Published on September 24, 2012

Like I am? Over and over, 10x on repeat?

Deftones - Leathers

A lot of people complain because DEFTONES have changed their style a whole lot since the days when "My Own Summer (Shove It)" got radio play. Personally, I think it's fucking awesome. Every new Deftones album is exciting to me. They are not afraid to mix things up, and I think they do a great job of ramping up the heaviness on each new release. Also, I consider Chino to be a musical genius. I mean, I think about guys like Maynard James Keenan and Mike Patton who are bursting with creativity, so much that one band ain't enough for them. Chino's been doing chill projects like TEAM SLEEP and CROSSES in his spare time, which I guess let him unwind until he brings his A-game to the Deftones.