ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: Saturday, March 24th, 2001

            ███████╗███████╗██████╗ ██╗ ██████╗ ██╗   ██╗███████╗    
            ██╔════╝██╔════╝██╔══██╗██║██╔═══██╗██║   ██║██╔════╝    
            ███████╗█████╗  ██████╔╝██║██║   ██║██║   ██║███████╗    
            ╚════██║██╔══╝  ██╔══██╗██║██║   ██║██║   ██║╚════██║    
            ███████║███████╗██║  ██║██║╚██████╔╝╚██████╔╝███████║    
            ╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝  ╚═╝╚═╝ ╚═════╝  ╚═════╝ ╚══════╝    

                        ███████╗ █████╗ ███╗   ███╗                  
                        ██╔════╝██╔══██╗████╗ ████║                  
                        ███████║██║  ██║██║ ╚═╝ ██║                  
                        ╚══════╝╚═╝  ╚═╝╚═╝     ╚═╝                  

                                   [ FAQ/Walkthrough ]

Author       : JPaterson (original)  
               SloDeth (took over)
Platform     : Windows PC  
Last Updated : September 7th, 2004  
Version      : Final  
E-Mail       : JPaterson (== See "[A] Contact Information" ==)  
               SloDeth (
Website      : JPaterson (  
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GameFAQS CRP : JPaterson-  

Updated By   : SloDeth  
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* I just want to thank SloDeth for continuing this FAQ after I lost interest  *
* in the game.                                                                *
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Jul. 13th, 2005  
- Removed contact information, due to a lack of interest not only in this
  game, but gaming in general.  Sorry, but support for this game, in all forms,
  has been stopped.  Please check other FAQs or websites for info on the game.

Sep. 7th, 2004  
- Finally updated my copyright information.  Websites are now free to use this,
  and other guides of mine, without asking for permission beforehand, just as
  long as the content isn't changed and it's not passed off as your own work.

Jul. 5th, 2004 (Final)  
- Registered a new domain name, so I wanted to change my FAQs so people know
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  "Other FAQs Written".

Apr. 10th, 2004 (v1.02)  
- Needed to update my contact information, so I did this for all of my FAQs.
  I ran a spellcheck, and went through the guide by hand so I could try to find
  any errors and fix them.  Yes, I'm anal that way.

Mar. 18th, 2004 (v1.01)  
- Added new section, "Secrets", with secrets that were sent to me by Jesse.

Mar. 17th, 2004 (1.00)  
- Added new section; "Game Vitals".

Mar. 16th, 2004  
- Updated "Contact Information".

Mar. 15th, 2004  
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Mar. 14th, 2004  
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Feb. 24th, 2004  
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Feb. 3rd, 2004  
- Corrected more info from a backup.

Feb. 2nd, 2004 (Final)  
- Changed FAQ format around.  Thanks again to SloDeth for finishing it.

June 15th, 2001 (v1.5)  
- Finished the walkthrough completely.  Looks like I'm done with the guide!

Jun. 10th, 2001 (v1.3)  
- Went through the end of the game with the walkthrough...just the secret
  levels and the end of the fourth level are left.

May 25th, 2001 (v1.2)  
- SloDeth takes over...half the walkthroughs added and various empty sections
 filled in, as well as most of the sections updated to include my personal info

Apr. 12th, 2001  
- added new section [25] User-Submitted Information

Mar. 29th, 2001  
- added Serious Sam review

Mar. 28th, 2001  
- added new section "[23] Monster Strategies"
- added some FAQ information

Mar. 27th, 2001  
- added walkthrough for Tomb Of Ramses - Level 3
- added beginning of walkthrough for Valley Of The Kings - Level 4
- added Update and Revision History
- added new Enemy profiles
- added new Items
- added new Weapons


Table Of Contents

[1] Serious Sam Information
[2] System Requirements
[3] Serious Sam Review
[4] The Story...
[5] Installing Serious Sam
[6] Main Menu
[7] Single Player Difficulty Level Differences
[8] NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Simulation Analyzer)
[9] Default Controls
     [9.1] My Control Configuration
[10] Keyboard Shortcuts
[11] Multiplayer
     [11.1] Cooperative
     [11.2] Deathmatch/Scorematch
     [11.3] Deathmatch/Fragmatch
     [11.4] Joining A Game
     [11.5] Starting A Game
[12] Enemies
     [12.1] Beheaded Rocketeer
     [12.2] Gnarr, Female
     [12.3] Beheaded Bomber
     [12.4] Gnarr, Male
     [12.5] Beheaded Firecracker
     [12.6] Kleer Skeleton
     [12.7] Beheaded Kamikaze
     [12.8] Marsh Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
     [12.9] Sirian Warbull
     [12.10] Bio-Mechanised, Minor
     [12.11] Arachnid, Juvenile
     [12.12] Arachnid, Adult
     [12.13] Bio-Mechanised, Major
     [12.14] Aludron Reptiloid, Common
     [12.15] Aludron Reptiloid, Highlander
     [12.16] Reeban Electro-Fish
     [12.17] Scythian Witch-Harpy
     [12.18] Lava Golem
     [12.19] Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock
[13] Items
     [13.1] +10 Health Vial
     [13.2] +25 Health Bottle
     [13.3] +50 Health Box
     [13.4] +100 Health Heart
     [13.5] +1 Health Shard
     [13.6] +10 Armor
     [13.7] +25 Armor
     [13.8] +50 Armor
     [13.9] +100 Armor
     [13.10] +1 Armor Shard
     [13.11] Shells
     [13.12] Bullets
     [13.13] Rockets
     [13.14] Grenades
     [13.15] Cells
[14] Weapons
     [14.1] Shofield .45 w/TMAR
     [14.2] Military Knife
     [14.3] 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun
     [14.4] M1-A2 Thompson Submachine Gun
     [14.5] XPML21 Rocket Launcher
     [14.6] Double Barrel Coach Gun
     [14.7] MKIII Grenade Launcher
     [14.8] XL2 Lasergun
     [14.9] XM214-A Minigun
     [14.10] SBC Cannon
[15] Walkthrough Introduction
     [15.1] Hatshepsut Temple - Level 1
     [15.2] Sand Canyon - Level 2
     [15.3] Tomb Of Ramses - Level 3
     [15.4] Valley Of The Kings - Level 4
     [15.4x] Moon Mountains - Secret Level
     [15.5] Oasis - Level 5
     [15.6] Dunes - Level 6
     [15.7] Suburbs - Level 7
     [15.8] Sewers - Level 8
     [15.9] Metropolis - Level 9
     [15.10] Alley of the Sphinxes - Level 10
     [15.11] Karnak - Level 11
     [15.12] Luxor - Level 12
     [15.12x] Sacred Yards - Secret Level
     [15.13] The Great Pyramid - Level 13
[16] Secrets
[17] Cheat Codes
[18] User-Submitted Information

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
[E] Game Vitals
[F] Serious Sam Copyright Information


| [1] Serious Sam Information                                                 |

Serious Sam is one of those rare games when a group of amateurs decide to  
program a game and get recognized by a company.  Developed by a group of  
people who are living in a warring country (sorry to the developers, but  
the name of your country escapes me at the moment.  I am assuming Croatia,  
due to the name of your company.  If not, sorry.).  They banded together  
to create a game which was originally going to be downloadable over the  
Internet.  Over time, the Serious Sam tech demo was witnessed by a bunch of  
people and gathered massive hype.  Why?  The game looks gorgeous and  
gameplay compliments the graphics just as well.

Eventually, a member of Gathering of Developers, the people responsible for  
the ill-fated "Blair Witch" line of games, noticed this so-called "tech  
demo" and decided that these amateurs had real potential.  Talks eventually  
led to the developers of the game, Croteam, to sign a publishing deal with  

Now, in March 2001, the game has hit stores, and is an amazing product  
which has definitely lived up to its hype.  May I congratulate Croteam for  
creating an amazing game and to Gathering of Developers for signing a group  
of soon-to-be famous developers.


| [2] System Requirements                                                     |

Minimum System Requirements:

- AMD K6-3 400MHz or Celeron 300MHz
- 64MB RAM
- Full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator
- 100% Windows compatible sound card
- Windows 95OSR2/98/98SE/ME/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 5) or Windows 2000
- 150MB free hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements:

- AMD Athlon 550MHz or Pentium III 550MHz processor
- 128MB RAM
- Full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM on-board memory
- Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!
- 450MB free hard disk space

However, if you want to enjoy the game in all it's glory, the following  
requirements are needed:

- AMD Thunderbird 800MHz or Pentium III 800MHz processor
- 256MB RAM
- Third generation full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM
  on-board memory (example: GeForce 2 GTS or GeForce MX)


| [3] Serious Sam Review                                                      |

Serious Sam is one of the best first-person-shooter I have played in a long  
time.  If you are looking to purchase Serious Sam for an engrossing  
storyline, intricate character development and puzzles galore, then turn  
away and buy Half-Life.  If you were an avid Doom player looking for the  
smallest amount of puzzles and an insane amount of killing, then buy this  
game.  While Serious Sam does feature some puzzles and attempts a story, the  
best aspect of the game is the constant killing and there's lots of it.  
Some missions throw around 800 enemies at you in total.  Sometimes the game  
will send out 40 enemies at once to attack you, give you an ammo pack when  
they're all dead, then throw another 40 at you.  This is what Serious Sam is  
all about.

