The intro movie is great!  The  
drama is strangely amusing.  Anyway, the demo lets you play through two courses.

-On each course, you may choose one of three "difficulty" levels.  In the first
 one, you drive around the course with a red line showing where you should drive.
 It's a pretty good idea to look at this.  In the second level, you race around
 alone.  The third level is the actual race.
-You only have two laps to race around each track.
-The second course, because of its twisty nature, is actually easier to win than
 the first one.  Cut corners here and there to come out on top.

c. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear  
Controls: L-Run  
          X-Move Left
          Y-Move Backward
          A-Move Forward
          B-Move Right
          Stick-Look Around
          D-Pad-Up/Down-Interaction/Menu, Left-Lean Left, Right-Lean Right

This demo is very disappointing.  The demo throws you right into a mission, with  
no introduction or explanation.  This is a horrible port of the PC game.  
Without your keyboard/mouse combo, the game is nearly impossible to control.  
Honestly, look at that list of controls!  Why would anyone flip Forward and  
Backward from the usual Turok controls?  The strafing is ten times too slow, so  
it's nearly useless.  The textures are low-res and the models are low-poly.  
There's no music, and the sounds aren't that great.

Dr. David Saul sent in the following walkthrough:

"The first team to your left automatically leaves to kill the enemy. You 
control the second team. Follow them down the road until you see the first  
terrorist standing guard. Shoot him quickly. 1 or 2 terrorists should exite the  
room he is guarding. If not, you need to go in and take out the remaining one.  
After these are dead 2 new terrorists should come down the stairs which are left  
of the dead guard. Another 2 will be following them closely behind. During  
these shooting, a sniper from the window will shoot and your guys, taking out 1  
or 2 of you before he is taken out by one of your guys. Now go up the stairs  
where the 4 terrorists came down. There is a cross road here. I prefere to go  
right to finish the level quickly, going in from the back but you can also go  
left which is going in from the front. Going right, you should hug and on the  
first door on your right, go inside and kill the guard. The stairs only lead up  
to the dead sniper. When exiting this room, go right down the stairs and turn  
left. Go under the pillar on a 45 degree angle and proceed up the stairs. The  
stairs go left where there is a terrorist waiting there. Kill him and strafe  
sideways up, killing the guard up top. Now from there go straight and then left  
through the open doorway. Kill the guard patrolling outside. Enter the building  
again, this time up the steps. Kill the terrorist to your right. 2 more  
terrorist should come to you after the gunfire. One will come from in front and  
go right of the doorway to the benches. The other will come from the left and  
set up left of the doorway. After shooting them, go straight across the benches  
and go through the doorway at the end of the room. Inside will be a guard and  
two hostages. Kill the guard to beat the game. It will say "mission  
accomplished" and end. p.s. holding L increases strafe speed "

d. Evil Dead(movie)  
Enjoy the movie.  I can't really understand what's happening...

e. Toy Commander: Christmas Surprise  
Controls: L-Brake  
          A-Machine Gun
          X-Change Vehicle
          Y-Change/Pick Up Weapon

This is a new mission for Toy Commander.  In case you missed it last year, Toy  
Commander is a game where you guide toys to complete missions.  It's more fun  
than you'd think.


Yes, there are several ways to do this mission.  You need to collect the five  
presents and drop them under the tree.  In the real game, you get medals for  
completing missions quickly, but time isn't an issue here.  I'll explain the  
fastest path anyway...

First, you must destroy the enemies on the level.  After all, Santa doesn't  
carry guns!  Take the truck and drive him off the edge.  Go forward to the wall,  
then turn left.  Go in this corridor under the steps.  You'll need to shoot at  
least two stacks of the flammable material to leave room for Santa.  Save some  
of your missiles for the tank inside; 4 should be enough.  Use your machine gun  
for anything else.

