Published on June 15, 2011

Mostly shocking because it didn't happen sooner. ANAL CUNT was a grindcore band beloved for their super-offensive titles. Here's a few tracks:

Anal Cunt - You Keep a Diary (1996)

Anal Cunt - You Quit Doing Heroin, You Pussy (2001)"

Anal Cunt - Fuck Yeah (2010)"

That last one is, like, an 80s hair-metal grind track. NOT BAD.
Here's The Onion's AV Club laughing over their titles. If you need more, Allmusic's guide is pretty detailed, but for a full list you'll need to go here.

Here's an email to their sound engineer.

Anyway you can call it dumb and stupid and offensive, but I think if this band didn't exist, the world would be worse off. 1st amendment - you have the right to offend. You have the right for people to not UNDERSTAND you. You have the right to not give a FUCK what other people think. You have the right to live your life METAL.