The graphics engine is simply amazing.  The game was supposed to originally  
be a tech demo to showcase the engine that these guys built, and when turned  
into a full-fledged game, it shows.  There are great effects, and the lens  
flare is some of the best I have ever seen.  The game engine is capable of  
very large outdoor levels, and interiors are just as well done.  Capable of  
throwing a near-limitless amount of enemies on-screen at once, you can  
understand why the hefty system requirements.

Gameplay: The gameplay is just like Doom, set in an Egyptian setting.  You  
          run around, find Ankh's and other similar items, and solve easy
          puzzles to open doors.  All the while battling 30-50 enemies.
          There are times when your thrown into a "gauntlet" area, where all
          doors shut, sealing you in, only opening after 100 enemies, in
          different waves have been defeated.

          As much as I love killing critters non-stop, there are times when
          it becomes too much without replenishing your ammo supply.  I
          found myself throwing my keyboard on the desk and saying 'Goddamn
          enough is enough!'

Sound:    Sound effects and music are well done.  There's nothing like  
          hearing the agonizing screams of Kamikazi men as they come running
          at you with bombs on both hands.  Believe me, you will hear them
          long before you're able to see them.

          The music is just as good.  When fighting bosses or certain large
          amounts of enemies, a heavy metal song will kick in, perfectly
          complimenting the barrage of fire you're most likely exchanging.

Multiplayer:  Nothing special here.  There's the standard Deathmatch, as  
              well as a welcome Cooperative, but a team game, like Capture
              The Ankh or something, as well as a built-in server finder,
              would have been gladly welcomed by everyone.  Cooperative is
              extremely fun, and a workmate and I made it to level five
              before he tossed two rockets my way and killed me.  If anybody
              is interested in a game, please send me an e-mail.

Overall:  When everything is said and done, Serious Sam is an enjoyable kill  
          fest, which will numb your finger instead of your mind.  If this
          were a professional review, I'd rate it 9.5 out of 10.

Recommendation:  BUY THIS GAME!

*SloDeth's additions: I have to put emphasis on the 'Goddamn, enough is
enough!' aspect.  As much as I love killing, it's a bit too much at times.  
The game is cheap enough, though...if it was more expensive, I don't know  
if it would be worth it, but at $20, it's worth every penny.*


| [4] The Story...                                                            |

At the dawn of the 21st Century, mankind makes a startling discovery.  
Beneath the sands of the earliest known human civilization, traces of  
another, even more ancient-but technologically advanced-civilization are  
uncovered.  The profound scientific implications of this discovery leads  
humankind to the far reaches of the universe.  Everything seems perfect,  
but too perfect to last.

In the year 2104, human civilization is attacked by countless deadly  
monsters spawned from another dimension.  In the battles that follow,  
humankind fights valiantly, but nothing can stop the monsters from coming.  
Earth's forces are steadily defeated, planet-by-planet, from Alpha  
Centaury back to their own solar system.

Because of his extreme bravery in battling monsters, Sam 'Serious' Stone  
becomes a legend.  Wounded countless times-but never defeated-Serious Sam  
becomes a living symbol of the Earth's resistance against the advancing  

But, no matter how bravely human armies fight, they are defeated, time and  
again.  Attempts to defend the solar system fail and the Earth is now under  
direct attack.  Humankind stares into the face of it's own annihilation.

World leaders must now turn to their last chance-an ancient artifact called  
the 'Time-Lock', a relic from a long-forgotten race, imbued with the power  
to teleport a single person back in time.  The choice of whom to send is  

Serious Sam becomes the final hope for humankind.  He must return to the  
past and change it to save his race from extinction from an evil force  
determined to purge the galaxy of all intelligent life.

(story taken from the Serious Sam instruction booklet, page 4)


| [5] Installing Serious Sam                                                  |

1.  Quit all applications and insert the Serious Sam CD into the CD-ROM  
    driver.  NOTE:  If you are on Windows 98, use the following
    instructions to close everything:
    1A.  Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE
    1B.  End every program listed except for SYSTRAY and EXPLORER
    That guarantees everything is closed.

2.  Serious Sam will automatically display the installation screen.  If  
    autoplay is disabled, you can start the installation by following these
    2A.  Double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop
    2B.  Double-click the CD-ROM icon (usually D: or E:)
    2C.  Double-click the file "setup.exe" to begin the program

3.  Follow the on-screen instructions.

4.  Reboot if prompted.

NOTE:  To enable Autoplay for future reference, follow these steps:  
       A.  Click "Start", then click "Settings", the click "Control Panel"
       B.  Double-click the "System" icon, which looks like a computer
       C.  In the box that pops up, click the "Device Manager" tab at the
       D.  Look for the listing "CDROM".  Either double-click CDROM or
           single-click on the + sign beside it.
       E.  Double-click the name of the CDROM that shows up.  This brings
           up the Properties box.
       F.  At the top, where the tabs are, single-click on "Settings"
       G.  Make sure there is a small checkmark in the box beside "Auto
           insert notifcation"
       H.  Click OK
       I.  Reboot if prompted


| [6] Main Menu                                                               |

Single Player:  Being the game, story-mode.

Network:  Select this option to set-up and play multiplayer games.

Split Screen:  Select this option to begin a 1-4 player game on the same  

Demo:  Select this option to view any of the pre-recorded demos or record  
       your own.

Mods:  Select this option to activate any MOD's (modifications) you have  

High Scores:  Select this option to view the High Score table.

Options:  Select this option to configure Serious Sam to your liking and  
          computer specifications.


| [7] Single Player Difficulty Level Differences                              |

Tourist Mode:  For people who have never played a FPS or people who only  
               play FPS's occasionally.  Enemies are slow, dumber, easier
               to kill and do less damage.  There are not many spawns.

Easy Mode:     For people who enjoy first-person-shooters and are just  
               getting into them.  Enemies are fairly slow, not too bright,
               fairly easy to kill and do fairly low damage.  There are a
               few spawns.

Normal Mode:   For people who enjoy first-person-shooters and have been  
               playing them for a while.  Enemies have moderate speed, are
               fairly smart, they have moderate strength and do moderate
               amounts of damage.  There are a good number of spawns.

Hard Mode:     For people who have been playing first-person-shooters for  
               a long time and enjoy a challenge.  Enemies are fast, they
               are smart, they are tough to kill and they do a good deal of
               damage.  There are a lot of spawns.

Serious Mode:  For people who's only place in this world is to play first-  
               person-shooters.  Enemies are faster then you, they are
               extremely intelligent, they are a pain-in-the-ass to kill
               and they do tremendous amounts of damage.  There are near-
               constant spawns.


| [8] NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Simulation Analyzer)         |

NETRICSA is a small computer implanted inside Sam's skull.  Sam's NETRICSA  
is the best available of the wide range of such devices, common among head-  
to-head fighters.  It is a neurotronical computer connected to the  
perceptual cortexes in his brain.  The computer has all the access to his  
audio-visual experiences and can provide him with feedback.  It is used to  
provide fast and simple access to all the necessary data and analysis for a  
skilled combatant, so that he/she can keep up to date with the situation  
and know what to do next.  It translates texts, offers simple head-up-  
display directly to the visual cortex, tracks targets and gives other kinds  
of help in fight and in general tactics.

In game, NETRICSA appears on your screen in two different ways; as a heads-  
up-display and as a full screen computer interface.

Heads-Up-Display is active normally while you explore the area or fight.  
In the lower left corner, it shows your current ARMOR and HEALTH state.  
Next to it, your CURRENT WEAPON and currently carried amount of AMMUNITION  
for it is displayed.  On the far right is an icon for each type of ammo you  
have and a small bar showing how much of that type do you have.

In the upper left corner is SCORE, showing the sum of reward money you have  
collected by eliminating your enemies and completing other tasks.  When a  
NETRICSA has a new message for you, you will hear a notification sound and  
MESSAGE COUNTER (upper right corner) with number of pending messages will  
appear below the account display.  Then you can invoke NETRICSA full screen  
to examine the message.

On the center of the screen is NETRICSA's target detection display.  A  
CROSSHAIR shows exactly where your weapon will hit, and it changes colors  
according to the state of your target.  While you have no live target, it  
is WHITE.  When you aim at a new enemy, it will become GREEN, and as you  
damage the enemy, the color will turn RED.

If you target an item that can be used or operated (e.g. a switch), a USE  
indicator will appear above the crosshair.  Press USE BUTTON to operate the  
item.  If you target an item that can be analyzed, an ALAKYZE indicator  
will appear.  Press USE BUTTON to analyze the item.  After analyzing it, a  
new message will appear with description of the results of NETRICSA's  

To read any of the NETRICSA's messages, you can invoke NETRICSA fullscreen  
at any time by double clicking the USE BUTTON.

In fullscreen mode, NETRICSA shows four windows:

CATEGORY SELECTION in the upper left has five buttons allowing you to  
select one of the message categories: Tactical Data, Strategic Data,  
Weapons, Enemies, and Statistics.

MESSAGE LIST in the upper right shows list of messages in currently  
selected category.

MESSAGE TEXT in the lower right shows the message text, while MESSAGE IMAGE  
at the lower left shows eventual visual information attached to the  
message.  You can scroll both the message list and the message text with  
their accompanied sliders.