Switch to the plane.  Take off and turn right.  Collect the powerup hidden  
around the plants.  Then, collect the next powerup on a nearby table.  Go into  
the bathroom(door on the left of the short hallway) and take out the missile  
launcher above the toilet.  Head back out and upstairs.  Grab the extra missiles  
on the highest banister.  Now you need to siege the castle.  You can take each  
enemy out with two missiles, since you've powered them up.  If you take too much  
damage, loop around and try again.  Once all the enemies have been destroyed,  
land the plane and switch to Santa.

Now you must collect the five presents.  First, get the one under the stairs that  
you saw with the truck.  Hit B to pick the present up.  Second, get the one in  
the castle upstairs.  Third, get the one in the bathroom above the toilet.  
Fourth, go down the toilet(or the sink in the other room) until you reach an open  
area.  The present should be nearby on the ground.  Head back up either path.  
Finally, grab the present on the table with the phone in the main room.  It's on  
your right as you exit the hallway.  Now you can drop the five presents(with A)  
in front of the tree.  Stay high in the air as you drop the presents, or Santa  
will have some trouble.

f. Sega Marine Fishing  
Controls: A-Reel/Cast  

What can I say, it's a fishing game!

-Choose your lure wisely.  Each one describes what it should be used for and how
 it should be used.  Some need more left and right jerking, while others need
 constant reeling.
-When a fish is on your line, hit Down immediately.  Then, watch the tension bar
 closely.  If it's too high, quit reeling.  If it's low, reel more.

g. Speed Devils Online  
Controls: L-Brake  

Another racing game...except you can play this one online.  It should work  
perfectly with online play.  The gameplay is simple enough for it to work, and  
the obstacles really add something to multiplayer.  Enjoy a race through one of  
the courses.

-Don't get stuck on the obstacles!
-There's a great shortcut about halfway through the race.  When the road curves
 right, you see a brown wall straight ahead with scattered trees in front of it.
 It's pretty obvious, but it's very helpful.

h. truth(movie advertisement)  
Listen up, kids...don't smoke!  It's bad for you!  Besides, these truth ads are  
pretty amusing.  Be sure to visit for...whatever they have there.

i. Kao the Kangaroo  
Controls: L-Strafe  
          R-Zoom In
          Y-Tail Whip

I must say, I really couldn't imagine a platformer worse than this one.  Bad  
camera, boring play, dumb characters...this game has it all.  In this demo, you  
can struggle your way through two of the levels.  Don't worry, the second level  
is much shorter than the first.

-There are 200 coins to collect-110 in the first level, 90 in the second.  You
 can collect them all by punching rocks and totems.  All the others are visible.
 Too bad you won't really want to collect them's boring an there's no
-I'm not sure what those blue flags do.  I'm sure it's something important, like
 the entire checkpoint system.  For some reason, every time I died I had to
 start the level over again.  Anybody know what these flags do?  Please email me
 ( to tell me!
-If you are familiar with platformers at all, this demo shouldn't be confusing.

j. Grandia II(movie)  
Enjoy the movie.  Looks good to me!

k. POD: Speedzone  
Controls: L-Brake  
          A-Turbo Boost
          B-Use Item

Yet another racing game!  I was actually looking forward to this game, but I'm  
disappointed.  There's nothing impressive about this demo at all.  It's got a  
track, strange vehicles, and some weapons.  So what?  At least it's got online  

-Check out the Network option to watch a little video.
-There is a shortcut to the right near the beginning.  It's hard to get the right
 angle to use it, so you might want to skip this one.
-In the race, you will run into five items.  Here's what they do...

Purple-a cloud-like weapon shoots forward  
Green-more turbo booster  
Yellow-instant turbo booster  
Red Diamond-more health  
Red Circle-landmine

l. Phantasy Star Online(movie)  
Believe the hype.  Everyone has been excited about this game but me.  Now that  
I've seen this video, I'm just as impressed as everyone else!  Get ready...this  
release will make waves when it comes out.

