Published on March 15, 2011

author: Marten
date: 15/03/2011
category: metal

Noone would ever write a book called, What Was the Metalhead? You'd get your ass kicked for pulling something like that.

First of all, metal ain't dead. Remember the scare of 1992, when everyone thought that grunge killed metal? Well, it just went underground in America, some cool stuff happened in Europe, etc., and everything was fine. And metal is better for it; lots of bands even adopted more of a 'grunge' attitude, eschewing guitar solos, blah blah. And metal's been thriving ever since. It will never die. It's unstoppable. As long as people still need an outlet for their darker emotions, metal will be there for us.

Metal's been around for 40-some years, and hipsters couldn't even last a decade. You know why? Metalheads stick up for each other. We're brothers. Hipsters fall all over themselves, trying to be "so cool" that they destroy everyone around them, and eventually self-destruct. Hipsters have no common background under which to unite, except maybe that of "white privilege". Cool club, guys...I'll just be over here, hanging out with the longhairs.

[in response to this article over at Pinnastorm]