You can exit the fullscreen NETRICSA by either clicking on the EXIT button  
in the upper right corner, or by pressing ESCAPE or he RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

(information taken from the Serious Sam instruction booklet, page 12)


| [9] Default Controls                                                        |


Move Forward:          W or Arrow Up  
Move Backward:         S or Arrow Down  
Strafe Left:           Q or A or Arrow Left  
Strafe Right:          E or D or Arrow Right  
Jump/Swim up:          Space or R  
Dodge/Swim Down:       F or C


Fire:                  Left Mouse Button or CTRL  
Manual reload:         Alt  
Next/Prev weapon:       / or Mouse Wheel Up and Down  
Flip Weapon:            \ or Third (Middle) Mouse Button  
Knife:                  1  
Colt/Two Colts:         2  
Single/Double Shotgun:  3  
Minigun/Tommygun:       4  
Rocket Launcher:        5  
Grenade Launcher:       6  
Laser:                  7  
Cannon:                 8

| [9.1] My Control Configuration                                              |

JPaterson's Controls:


Move Forward:           W  
Move Backward:          S  
Strafe Left:            A  
Strafe Right:           D  
Jump/Swim up:           Space  
Dodge/Swim down:        CTRL


Fire:                   Left Mouse Button  
Manual reload:          R  
Next/Prev weapon:       Mouse Wheel Up/Down  
Flip Weapon:            Middle Mouse Button  
Knife:                  1  
Colt/Two Colts:         2  
Single/Double Shotgun:  3  
Minigun/Tommygun:       4  
Rocket Launcher:        5  
Grenade Launcher:       6  
Laser:                  7  
Cannon:                 8

SloDeth's Controls:

Move Forward:           E/Right Mouse Button(I'm still trying to get away  
                          from my Quake 1 controls, but this is here just
                          in case I forget)
Move Backward:          D/Middle Mouse Button(same as above)  
Strafe Left:            S  
Strafe Right:           F  
Jump/Swim up:           Space  
Dodge/Swim down:        G  
Fire:                   Left Mouse Button  
Manual reload:          R  
Next/Prev weapon:       Mouse Wheel Up/Down


| [10] Keyboard Shortcuts                                                     |

Console:            F1  
Menu Save:          F2  
Menu Load:          F3  
Menu Controls:      F4  
Quick Save:         F6  (USE THIS OFTEN!)  
Quick Load:         F9  
Screenshot:         F11  
Start Demo Record:  F7  
Stop Demo Record:   F8  
Activate Menu:      Escape  
Activate Console:   F1 or ~ (tilde)  
Pause Game:         Pause/Break  
Toggle Fullscreen:  Alt-Enter


| [11] Multiplayer                                                            |

Multiplayer Information:

- TCP/IP play supported both in LAN and on the Internet
- Split-Screen for multiplayer on one computer, even without network
- Supports GameSpy, for easier location of servers and co-players on the
- Up to 16 players in one game
- Up to 4 players on one computer (Split-Screen)

| [11.1] Cooperative                                                          |

In standard Cooperative mode, players play together against enemies.  
Optionally, you can allow/disallow players to accidentally harm each other  
(friendly fire).

You can play custom levels of your choice, or play an entire game together,  
from beginning to the end.

Optionally, you can allow items (health, weapons, ammo) to be picked up by  
all players, so they don't have to split them.

| [11.2] Deathmatch/Scorematch                                                |

Deathmatch on score.  For each item you pick up your own value is raised by  
the value of that item (shown when picked up).   Also, your value slowly  
increases with time, faster if you are standing still than if you are  
moving.  When you kill someone, his value is added to your score, and half  
of his value is added to your value.

In short, the longer you live, the more items you pick up, and more you  
kill, the more valuable you will be for the one who kills you.  So, it is  
not worth killing people who just respawned.  Let them live longer and  
build their value up.

Also, if you kill yourself, your vale is subtracted from your own score.

A Scorematch game can be set on a time limit or score limit base.  Person  
with highest score at the end wins.

| [11.3] Deathmatch/Fragmatch                                                 |

This is standard Deathmatch mode.  For every kill, you get one frag more;  
if you kill yourself, you lose one frag.  A Fragmatch game can be set on a  
time limit or frag limit base.  Person with most frags at the end wins.

| [11.4] Joining A Game                                                       |

1.  At the Main Menu, select Network -> Join Game  
2.  Chose "Search LAN" or "Search Internet" to list available servers and  
    select a server from the list.  If no servers show up, try pressing
    "Refresh".  If you know the exact address of the server you want to
    connect to, you can instead choose "Specify Server" and then type in
    the address.
3.  Choose proper connection settings, depending on what kind of connection  
    you hav.  (modem, ISDN, LAN)
4.  Choose player(s) to play on this computer.  
    If you select Observer, you cannot play, but you can watch other
    players.  Normally, you just select one player.  If you choose more
    than one player under "Number of players", you can play in Split-Screen
    mode.  Make sure you set up proper commands for each player.
5.  When ready, hit Start.

| [11.5] Starting A Game                                                      |

1.  At the Main Menu, select Network -> Start Server  
2.  Choose type of game to play: Cooperative, Scorematch, or Deathmatch,  
    and difficulty: Tourist, Easy, Normal, Hard or Serious.
3.  Select level to start playing from.  
4.  Chose maximum number of players allowed to join a game.  
5.  If you choose "Wait for all players", game will not start until all  
    players join.
6.  You may adjust game rules under "Game Options"  
7.  Press Start  
8.  Choose player(s) to play on this computer.  
    - if you select "Observer" you cannot play, but you can watch other
    - if you selected "Dedicated" you cannot play on the server computer.
      This improves game performance for other players.
    - Normally, you just select one player to play on the server
    - If you choose more then one player under "Number of players", you can
      play in Split-Screen mode on the server.  Make sure you set up proper
      commands for each player.
9.  When ready, hit Start.

By default, all servers are visible both on the Internet and in the LAN.  
If you have your Internet connection on, players on the Internet will see  
your server and be able to join.


| [12] Enemies                                                                |


M = Metabolism  
P = Perception  
S = Size  
E = Endurance  
H = Hostility  
W = Weapon  
R = Reward  
T = Threat

| [12.1] Beheaded Rocketeer                                                   |

M = cyber-zombie  
P = insentient, LCU controlled  
S = 6 ft.  
E = very low  
H = very low  
W = magic-missile launcher  
R = 200 FC  
T = none

Use anything to defeat this guy.  Switch to the Shofields if you're running low  
on other ammo, or use the most convenient weapon at the time.

| [12.2] Gnarr, Female                                                        |

M = mammal  
P = trained war animal  
S = 5 ft.  
E = low  
H = low  
W = bites, punches  
R = 1000 FC  
T = low

Some of these can either levitate or become invisible in the later levels, so  
be careful.  I usually use a Double Barrel to take these out.

| [12.3] Beheaded Bomber                                                      |

M = cyber-zombie  
P = insentient, LCU controlled  
S = 6 ft.  
E = very low  
H = very low  
W = hand grenades  
R = 500 FC  
T = low

Treat this guy just like the Rocketeer, only back up after you kill it to avoid  
the explosion.

| [12.4] Gnarr, Male                                                          |

M = mammal  
P = trained war animal  
S = 4 ft.  
E = low  
H = low  
W = bites, punches  
R = 500 FC  
T = very low

Again, use the Double Barrel to take this guy out.

| [12.5] Beheaded Firecracker                                                 |

M = cyber-zombie  
P = insentient, LCU controlled  
S = 6 ft.  
E = very low  
H = very low  
W = magic-missile launcher  
R = 200 FC  
T = none

This is the first projectile-launching enemy.  Kill these quickly after  
entering a large room to make your job easier.  If you see a pack of these,  
break out your Minigun and mow them down.

| [12.6] Kleer Skeleton                                                       |

M = undead  
P = magical creature  
S = 9 ft.  
E = low  
H = medium  
W = two-ball projectiles, claws, horns  
R = 1000 FC  
T = medium

These can be quite dangerous in packs.  They shoot projectiles from a distance,  
and they jump towards you to deliver a big slash.  If they come one-at-a-time,  
wait for one to jump, then blast it with your Double Barrel.  Use your Rocket  
Launcher or the Minigun to take out a mass of Skeletons at a distance.

| [12.7] Beheaded Kamikaze                                                    |

M = cyber-zombie  
P = insentient, LCU controlled  
S = 6 ft.  
E = very low  
H = extreme  
W = hand grenade  
R = 2500 FC  
T = high

These are the most annoying enemies in the game.  They run at you and explode  
on impact.  They scream constantly, and you can judge their distance by their  
sound.  When you enter a room with Kamikazes, take them out first with your  
Submachine Gun, or your Shofields if the threat is low.

| [12.8] Marsh Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus                                    |

M = terrestrial amphibian  
P = wild animal  
S = 3 ft.  
E = none  
H = extreme  
W = toxic slime splash  
R = 500 FC  
T = very low

You don't see many of these in the game.  Use your Minigun or Submachine Gun to  
take out packs of these.

| [12.9] Sirian Warbull                                                       |

M = mammal  
P = labor animal  
S = 9 ft.  
E = low  
H = medium  
W = horns  
R = 2000 FC  
T = medium

These can be very tough, even alone.  It takes two shots with your Double  
Barrel, so try shooting it once when it gets close, then quickly sidestepping  
out of the way.  Use Rockets or the Lasergun if you see them at a distance.

| [12.10] Bio-Mechanoid, Minor                                                |

M = endothermous cyborg  
P = genetically programmed  
S = 15 ft. standing  
E = medium  
H = high  
W = pulse lasers  
R = 2000 FC  
T = medium

These are quick, but simple.  Take them out with a single Rocket.

| [12.11] Arachnoid, Juvenile                                                 |

M = ectothermous, anthropod  
P = primitive sentient race  
S = 10 ft.  
E = medium  
H = extreme  
W = chain-gun, tail sting  
R = 1000 FC  
T = high