Disc #11: February 2001 Issue  

a. Web Browser 2.6  
Controls: L-Scroll Down  
          R-Scroll Up
          Start-Command Cluster

A new version of the Web Browser!  The biggest addition to this browser is mouse  
support.  The other big thing is the DreamCall, which allows you to make phone  
calls through your Dreamcast.  You'll need a microphone to use this.  Some day  
you'll be able to buy a microphone alone, but for now you must have the game  
Seaman.  If you have a friend with a Dreamcast and DreamCall, you can make  
Dreamcast-to-Dreamcast calls for free!  Dreamcast-to-phone calls will cost five  
cents a minute, no matter how far away the phone is.

You can play Sega Swirl, as usual.  Check the info on Disc #4 for more info.

b. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker  
         Y-Change View

I've been interested in this game since the day I heard about it.  To put it  
simply, this is Crazy Taxi with a huge truck.  You must drive across America,  
delivering your cargo, avoiding collisions, and trying to beat your rival,  
Lizard Tail.  Even though you drive a truck, it is just as exciting as driving  
that yellow taxi.  In this game, you get to drive one mission from New York to  
Key West.

-Learn to use the Shift button.  Your truck has four gears, but you only need to
 switch between Low and High(3 and 4).  Once your car reaches ~45MPH, switch
 into High gear.
-Don't run into other cars.  You'll lose points if you start an accident, and
 you also lose points if your truck is damaged in any way.
-Once you get on the highway, you meet your rival, Lizard Tail.  If you beat
 him to the finish line, you go to the bonus round, but he plays dirty.  He'll
 stoop to anything to try to ruin your ride.
-If you drive directly behind another truck for awhile, you will gain speed
 because of the lack of wind resistance.  Do this!
-BONUS ROUND: PARKING CHALLENGE!  Take this one slow.  You lose points for
 anything you hit.  For the first turn, make sure you go left a little bit
 before you turn right-after all, this is a very narrow turn.  Once you enter
 the green area, slow down and inch forward until you think it's perfect.

c. Outtrigger  
Controls-L-Strafe Left  
         R-Strafe Right
         X-Change Weapon
         A-Fire Weapon
         B-Zoom(first person)
         Stick-Look Around

Here's the latest, fastest action game to come from Sega.  I had so much fun  
with this demo...this is what Quake 3 Arena should have been like.  It's your  
job to shoot enemies with machine guns, bazookas, and even guided missiles.  
The demo lets you play through four missions.

-Although the default controls are listed, you can easily change the controls on
 your way to the missions.  I recommend Type D(MDK2/Turok style).
-This type of game is meant to be very fast-paced.  Run around the arenas with
 your guns blasting, as opposed to CAMPING.
-In the last three levels, you will see a bird-shaped electric powerup.  Much
 like the Quad Damage from Quake, this will increase your weapons' power
 dramatically for around 30 seconds.  Grab this!


Mission One: Kill 17 enemies.  Stand on your platform and shoot away.  Try to  
time your shots so that you will reload when there aren't any enemies on the  
screen.  Each enemy only takes a few bullets, so don't waste time and ammo.

Mission Two: Kill 13 enemies.  Run around and blast the enemies.  If you find  
the Guided Missiles, step back, turn towards an open area, and blast away!  
When an enemy dies, grab the Clock powerup for extra time.

Mission Three: Kill 8 enemies.  This is a more open area, not an arena.  Stay  
near the top with the bridges and such.  Also, try not to shoot yourself with  
the Bazooka...

Mission Four: Kill one enemy.  You don't have enough time to beat him, but try  
your best.  You'll need to be more strategic to hit him, so be sure to guide  
your shots and all that, i.e. shoot where he will be when the rocket hits, not  
where he is now.

d. 4x4 Evolution  
         Y-Change View
         D-Pad-Up: Reset Position

I usually hate racing games, but this one isn't so bad.  It's a big truck racing  
game on offroad tracks.  The physics in this game are great; the hills and bumps  
all feel realistic.  The scenery is nice, too.  This demo lets you play through  
two courses.