These are quite dangerous and annoying.  They fire at you constantly with their  
chainguns.  Hide behind any obstacle you can, then step out and fire some  
projectile at one.  Whatever you do, don't stand still and get filled with  

| [12.12] Arachnoid, Adult                                                    |

M = ectothermous, anthropod  
P = primitive sentient race  
S = 20-25 ft.  
E = high  
H = extreme  
W = chain-gun, tail sting  
R = 5000 FC  
T = high

These are like the enemy above, only stronger.

| [12.13] Bio-Mechanoid, Major                                                |

M = endothermous cyborg  
P = genetically programmed  
S = 30 ft. standing  
E = high  
H = high  
W = rocket launchers  
R = 7500 FC  
T = high

These are much bigger and stronger than their minor counterparts.  It will take  
five Rockets to take them out.  They fire rockets that can be shot down, so try  
using a Lasergun or a Minigun if Rockets aren't working for you.

| [12.14] Aludron Reptiloid, Common                                           |

M = cold-blooded, reptile-like  
P = primitive race  
S = 15 ft.  
E = medium  
H = high  
W = magic homing missiles  
R = 5000 FC  
T = medium

Use a Lasergun or a Minigun to kill these.  If you use a Rocket Launcher, it  
might hit one of its fireballs, wasting your ammo.  Wasting a bullet is much  
better than wasting a rocket, right?

| [12.15] Aludron Reptiloid, Highlander                                       |

M = cold-blooded, reptile-like  
P = primitive race  
S = 45 ft.  
E = high  
H = high  
W = magic homing missiles  
R = 25000 FC  
T = high

This is the boss from the Valleys.  Since you acquire your Rocket Launcher at  
the same point in the level, use it against him.  14 Rockets will take him out.  
His homing missiles are red instead of green.

| [12.16] Reeban Electro-Fish                                                 |

M = aquatic vertebrate  
P = wild animal  
S = 11 ft. in length  
E = low  
H = high  
W = electric discharges  
R = 500 FC  
T = medium

These fish swim and zap you if you get close.  Use a shotgun to take them out.

| [12.17] Scythian Witch-Harpy                                                |

M = mammal  
P = trained clone  
S = 5 ft. standing  
E = low  
H = medium  
W = magic projectiles, claws  
R = 1000 FC  
T = low

These can be quite difficult in packs.  Try running around in a circle until  
they get in close proximity of each other, then fire a rocket or three into the  
middle of the pack.  Most of them will lose their wings and scatter.  Use a  
shotgun to take them out individually.

| [12.18] Lava Golem                                                          |

M = inorganic  
P = magical creature  
S = 10 to 100 ft.  
E = medium to extreme  
H = high  
W = fireballs  
R = 500-50000 FC  
T = low to extreme

Use your strongest weapons to take out the big ones.  When they die,  
mini-golems will pop up to further pursue you.  Use a rocket launcher a shotgun  
to take them out.

| [12.19] Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock                                    |

M = immortal mammal  
P = ancient entity  
S = 330 ft.  
E = infinite  
H = extreme  
W = homing missiles  
    thermal bombs
    rocket launcher
    pulse lasers
R = 1 million FC  
T = immeasurable

Use your Cannon until it runs dry, then use anything else until you can find  
more cannonballs.  KEEP RUNNING!


| [13] Items                                                                  |

There are various items for you to collect.  They range from health and armor  
powerups to different types of ammunition.

| [13.1] +10 Health Vial                                                      |

Looks like:  A pink vial  
Effect:      +10 Health, but will not go over 100

| [13.2] +25 Health Bottle                                                    |

Looks like:  A round bottle with a skinny neck, filled with a green liquid  
Effect:      +25 Health, but will not go over 100

| [13.3] +50 Health Box                                                       |

Looks like:  A white box with a red cross in the middle  
Effect:      +50 Health, but will not go over 100

| [13.4] +100 Health Heart                                                    |

Looks like:  A big, read, floating heart  
Effect:      +100 Health, and will take you above 100

| [13.5] +1 Health Shard                                                      |

Looks like:  A small white disc  
Effect:      +1 Health, and will take you above 100

| [13.6] +10 Armor                                                            |

Looks like:  An armor vest  
Effect:      +10 Armor, but will not go over 100

| [13.7] +25 Armor                                                            |

Looks like:  An armor vest  
Effect:      +25 Armor, but will not go over 100

| [13.8] +50 Armor                                                            |

Looks like:  An armor vest  
Effect:      +50 Armor, but will not go over 100

| [13.9] +100 Armor                                                           |

Looks like:  An armor vest  
Effect:      +100 Armor, and will take you above 100

| [13.10] +1 Armor Shard                                                      |

Looks like:  A small, yellow and red shield  
Effect:      +1 Armor, and will take you above 100

| [13.11] Shells                                                              |

Looks like:  A small, white box, with oval shaped shells  
Effect:      +50 Shells  
Weapon:      12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun, Double Barrel Coach Gun

| [13.12] Bullets                                                             |

Looks like:  A green box  
Effect:      +50 Bullets  
Weapon:      Thompson Submachine Gun, Chaingun

| [13.13] Rockets                                                             |

Looks like:  A circular item with rocket shaped items  
Effect:      +5 Rockets  
Weapon:      Rocket Launcher

| [13.14] Grenades                                                            |

Looks like:  A red box  
Effect:      +5 Grenades  
Weapon:      Grenade Launcher

| [13.15] Cells                                                               |

Looks like:  A spinning blue box, with blue energy inside  
Effect:      +5 Cells  
Weapon:      Lasergun


| [14] Weapons                                                                |

What would a first person shooter be without weapons?  Well, it'd be a first  
person something, but not shooter.  So, here are descriptions for every weapon  

| [14.1] Shofield .45 w/TMAR                                                  |

Ammo:      .45 colt  
ROF:       single-action, manual reload  
Magazine:  6 bullets + TMAR  
Weight:    2lbs, 5oz  
Length:    12 3/4"

| [14.2] Military Knife                                                       |

Weight:  1 1/2 lbs  
Length:  11"

| [14.3] 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun                                         |

Ammo:    12 Gauge Shells  
ROF:     one shell pump reloading  
Barrel:  16"

| [14.4] M1-A2 Thompson Submachine Gun                                        |

Ammo:    5.56mm bullets  
ROF:     600 bullets/minute  
Barrel:  10"

| [14.5] XPML21 Rocket Launcher                                               |

Ammo:  150mm Inferno Rockets  
ROF:   85 missiles/minute

| [14.6] Double Barrel Coach Gun                                              |

Ammo:    12 Gauge Shells  
ROF:     two shells, manual reloading  
Barrel:  20"

| [14.7] MKIII Grenade Launcher                                               |

Ammo:    40mm High Explosive Rounds  
ROF:     Variable

| [14.8] XL2 Lasergun                                                         |

Ammo:   X7 Power Cells  
ROF:    600 rounds/minute  
Weight: 20lbs

| [14.9] XM214-A Minigun                                                      |

Ammo:   5.56mm bullets  
ROF:    1200 bullets/minute  
Weight: 30lbs

| [14.10] SBC Cannon                                                          |

Ammo:   HP uranium-filled cannonballs  
ROF:    variable


| [15] Walkthrough Introduction                                               |

This walkthrough was done on the Normal difficulty setting.

I have tried to explore each level very thoroughly, so that I could give  
you access to the weapons and items otherwise ignored by players seeking to  
just complete the game.  If I missed a secret or out-of-the-way item, an  
e-mail informing me would be appreciated.  You will be credited for any  
help you give me.

If you are looking to collect all the secrets, check out DPlote's Secrets FAQ  
over at  Use it as an addendum to this guide if you must, because  
I'm not very thorough when it comes to the secrets in this game.

| [15.1] Hatshepsut Temple - Level 1                                          |

As soon as you have control, head up the ramp to the tunnel.  You will be  
attacked by a Beheaded Rocketeer.  Kill him and proceed up.  You will see  
more Rocketeers coming from the right side, but don't worry about them;  
they will be killed by a bolt of lightning.  At the top of the ramp, there  
is a +10 Health vial you may need.  Turn right, and cross the platform you  

Turn left when in the temple and run all the way around to collect two  
boxes of Shotgun shells.  Turn around and run to the middle, where you will  
see a hallway.  Run straight down the hallway to the other side and turn  
left.  Follow until you get another box of Shotgun shells.  Return to the  
hallway.  Continue down the hallway until you come to a fork.  Collect the  
extra Shofield (double the firepower) and continue down the hall towards  
the door.  Just as you get to it, a new creature will spawn; the Female  
Gnarr.  Back up while shooting to kill it.  When it's dead, enter the door.

You are now in a room with a big pool.  To your left and right are pieces  
of armor, totalling 14.  A new enemy will be introduced; the Beheaded  
Bomber.  In the far right corner there is a +25 Health bottle if you need  
it, and in the center of the poll is a +50 Health box.  Enter the door  
opposite the one you came in.

In the right hand side of this room is +50 Armor and a box of Shotgun  
Shells.  In the left hand side of the room you will find a new weapon; the  
12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun.  Upon picking up the shotgun, you will be  
attacked by five or six Rocketeers, as well as two Gnarr's, one male and  
one female, and two new monsters; Beheaded Firecracker and Kleer Skeleton.