-You can drive either the Nissan Pathfinder or the Xterra in four colors each.
 I recommend the Xterra.
-On the Arizona track, don't take any of the shortcuts.  Right after the second
 checkpoint, make a sharp left turn or you'll drive right off the hill.
-On the Salvage Wasteland, there are two good shortcuts.  After the second
 checkpoint, drive up the board to the next area.  Make sure you get all four
 of your wheels on the board, or you won't make it over the wall.  After the
 fourth checkpoint, cut through the field to the left.  After the fifth
 checkpoint, don't run into the bulldozer!  It will stop you in your tracks.

e. Max Steel  

Here's another espionage-type game.  Unfortunately, it's boring.  I feel like  
I've done it all before.  The graphics aren't that good.  The textures are  
low-quality and I saw one guard fall straight from the sky.  Oh well...this demo  
lets you play through three levels.

-All ranged weapons(guns) run on the same ammo.  This ammo is generally in short
 supply, so be conservative.  Use the Repeating Blaster for most of the game.
-You need to put your gun down(press L) to break crates, use buttons, and climb
 on top of things.
-Destroy any crates you find in the game.  Many of them contain powerups.
-The bar at the bottom of your screen with five blocks is your armor bar.  The
 one above it is your health bar.  The one above that is your N-Tek Energy bar.
 Using your Turbo and Stealth uses some of your N-Tek Energy.


Go forward to the intersection.  Activate your Turbo, then turn the corner, run  
in, and blast the guards here.  Either press the button in the room or step in  
front of the camera to open the gate.  After two rooms, activate your Stealth  
and run outside.  Run behind the turret and shoot out the electricity supply,  
then shoot any guards around the area.  In the next area, make sure you grab  
the N-Tek Energy and ammo in the crates.  Press the button and open the door.  
Kill the guard here and jump on the crates.  Jump over the wall and into the  
next area.  Go through the next building, activate Stealth, and run through the  
courtyard to the third door on the left.  Press the button near the computers  
inside and take the elevator up.  Take the passage to the outside.  To the left,  
you can do some ledge-jumping to grab some powerups.  Go to your right, cross  
the bridge, then go left and jump over the ledge onto the next building.  Shoot  
the electricity box here to deactivate the turrets.  Go into the door here.  
Take the pathway around and enter the door on your right at the intersection.  
Search the crates here.  Enter the next area.  Blast the turret, rhen hop up the  
crates and jump down the wall into the next area.  Head for the big open field,  
where a tank waits to ambush you.  Use your thrown weapons, like grenades and  
remote bombs, to destroy the tank.  After the tank is destroyed, another door  
opens and some more guards appear.  One of them has the Silver Passkey.  Press  
the button in this new area, then turn around and go forward(out of the tank  
battle area) until you find another door.  Use your new Passkey and take the  
exit.  Two more levels to go...

In the new level, go through the door in front of you.  Activate Stealth if you  
want to avoid the guards and cameras.  Turn right and go to the last door on the  
left.  Grab the Gold Passkey in the crate.  Go back out, turn right, and go in  
the last door on your right.  Use the Passkey here.  Go through the newly opened  
door and kill all the guards-one has the first Passkey.  Push the button around  
here.  Go back to the hallway, turn right, and go through the door at the end of  
the hall.  Turn the corner and take the first door on the left in this new  
hallway.  Kill all the guards here-one has the second Passkey.  Press the button  
in here.  Find another door in here with a safe and a big map in it.  Blast the  
safe and run-jump onto the desk to grab the third Passkey.  Turn around, go out  
the door, and go out the door in front of you.  Go through the glass doors you  
opened by pressing the button.  When you reach the door, turn right and use the  
console.  Enter the code(Blue Blue Red, so press BBA) and go through the door.  
When you reach the room with a hole near the floor, Use it and crawl through the  
vents to find a new area.  The exit is behind the truck below you.