When all creatures have been dispatched, enter the door.  Mission over!


| [15.2] Sand Canyon - Level 2                                                |

As soon as you gain control, walk out the door and collect five boxes of  
shells.  Head down toward the health bottle and climb the hill.  As you  
reach the crest of the hill, a new enemy will run at you; the Beheaded  
Kamikaze.  After taking care of him, 15-20 more will come at you in rapid  
succession.  Try to kill them when they are grouped so the resulting  
explosion will take out or seriously damage the others.  Continue up the  

On the other side of the hill are a mix of enemies.  Dispatch them all with  
extreme serious-ness, then grab the shells to the left of the tomb, the  
armor directly across from the tomb entrance and the armor shard in the  
middle.  Enter the tomb.

Grab the armor and head down.  Ignore the door directly in front of you for  
now and turn left.  There's a box of shells and a Health Vial.  As soon as  
you pick up either object, two Kleer Skeleton's will race down the ramp  
towards you.  Kill them, head up the ramp, and proceed through the door you  
earlier ignored.

Head down to the gate and you will see a group of baddies run by.  Walk  
forward until the gate opens, then head to the left, the opposite way the  
creatures were running.  Be prepared to back up as you enter the room  
because a giant rock-ball with fall and roll at you.  Once it has passed,  
go back in the room and collect the shells, armor and health (if needed).  
Turn around and go the way the monsters went.  When you enter the room,  
there will be a welcome party for you of different monsters.  When you have  
killed them all, panels in the wall will open up and realize about 20-30  
annoying little bastards called Marsh Hoppers.  Kill these things as fast  
as you can.  If you look to the right of the door you entered, you will see  
an off-colored wall pane.  Touch it to reveal a Tommygun and ammunition.  
Enter the door at the other end of the room.

In this room is yet another group for you to exterminate.  Once their out  
of the picture, search the room for shells, armor, armor shards and a  
health bottle.  When you've collected everything, head to the dark hallway  
and proceed down the ramp.  A Gnarr and those annoying Marsh Hoppers will  
spawn in front of you.  Switch to the Tommygun and shoot all of them in a  
circular motion, from left to right.  When they are dead, continue your  
journey.  In the room ahead, collect the armor and health bottle (if  
needed) and proceed through the door.

Collect the shells here if needed and proceed through the canyon, killing  
everything and anything who dare stop you, Mr. Sam Stone.  At the first  
fork, take a right to get shells and a health vial (if needed).  At the  
next fork, take a right to get more shells and armor, and a left for a  
health vial (if you go for the health, be wary of the the rock-ball that  
will drop down in a pathetic attempt to crush you.  Keep going through the  
canyon, taking the forks to collect items.  When you get closer to the  
tomb, a bunch of creatures will emerge, including a huge robot.  Five or  
six shotgun blasts will short-circuit him.  To reach the items that appear  
inaccesible on the roof of the tomb, climb up the mountain on the side by  
constantly jumping.  When you've collected the items, five Gnarr's will  
spawn behind you.  Kill them, then jump back down and proceed into the  

As you enter the tomb, a cutscene will take over in which Sam finds the  
first Element, and the mission is over.  Congratulations!


| [15.3] Tomb Of Ramses - Level 3                                             |

Once the level loads, there will be two enemies right in front of you, to  
your left and right, standing by the pillars.  You have a few seconds  
before they turn to fire on you, so use those seconds to kill them.  When  
they're dead, pick up the four boxes of shells in this room.  Upon picking  
up the first box, a Gnarr will spawn, so be ready for it.  When you've got  
everything from this room, proceed to the hallway and up the ramp.

A Kamikazi will spawn before you reach the top, so be ready to wipe him  
out.  Turn right and head up the small set of stairs, killing the bomber  
while climbing.  Continue into the large room.  To your left is a door  
which leads into a room containing a Health Vial and four boxes of shells.  
Grab them if they're needed, then exit the room and head to the door  
directly across from you.  There is a box of shells and a Health Shard in  
this room.  Climb up the stairs in the right corner to grab a Health Vial,  
then take a running jump over to the raised platform.  You are in a secret  
place, and the room ahead contains shells and +50 Armor.  Grab them both,  
then return to the main room and head up the stairs in the central area.  
There is a Health Vial if needed, as well as a Rocketeer.  When you get  
closer to the hallway, a Kleer Skeleton will attack you.  Kill it and  

Look in between the last two pillars on the left side for a box of shells.  
Move forward into the room ahead and be prepared to fight a Bomber and some  
Gnarr's.  There are also two Health Shards and two Armor Shards in this  
room.  Move deeper and check between the pillars for a Health Vial and more  
shells.  See that big red heart above?  We'll get to that in a minute.  As  
you walk through the pillars, some Rocketeer's will jump down.  Kill them  
and move into the room.  Some more Rocketeer's will spawn, as well as a  
Kleer Skeleton.  When they are no longer living, move forward, and you'll  
be attacked by a Gnarr.  Kill him and go to where he came from for a box of  
shells and a Health Vial.  Head back into the main room and head to the  
stairs.  As you get closer, two Gnarr's and possibly a Rocketeer will jump  
down from the ramp.  Kill them and then climb the stairs.  Grab the armor,  
then jump on top of the fire basket.  From the fire, jump up to the ledge  
and head right.  Follow this around the room, and it will lead you to the  
big heart, giving you +100 Health, which will take your max health over  
100.  Turn around and return to where you jumped up, but don't jump back  
down; go straight into the small room and grab the shells, then walk  
forward into a room lined with pillars.  You're in a secret passage.

As you approach the door at the end, it slams shut, and a Gnarr and  
Juvenile Arachnoid will spawn. Kill them and head toward the now-reopened  
door.  There are stairs on both sides of this room, but for the sake of the  
walkthrough, take the right set.  Kill the Rocketeer, proceed into the  
room, and kill another Arachnoid.  Jump on the platform for more shells.  
Head to the stairs in the far left corner.  See that weapon up there?  You  
want it, right?  Walk along the ledge and you will see a piece of it  
missing, making you fall if you stepped on it.  Nope.  Walk onto that  
missing piece, and it will teleport you to the ledge, where you can pick up  
the Rocket Launcher.  Jump back down, collect the Armor and Health Vial,  
then head deeper into the tomb.

In the next room, there is a box of shells and more armor.  Test out your  
new Rocket Launcher on the Arachnoid that spawns further down the room.  
Two shots will kill it if playing on Normal difficulty.  Head into the room  
where the Arachnoid was.  You'll encounter around five to seven Rocketeer's  
as well as a Gnarr or two.  Kill them all and head to the corners of the  
room for a Health Shard and box of shells.  A Kleer Skeleton is standing  
near the shells, so take him out first.  When everything has been picked  
up, head up the stairs.

When you come to a fork that lets you go left or climb stairs to the right,  
take the stairs.  There is a Health Vial and box of shells here.  As soon  
as you grab the Vial, an Arachnoid will spawn.  If you don't need the vial  
or shells, then you can avoid this fight, but I recommend you fight anyway,  
so you get better points.  When you've got both items and/or killed the  
Arachnoid, head the way you ignored just a few seconds ago.  Climb another  
set of stairs, and there will be a Health Bottle.  We'll get to that big  
heart hidden in the nook above you soon.  Continue around and climb two  
more stairs.  On this next platform are two Health Vials.  Grab them if  
needed, then continue around.  There is a Gnarr on this platform somewhere.  
Climb up the stairs and enter the room on your right.  There is a Bomber,  
Kleer Skeleton and a Rocketeer in this room, as well as an Armor Shard.  
When they've been dealt with, head up the stairs in the right corner of the  
room for shells and a Health Vial.  Head back down the stairs, then  
continue out the door and around the platform until you see a door.  Don't  
enter the door just yet; we're gonna grab that Heart.  Facing the door, do  
a 360 turn so you're looking at the wall.  Run across the small  
bridge-type thing, and begin heading to the pillar in the middle.  If you  
look down, you'll notice two platforms extending to the left and right.  
Take the right one, and follow it to the Heart.  Grab it, then return to  
and enter the door.

Oh my God.  More stairs.  These things are starting to piss me off more  
then the monsters.  Climb them, then about halfway up, two Rocketeer's will  
jump down behind you.  Kill them and continue up, only to find two more  
Rocketeer's, a Firecracker and a Kamikazi.  Kill them all.  Kill them good.  
Head forward and climb another set of stairs.  You may notice off to your  
far right a Firecracker.  If you can see him, target him with your duel  
Shofield's and kill him.  Continue climbing the stairs.  When you get to  
the top, grab the Armor Shard.  A Rocketeer will spawn to your right, and  
an Arachnoid will spawn up and behind you.  Obviously, kill the Arachnoid  
first.  We'll grab the armor beside the Arach later.  At the top of the  
stairs, run along each ledge and grab the Health Bottle and shells.  
Continue into the room, grab the Armor Shard from the right, and head up  
the small stairs in the center.  Head to the blue armor, and three  
Beheaded's will spawn, as well as a Kleer.  Grab the armor, turn around,  
and head up the spiral-like staircase to grab an armor shard.  A Bomber and  
Gnarr will spawn when you do.  Kill them, head back down the stairs, and go  
to the other set of stairs behind and to the right of the armor.  There is  
a Health Box if needed. To the right of the health, you will see a somewhat  
dark area.  Go to it and follow the now-revealed hall.  You're in a secret  
room with bullets, rockets, and a Health Bottle.  To the far right of the  
hallway is a doorway.  Enter it and follow the ledge around and you'll be  
able to grab that armor we earlier saw.  Head back to the room with the  
ammo and go down the hallway.  Behind the health box are six boxes of  
shells and a doorway with statues on both sides.  Go through it.