In the last level, blast the two guards that rush at you-one has the third  
Passkey.  Make your way across the area, heading right.  You can go down a pit  
and grab the first Passkey if you wish.  The console is near a garage, and the  
cide is Green Red Blue(YAB), but it's a waste of time.  All the way to the right  
is a door guarded by two turrets.  Shoot down the turrets and any guards that  
rush at you.  Destroy all the crates in this next room and make sure you have  
full ammo before you enter the next room.  You have to battle Psycho here.  
Switch to your Energy Rifle and blast away at him.  You can just stand still if  
you want, since you'll be able to kill him quickly by blasting at him.

f. Jurassic 5  

Sit back and watch Jurassic 5's video for "Quality Control".  I watch MTV2, so  
I've already seen this video many times.  Even if you don't like rap, admire  
the way they didn't use all the cliches that you see on MTV all the time.  It's  
about time for something different.

g. Metropolis Street Racer  
         Y-Rear View
         A-Hand Brake

There's been alot of hype surrounding this game, but it certainly lives up to  
it.  This is the most beautiful racer you'll see for a long time.  In this demo,  
you can pilot either the VX220 or the Speedster through two courses.

-If you choose to Race an Opponent, you will race through St. James Park in
 London.  Be careful not to run into the walls, since it can be very difficult
 to recover in this race.
-If you choose to Race the Clock, you will race through Asakusa, Tokyo.

BONUS: Cleaning Your GD-ROMs  

The magazine has instructions on how to clean your GD-ROM.  To sum it up, you  
clean it just like all your CDs-RADIALLY.  This means you should take a cotton  
cloth(or anything), put some Windex on it, and wipe it from the inside out.  
If you clean it in a circle, you'll mess it up.  If you have as many dirty CDs  
as me, do yourself a favor and buy a real CD cleaner.  I have one made by  
Scotch that I found at Wal-Mart.  It comes with a spray and a compartment that  
holds the CD.  It has two wheels inside which turn a cloth and the disc, and  
when you turn the crank, it cleans the disc radially.  It would make more sense  
if you saw it...or bought it.  Go buy one!

You can also get a scratch remover, like the Game/DVD/CD-ROM/CD Doctor.  To sum  
it up, it takes a thin layer off the surface of the CD.  These aren't necessary  
for most forms of damage at all, but if you have two or three fatally scratched  
CDs at the time, it will quickly pay for itself.

Disc #12: The Generator Vol. II  

What is this disk?  

I don't own this disk myself, but Charles Martin Cosgriff II filled me in on  
this one.  This disk comes with the new Dreamcast these days.  Unfortunately,  
it doesn't have any new demos on it...just repeats.  I suppose it came out  
about a year after the first one, since the latest demos are from the  
July/August issue.

a. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation  

See Disc #6 for more info on this demo.

b. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver  

See Disc #6 for more info on this demo.

c. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater  

See Disc #6 for more info on this demo.

d. Railroad Tycoon 2  

See Disc #6 for more info on this demo.

e. Sonic Adventure  

See The Generator(Disc #0) for more info on this demo.

f. Dead or Alive 2  

See Disc #5 for more info on this demo.

g. Rayman 2  

See Disc #4 for more info on this demo.

h. Fur Fighters  

See Disc #6 for more info on this demo.

i. MDK 2  

See Disc #4 for more info on this demo.

The Conclusion: March/April 2001 Issue  

With the 12th issue, I got a letter informing we customers that ODCM will no  
longer be including a demo GD-ROM with the magazine.  Here's a clip from it...

"Effective with the March/April 2001 issue of The Official Dreamcast Magazine, we
will no longer include a demo GD-ROM.

We know that not receiving a GD-ROM is a disappointment, but we understand that  
Sega is developing a new approach for distributing previews of the newest games.  
We'll be sure to let you know as we find out more."

This is followed by a little bit of sucking up, i.e. the magazine itself won't  
change, and thanks for being a loyal fan...