You are now in a big room with a Double Barrel Coach Gun in the center.  
Either make a run for it, or kill everything first.  You will have to  
contend with Rocketeer's, Kleer Skeletons, Kamikazi's, Bomber's, Gnarr's,  
Marsh Hopper's, and a new enemy, the Arachnoid Adult.  This thing takes  
four direct rocket hits to kill.  Don't worry if you wasted a lot of shells  
in this battle; there are four boxes by the Coach Gun, and a couple more,  
as well as Health Bottles, are spread throughout the room.  There is also  
one Armor piece.  When everything is dead, a piece of the wall will slide  
down, revealing more stairs.  Go up the center stairs, then up the right  
set, collect the +50 Health (you most likely need it) then enter the door  
and climb the ramp.  A cutscene will take over when you reach the top,  
showing Sam collecting the second Element.  Good work on yet another  
successful mission!


| [15.4] Valley Of The Kings - Level 4                                        |


When you begin, climb either set of stairs.  You will find ten, yes count  
'em, ten boxes of shells just waiting to be picked up.  Take as many as you  
can, then save your game; the first part of this level is nothing but wave  
after wave after wave of monsters who are pissed at you for coming this  

I am not going to provide a walkthrough for the first part, simply because  
of what I said above; nothing but monsters.  All you have to do is kill  
them all so that the door at the other end opens.  When everything appears  
to be dead, move forward to unleash more.  Near a tree, around the middle,  
there is a Health Bottle and four boxes of shells.  There are also more  
Health and shells spread out about the level, but they're easily seen so I  
won't go into details of their location.

Here is a list of all the monsters you will face here:

Gnarr, both Male and Female  
Kleer Skeleton  
Sirian Warbull  
Bio-Mechanoid, Minor (blue)  
Bio-Mechanoid, Major (red - new creature; you haven't fought him yet.  He  
                      shoots two rockets at a time)
Marsh Hopper

As you get closer to the tomb, a new enemy, the Aludran Reptiloid Common,  
will spawn.  He fires homing green missiles, which are huge balls.  They  
can be shot down with any weapon.

After all the enemies are defeated, head toward the tomb.  There is a +50  
Health Box, as well as another Rocket Launcher and packs of rockets.  After  
picking up the weapon, a big green bar will appear at the top center of  
your screen.  Could this be a life meter?  Yes, it is, for the boss you now  
hve to fight.  He appears right behind you, close to where you started the  
level from.  He's a yellow gargantuan, and fires homing fireballs at you.  
Strafe to the left and right to avoid the balls while keeping him targeted.  
It will take 14 rockets to kill him.  When he's dead, check NETRICSA and  
you'll see he was the daddy of the green one you killed.  Continue into the  
tomb door and a cutscene will show a Gold Ankh you need to retrieve.

Walk down the ramp and kill everything.  There is a Health Vial in front of  
the pillar the Ankh is on.  Grab it if needed, and head down the left ramp  
into the room.

To start off, you need to press the two buttons in the side rooms.  Each one  
summons a few enemies, including grunts, Arachnoids, Gnaars, and a Reptilioid.  
Once you clear out the area, grab the Gold Ankh, then go through the next door.  
Grab the armor and go down the ramp, then continue following the path through a  
narrow doorway.  Once you kill two Gnaars, the next door opens.  Go through,  
and destroy the STATUE if you feel like it.  Go down the ramp.  You'll see a  
STATUE to the left, then take the right path.  If you go forward in the room  
and up the ramp, you'll find a STATUE and a piece of papyrus.  Go back to the  
room and down the ramp.  You find frogs and an Arachnoid.  When you round the  
corner(through the darkness) and press the button, a bunch of Skeletons charge  
at you.  Retrace your steps and take a right into a big room.  Grab the heart  
in the center.  It's an ambush!  Grunts surround you immediately, then  
Skeletons march around you.  Shoot some through the bars with your double  
Shotgun, then when they open, continue onward.

Go in the room in the left.  Press the button at the foot of the STATUE, then  
go across the hallway.  Dive into the pond and grab the Stone Ankh at the  
bottom.  Leave the room and go to the right.  Take the Tommygun in the center.  
Frogs spawn from that light in the center.  Stand in a good position, then  
shoot each one as it appears.  It won't be difficult if you can take out each  
one before it becomes a threat.  Go up the ramp in the corner and continue  
onward.  At the top, you find a room with four STATUES.  Go into the next room.  
If you took out all of the statues, a pendulum should have activated.  Go to  
the right on the cliff.  If you see a pendulum platform swinging across, jump  
on it, then jump to the cliff on the other side to enter the secret level.  If  
not, just jump in the river.


| [15.4x] Moon Mountains - Secret Level                                       |

The first area is a series of large, green platforms.  Enemies and items spawn  
on each one.  When you get to the last one, jump off to another one.  Follow  
its path through some caves - you encounter some Gnarrs and grunts, but it's no  
big deal.  When you find the next open area, look around and admire the view.  
Break out your Rocket Launcher.  Fire a few at the enemies directly forward and  
down, then use it to kill the Harpies.  Go to the other side and hop down, then  
enter the next cave.  Go in the hole.  You fall in a lake filled with those  
electro-fishes.  Surface, then go through the door.  On the other side of the  
cave, grab the rockets and bullets.  When you go forward some more, a huge  
Bio-Mechanoid appears...just like the one you battled in the last level!  Use  
your Rocket Launcher and finish him off quickly.  When you go into the next  
room, the level ends...


| [15.5] Oasis - Level 5                                                      |

*note: the following walkthroughs are written entirely by SloDeth*

Welcome to the Oasis.  Surface, and run around grabbing items to replenish  
yourself.  Soon, enemies will start appearing near the building.  Use your  
rockets to take them out.  When you hear enemies generating behind you,  
including some Kamikazes, break out your Tommy Gun.  Mow down the Kamikazes,  
then the Skeletons.  After the rush is over, grab any last items, then enter  
the building.

Inside, grab the items to the immediate sides first, then enter and take the  
grenade launcher.  I know you're eager to try out the new weapon, so enter the  
door on the left and fire a few grenades.  Switch back to the double shotgun,  
back up to the main room and take out any other Skeletons.  Enter the left  
room, take the grenades, and blast the monsters.  Go in the right room now -  
use your rocket launcher to take out the Arachnoid immediately.  If you follow  
the path around, you find a backpack in the middle of a large room.  Take it,  
then step back and switch to the Tommygun.  Frogs will generate like crazy in  
this room until you kill a few hundred of them.  Run around the room in  
circles, using your Tommygun constantly.  If they form a nice pack, fire ONE  
rocket into the pack, then switch back to the Tommygun.  When you finish, enter  
the next room.

In here, there are five layers of enemies which generate from the back to the  
front in increasing difficulty.  Step forward and take out the one in the back,  
then repeat.  The last layer is another series of frogs - use your Tommygun  
again.  Continue on to find another element.


| [15.6] Dunes - Level 6                                                      |

In this desert area, kill the enemies around the area.  Some Mechanoids attack,  
as well as some Bulls, then some Gnaars, then a large Mechanoid.  Cross over  
the hill into the next area.  In here, grab the items in the center.  Use your  
Rocket Launcher to take out any charging Bulls, then use the Tommygun or more  
rockets to kill the Skeletons.  Use the Rocket Launcher to clean up after that,  
then grab the new set of items in the center.  Use the Tommygun to kill the  
many, many Kamikazes approaching.  Take cover near the building if you must.  
When the wave is over, grab the backpack in the center, then switch to the  
Rocket Launcher again to kill the new set of enemies near the building.  
Finally, the door to the building is open!  Go in and get the Lasergun.  Use it  
to kill the many spawning enemies, including Skeletons, a few Mechanoids(try  
directing their fire to take out the other enemies), and some Reptilioids.  Be  
sure to kill the enemies up high on pedestals first - it can be hard to keep  
track of their projectiles.  Take the door to exit the level.


| [15.7] Suburbs - Level 7                                                    |

In these slums, start by hugging the wall and circling around.  Enemies are  
randomly scattered around here, so kill any in your immediate vicinity first,  
then kill any enemies you can see on the rooftops.  You can find many secrets  
by hugging the wall, so stick to it.  The exit is directly forward from the  
entrance, so grab as many items and kill as many enemies as you want before you  
leave.  This next courtyard is very similar, only larger.  The exit is straight  
forward - visit this first.  You find that it is locked.  From the middle, if  
you turn directly left and walk forward, you will find a switch on a little  
pedestal - push it.  If you turn around from here(or turn right from the  
center)and walk forward, you will find the other switch.  After both of these  
have been pressed, you can enter the sewer directly forward from the entrance  
to this courtyard.  Be sure to hug the outside wall to look for secrets first.


| [15.8] Sewers - Level 8                                                     |

This is a gloomy level, filled with dangerous pools and creepy corridors.  
Start by diving straight down and going forward into a very beneficial secret  
corridor.  Resurface on the other side.  Jump on the platform and kill the  
enemies in the immediate area.  When you climb the stairs, a blitz of frogs  
comes at you, so step back and mow them down with your Tommygun.  If you  
Analyze the door, you find that it is locked.  Turn around and try to jump onto  
the raised platform with a shield to the right.  After succeeding or failing,  
dive into the water and press the button on the post farthest away from the  
locked door.  Resurface and enter the door.

In the next room, watch out for the many, many frogs around the area.  Once you  
get the armors in the area, take the right path and follow the sewer around.  
When you reach a down-sloping, lighted room, be careful!  Step back and kill  
any enemies you can, especially the electric fish.  Swim on down and follow the  
sewer around.  The fish in here are really brutal - try using the Grenade  
Launcher to handle them.  The exit is somewhere to the right - just don't turn  
completely around and you'll be fine.


| [15.9] Metropolis - Level 9                                                 |

Kill the monsters, climb the ramp, and follow the perimeter of the square.  
Once you get the items, follow the path around and into the next courtyard.  
Use your rocket launcher for this area, even for the Harpies.  After you kill  
the enemies, some items generate in the center.  Take them and go inside the  
building.  After you get the items inside, enter the next courtyard.  To open  
the exit door, you must collect four scarabs(note: the following directions are  
relative to north being the direction in front of you from this entrance).  The  
first one is in a little room forward from the entrance.  To get the second  
one, go right from the entrance and go a little right - the entrance to the  
room will be to the east.  The next one is almost directly opposite from that  
one.  The last one is off to the east again - enter from the south.  The  
enemies in the area mostly consist of Rocketeers and Grunts, so you shouldn't  
have a problem.  Take the exit to the north.

The next area is a long alleyway with enemies attacking from all sides.  Take  
it very slowly.  Look out for any Reptilioids up high.  When you reach a pit,  
you will see that Bulls are charging at you.  To cross the pit, let one  
approach, then quickly jump on and across the platform that covers the pit when  
it cross.  Continue forward - at the end, after a long series of scattered  
Bulls and Skeletons, you will soon be overwhelmed by a few hundred  
Skeletons(!).  Use your new Minigun until the supply is exhausted, then do  
whatever else you can to control the mob.  Rockets can be efficient, as long as  
you don't blow yourself up.

The next courtyard is another series of waves of enemies...again, cardinal  
directions are relative to the entrance.  
Wave 1: Kamikazes, from all directions.  Find a nice corner to protect  
        yourself.  They may spawn near you, but the center of this place is NOT
        safe.  Us your Tommygun if you have any bullets, or use your Colts to
        conserve ammo.  This lasts about three minutes.  Afterwards, a
        backpack, some armor, and health spawns in the center.
Wave 2: A bunch of Harpies, starting from the north and then from the west,  
        east, and south.  Use the regular strategy for them - get them in a
        nice group and fire a rocket into the pack.  After that, kill the
Wave 3: A row of Harpies from the south.  Grab the items in the center  
Wave 4: A row of Bulls approaches from the north.  Run to a corner and do what  
        you can, then circle around.  Collect the backpack in the center.
Wave 5: A row of Skeletons from the north, commanded by a Bio-Mechanoid.  USE  
Wave 6: A row of Skeletons from the north.  
Wave 7: A row of Skeletons from the north, commanded by a Bio-Mechanoid.  
Wave 8: A row of Skeletons from the north.  
Wave 9: A row of Skeletons from the north, commanded by a Bio-Mechanoid.  After  
        this one, the door finally opens!  Take the exit.


| [15.10] Alley of the Sphinxes - Level 10                                    |

You've lost all your weapons, so you'll have to start over.  Grab the various  
items in front of you, then break up your Shotgun.  One barrel will suffice for  
awhile.  Take out the scattered Knarrs and Grunts - they relly do come from  
everywhere.  As you continue forward, the next set of items spawns more Grunts  
and a few Kamikazes.  The next set of items is much farther in the distance.  
When you grab them, some Grunts and one Werebull spawn - let the Werebull run  
over most of the Grunts!  The next set spawns a Bio-Mechanoid and some of his  
little buddies.  The next set includes the Cannon, which is the most powerful  
weapon in the game.  Test it out - fire it so that it rolls through a Bull to  
the Mechanoid behind it.  This is a very useful weapon, so don't use all your  
Cannonballs all at once!

In the courtyard ahead, you again go through a series of waves of enemies...

Wave One: Kamikazes and Skeletons.  Use your pistols and the Shotgun.  After  
          the wave, a heart and some ammo spawns in the center.
Wave Two: Bulls from all directions.  After this one, a door opens to the  
          north - go through it and get all the items inside.

When you go through the door in that room, you find another huge courtyard.  
There are four platforms on which you must put the runes you've collected.  You  
will find one platform in each corner of the level.  Every time you place a  
rune, a bunch of assorted enemies appear, including Bio-Mechanoids, Knarrs,  
grunts, Reptilioids, and Kamikazes. It gets quite hectic at times, so be  

After you place all four runes, grab all the items in the center.  A HUGE enemy  
appears in front of you - this is the Lava Golem.  Break out your cannon and  
fire straight at him until he runs out of health.  You now have to deal with  
the mini-Lava Golems around the place.  Use your Lasergun to finish them off.  
After that, go through the door and finish the level.


| [15.11] Karnak - Level 11                                                   |

Grab the backpack, then enter the next room.  Grunts, frogs, and bulls appear  
in this room.  Once you deal with the mass of frogs, enter the next room.  Go  
either left or right and around to the next courtyard.  The door to the north  
is inaccessible at the moment, so enter the room to the east.  In this  
courtyard, you must press the buttons to the east and west, then enter the room  
to the north.  The courtyard spawns Bio-Mechanoids, Skeletons, and even a  
little Lava Golem.  The northern room contains mostly grunts and Gnaars.  When  
you leave the room, you meet another Lava Golem - use your rockets to quickly  
dispose of him, then switch to the Minigun and take out the Reptilioid across  
the courtyard.  Go back through the entrance and enter the newly accessible  
door.  There are two side rooms with a few items and enemies, but you need to  
press all the buttons around the column in the middle to open the next door.  
If the Use option doesn't appear against the button, step back a little and  
look up at it.

Enter the next room.  In here, you see an Arachnoid sleeping in the center of  
the room guarding an ankh.  Use the Cannon to give it a jump-start, then use  
your Minigun to kill it and its minions(mostly grunts and Frogs).  Enter the  
next room.  You see a Heart in the center - if you grab it, the doors close  
around you, the floor becomes foggy, and increasingly difficult enemies appear  
in pairs for awhile.  When the doors open, grab the items to the sides and  
enter the next courtyard.  The northern door doesn't open, so go west...

In the west courtyard, you will see a large obelisk in the center.  If you go  
forward, a Lava Golem will appear - use the Cannon if you can.  When you grab  
the items to the sides, enemies ALWAYS appear.  This can be tough, so try  
short-cutting around these by swimming straight through the center of the pool.  
The entrance to the next area is in the pond on the northern wall.  When you  
swim through the tube down there, you enter another courtyard.  Enter the room  
in front of you, grab the Amon statue, then take the teleport exit back to the  
courtyard with the obelisk.  Fight the enemies or swim past them.  Enter the  
courtyard with the locked door.  You now find a Lava Golem and his minions  
inhabiting this courtyard, so break out your Cannon again.  Enter the  
previously locked door.  You find a room PACKED with items.  Grab as much as  
you can, then go around the corner into the courtyard.

In this courtyard, you have to deal with another massive Frog attack.  Run  
around in circles, using the entire room.  Break out your Tommygun, then use a  
quick rocket to thin out the pack when you can.  When you finish, you have to  
deal with a massive Kamikaze attack!  This can be one of the most stressful  
moments of the game.  Try to find a safe place, then use your Tommygun to take  
them down.  Luckily, killing them often sets off a nice chain reaction.  When  
you finish them off, destroy the statues in the room and grab their hidden  
items.  Analyze the door, then step to the sides, forcing the Bull to run into  
it.  In the next courtyard, you have to deal with more waves of enemies...

Wave One: Kamikazes from all sides.  
Wave Two: Bone Skeletons from all sides.  After this, Arachnids appear on the  
          two southern platforms, then armor appears on the ground.
Wave Three: A long line of Harpies appear from the northern sky.  They then  
            appear from the south, then two Arachnids appear on the southern
            platforms.  Grab the armor in the center.
Wave Four: Three Bio-Mechanoids appear to the north, then Bulls appear from the  
           south.  While you battle them, Bio-Mechanoids appear from the east
           and west.

After that, enter the northern door and exit the level.


| [15.12] Luxor - Level 12                                                    |

This level is a bit more puzzling than the rest, but that isn't saying much.  
Enter the first courtyard.  Gnarrs and Skeletons charge forth from the door in  
front of you.  When they stop spawning, go through the doors.  In this  
courtyard, go around the statue and kill the two Bio-Mechanoids up high.  You  
now need to pick up two important items...enter the door on the left(from the  
entrance) on the southern side of the room.  In this courtyard, go inside the  
little building.  When you leave it, three Lava Golems appear in the yard.  
Break out the Cannon and take down the big ones, then switch to the Shotgun to  
kill the little ones.  Enter the next room.  There is one main building in the  
center - before you get inside, you need to press three buttons on the sides.  
You have to deal with Bulls, Arachnoids, Skeletons, and Bio-Mechanoids as you  
travel around the place.  When you press them all, go inside.  Climb the stairs  
and go through the doorway onto a platform.  Follow the path around the  
perimeter of the room.  You find the Golden Heart at the top.  To leave this  
place, go from the room in the center to another pathway.  On the path, you  
find a doorway back to the room with the statue.  Note: there is a cool little  
secret to the right of that doorway...if you get on its jump-pad, you go flying  
around and back to the doorway.

Anyway, now that you're back in the courtyard with the statue in the center,  
take the opposite door, to the right of the center.  Inside the door is another  
large courtyard with Bio-Mechanoids, Arachnoids, and Reptilioids.  Once you  
clear the courtyard, enter the door.  It's another vaguely puzzling courtyard.  
Climb the stairs and follow the pathway around.  You find the Feather on a  
pedestal.  Once you collect it, Harpies and Skeletons appear to hassle you.  
Take a door in the corner of the room, like in the last courtyard.