My reaction?  Well, they're right that I'm disappointed, but I also can't believe  
they chose to do this.  As a customer, when I subscribed, I subscribed expecting  
a GD-ROM with every single issue I paid for.  The GD-ROM is the only reason I was  
interested in the magazine anyway(I'm not a big fan of gaming magazines), so  
naturally I feel ripped off.  Computer Gaming World lets their subscribers choose  
between an issue with a demo disc or not, and naturally the one with the disc  
costs more.  I'm paying the price I paid expecting a demo disc, but now it's  
gone!  What, no rebate, ODCM?

Also, I think this is a poor marketing decision.  Sega's having enough trouble as  
it is with these rumors flying and how they haven't made a profit for years.  
Many of the games I've bought are solely because I played the demo on the GD-ROM,  
so they'll be getting less business from me for sure.  If I owned any stock in  
Sega, I would get out now until Sega starts revealing its true plans.

So, what's going to happen with the Web Browser?  It still crashes too much!  Are  
they even going to update it in the future?

February 2001 Update  

In late January, I read an article saying that Sega would release the demo discs  
straight into the stores.  They would retail for a little under $5, and they  
would include demos and web browser updates.  The first disc would include an  
Unreal Tournament demo, a Typing of the Dead demo, interviews, movies, and  
possibly the next Web Browser, which will support Java and voice chat via the  
Seaman microphone.  I think the article was over at, so check  
the archives.

However, it sounds like this idea is no more. has revealed that  
Sega is canning that idea in favor of placing demos on with other Dreamcast  
games, just like the Sonic Adventure 2 demo that shipped with Phantasy Star  
Online.  Check the news archives on February 14th.

And I thought selling the demo discs was a bad idea...this is even worse!  I  
won't be able to keep updating this guide if the demos are scattered around like  
that.  Too bad for Sega AND we customers.

March 2001 Update  

Now I hear the whole magazine is giving up.  Thanks anyway, Sega.

4. Thanks/Contributor Recognition  
Big thanks to Charles Martin Cosgriff II for the info on Generator II.

Thanks to SonicAD( for the Tony Hawk tip.

Thanks to The Impaler( for the link.

Big thanks to for the Soul Reaver walkthrough and the MDK2 tip  
about Dr. Hawkins' lighter!

Thanks to MegaManXa( for the Skies of Arcadia advice and  

Thanks to Dr. David Saul( for the Rogue Spear walkthrough!

Thanks to [YOUR NAME HERE] for filling in the few gaps in this guide.  Please  
help me out!

Thanks to YOU just for reading this guide, even if you don't give anything back.

5. Contact Info  

ICQ UIN:   15025844  
Web Page:

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Include the name of the game or guide in the subject.  ODCM is enough.  
E-mail me just about ANYTHING: questions(not answered in the guide), comments,  
   praise, criticism, requests...
Ask me if you can use this guide.  I will almost certainly let you, as long as  
   you ask politely.
Don't E-mail me crap.  Don't ask me to join a website, like AllAdvantage.  
   I've received way too many of those.
Don't spend any less than one minute writing your E-mail.  Check it over and  
   make sure you used correct spelling, decent grammar, and capitalization.
AOL slang is not up to my standards.  Don't use "r u" instead of "are you" or  
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   cApItAlIzE eVeRy oThEr lEtTeR, don't expect a response.

ICQ Rules:  
Do whatever you wish.  I don't care about ICQ very much.  Put my number on spam  
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Or, as they say, This document Copyright 2000 by Martin Silbiger.  
          /)               ,-^     ^-.
         //               /           \
.-------| |--------------/  __     __  \-------------------.__
|-=====-| |>>>>>>>>>>>>> | />>\   />>\ |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:>
`-------| |--------------| \__/   \__/ |-------------------'^^
         \\               \    /|\    /
          \)               \   \_/   /
                            |       |
                            \       /

'##... ##: ##:::::::'##.... ##: ##.... ##: ##.....::... ##..:: ##:::: ##:  
 ##:::..:: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:
. ######:: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ######:::::: ##:::: #########:
:..... ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##...::::::: ##:::: ##.... ##:
'##::: ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:  
. ######:: ########:. #######:: ########:: ########:::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:

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