Now that you're back in the courtyard, take the previously locked door.  
Analyze the door in the center, then take the west path upward.  Follow the  
path, but stick to the narrow corridors - you find a Gold Ankh at the end.  
Return to the first room and enter the door in the center.  Inside, you find a  
spiky pit.  Fall in it once, and you find a nice secret area with armor, ammo,  
and such...fall in it again, and you die.  Go across the spiky pit and into the  
door.  An obelisk rises from the center.  Kill the enemies and go to the  
opposite side of the room.  Get the ancient papyrus and enter the ammunition  
depot.  The room after it is quite tough.

In here, you must collect four gold Ankhs and return them to the pedestals in  
the center.  They appear one-at-a-time, and they're a little hard to find, so  
here are their locations:  
    _    _    _            _    _    _
  2|_|  |_|  |_|          |_|  |_|  |_|

    _    _    _            _    _    _
   |_| 4|_|  |_|          |_|  |_|1 |_|

    _    _    _            _    _    _
   |_|  |_|  |_|          |_|  |_|  |_|

Every time you pick one up and place it in the center, enemies spawn, including  
Arachnoids, Skeletons, Reptilioids, Bulls, and Bio-Mechanoids.  Switch between  
using your Rocket Launcher and the Minigun for this room.

Once you place all the Ankhs, the door opens.  Go straight inside if you want  
to go to the next level; take a left as soon as you enter to take a side-trip  
to the Sacred Yards...


| [15.12x] Sacred Yards - Secret Level                                        |

Grab the Backpack and go forward.  Bio-Mechanoids appear from all sides, as  
well as a few frogs and Skeletons.  Go forward some more, and a few Harpies  
come at you.  Round the corner and enter the room.  You have to deal with a  
short wave of frogs and some invisible(!) Gnaars.  Go into the next room.  In  
here, you find a few Arachnoids, Bio-Mechanoids, and invisible Gnaars.  Go in  
the water and go through a tube.  Go up the ramp into a room.  In here, you  
can't leave because there are some bars over the door.  Press the buttons on  
all four of the statues and go in the next corridor.

You have a little puzzle-solving to do in here.  Analyze the thing in the  
center.  Go through the left door for your first puzzle.  There are three  
buttons in three corners on the roof to press - don't worry; when you approach  
them, you will flip upside-down to stand on the ceiling.  A few tough enemies  
appear, but some of them are quite small.  Grab the Gold Sphinx up the ramp,  
then exit the room.  Go across to the other puzzle room.  In here, go straight  
forward(but not over the button on the floor) and press the button on the wall.  
Go back and push that button on the floor, then go back to the platform and  
press another button.  Repeat this one more time.  Swim to the platform in the  
northwest corner.  Grab the Gold Sphinx.  Two Reptilioids spawn, so deal with  
them on your way out and return to the central room.  The thing in the center  
opens up, and you drop in.


| [15.13] The Great Pyramid - Level 13                                        |

Here it is, the final level.  This is as unrelenting as the previous levels,  
and then some.  Go forward for awhile, and you will find the main corridor  
with two pyramids to the sides and three pedestals in the center.  On these  
pedestals are a backpack and health.  These constantly regenerate with time, so  
take them WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM.  Soon after you enter, the waves of enemies  
start coming...

Wave One: ~130 Kleer Skeletons.  Use the Rocket Launcher as your main weapon.  
Wave Two: ~100 Bulls.  This is where it gets intense!  Run around in circles  
          and use your Cannon, trying to take out a line of them with every
          shot.  Near the end of the wave, they go in a square around the
          place.  Get into the square and take rows of them out at a time.
Wave Three: ~70 Bio-Mechanoids.  Use your Cannon and the Lasergun.  
Wave Four: ~30 final Skeletons.  This shouldn't be a problem!

Since the Backpacks regenerate, you can really use whatever weapons you want.  
Switch back and forth between your favorites, then grab a Backpack whenever you  
feel like it.  When you finish, go through the opened door...

Now the boss himself appears behind you.  He's one big guy, but he's not your  
main problem yet.  After the cutscene ends, go forward on the path.  All sorts  
of enemies appear while you travel on the path - break out the Cannon to thin  
out the pack of Bulls, then finish them off with the Minigun or Lasergun.  
Switch to the Rocket Launcher for the Bio-Mechanoids, then use the Lasergun for  
the Skeletons.  Use whatever you can, then make it to the top of the pyramid!  
From here, fire your Cannon at Ugh-Zan III until his health dips into the red  
zone.  If you run out of Cannonballs, switch to the Lasergun, then the Minigun,  
then the Rocket Launcher.  As for his attacks, don't worry about them too much;  
the Cannon will rip through the rocks and missiles, and the Lasergun and  
Minigun will easily dispatch them.  Sidestep to avoid his blue lasers.  Once  
his health goes red, turn around and enter the pyramid...

After a nice cutscene, you emerge on the spaceship.  Now it's time to finish  
him off!  Run to one of the corners immediately.  Take the item there, then get  
on one of the Jump Pads.  It will launch you through a weird hoop if you don't  
move out of the way.  Go to the next corner, then launch through the next hoop.  
Keep on going around the perimeter until you've gone through all the hoops.  
Then, try to lure Ugh-Zan into the center of the arena.  In a few seconds, a  
giant charge will zap him, costing him a large amount of his health.  Repeat as  
necessary.  This attack alone won't be enough - constantly fire your Cannon  
at him.  His attacks are pretty simple to avoid.  Eventually, he'll die...


| [16] Secrets                                                                |

Hatshepsut Temple  
1. From the starting point, turn right and head towards the recess.  Some  
critters will spawn, so be careful.  Once on the recess, pick up the second  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

2. Instead of going up the ramp, go down the ramp that is behind you. Once  
down, half turn right and head the way you’re supposed to go. You should come  
to a door. (The door is on the right side of the ramp) These guys with big  
heads will come representing the game’s programmers. Kill em, and then go down  
the ramp for some gear.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

3. Same as 2, but on the left side of the ramp. Blow the door up with the  
rocket launcher on the next secret.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

4. At the starting point, go up the ramp, and then turn right. Jump on the  
ledge to the right of you and then jump up on the roof where the first secret  
was. You’ll find a rocket launcher.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

5. Same as 4, but on the left side. You’ll find some rockets.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

6. Go down the ramp behind you. Go into the desert. You’ll encounter Bio-Mechs.  
You’ll find an oasis with awesome stuff.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

7. The last secret is behind the temple. Go up the ramp at the start,  
turn right, and follow the temple’s perimeter you will eventually come to a  
wall. Part of it is darkened. Touch the darkened spot for a Double Barrel.  
-- Submitted by Jesse.

| [17] Cheat Codes                                                            |

Thanks to Cheat Code Central for the following codes.

During game play, press ~ (tilde, beside number 1) to bring up the console.  
Type any of the following, then press ENTER to activate it.

CODE                             EFFECT  
please god                       God mode  
please giveall                   Give all items, weapons, full ammo  
please killall                   Kill all enemies in current level  
please open                      Opens all doors in current level  
please fly                       Enable fly mode  
please ghost                     Toggle clipping on/off  
please invisible                 Render yourself invisible

By the way, cheaters never prosper...why don't you try to beat the game on  
Tourist mode without cheating before you give up and resort to these codes?


| [18] User-Submitted Information                                             |

Below is all the information I have collected from a variety of people.  
Some may be repeats, but worded differently.

"directly to the right of the start there is a second .45 that is secret #1
if you go down the ramp behind you and to the right at the bottom (don't go  
in to the desert yet..) there is a door secret #2. on the other side of the  
courtyard is another door that wont open....perhaps a few rockets would  
help. the rocket launcher is easy to get. go up both ramps then make an  
immediate right. you have to jump on the wall that faces your start position  
then to a platform on the right. there is your rocket launcher. there is  
also a platform on the other side that has some extra rockets. behind the  
top area of the temple is a secret right where you get the armor in the back  
right area. secret #3 then you have armor and rockets and a launcher. now  
you can go to the desert and tackle the 4 robots there. but beware after  
getting the heart the first time I played, I got attacked by about a dozen  
witches....but haven't had that happen again since. weird. secret #4 go back  
to the door that wouldn't open and use the rocket launcher to open it.  
secret #5" - Submitted by Chris,


"1) On the left side of the map (the side with the golden heart), there's a
spot where an arachnid sits on a moving pillar and comes shooting at you  
when you pick up some armor. In that area, there is a small building. Go  
inside it and pick up the green health bottle. You need to actually pick it  
up, not just walk over it. The ceiling will start to come down, so get out  
quick. Once the ceiling drops, go back in and pick up the powerups that  
were on the ceiling.

2) In the back right corner of the heart of gold area, up on the ledge by  
the door to exit the area, there is a bounce pad that bounces you up to a  
green health bottle. There is another bouncer there that bounces you onto  
the roof above the door you entered the area from.

4) On the right side of the map (the half with the feather), in the area  
before the area that contains the feather, there are 5 tower/pillar things  
rising out of the ground. You can blow two of these up. When you do, you'll  
get a message about secret cannon ammo being revealed and some cannonballs  
will appear.

8) At the very end of the level, pass through the doors but immediately turn  
left and head through the side door on the left. Don't go too far in or  
you'll trigger the normal level exit. The exit on the left will take you to  
the Sacred Yards." - Submitted by Mario C.,


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