Published on October 18, 2011

author: Marten
date: 18/10/2011

COG wanted to be the Australian version of TOOL.


(2005) Cog - Doors (Now And Then My Life Feels Like It's Going Nowhere)

Doors is the song Cog wrote when they were trying to write Tool's Pushit. This song is amazing, but you have to give it a few minutes to get going, just like Pushit. If you only heard the first minute of Pushit, where would you be today? But yeah, I love that moment where the guitars turn all muscley, and he just starts raging about being trapped. I think those doors are closed, y'all.

COG should've had a sweet logo. You've seen the TOOL logo, right? The phallic wrench? Why didn't COG have the letters C-O-G written in... COGS? All the letters are round - it's practically designed for this. If COG had a logo of cogs, I would have a COG logo tattooed on my body.[1]

Instead, of a sweet logo, COG opted to get their own Serif font I guess.

I had pretty high hopes for their next album after "The New Normal". The first single that leaked was pretty epic, and if you had asked me at the time, I would've told you about how Cog were crafting a new version of activist rock. Getting political with your music is a high-risk, high-reward action, but hell, who needs one more love song?

(2008) Cog - What If

The album came out and was totally lame; none of the songs had the same energy as "What If"...and none of them were as loud as the old COG.

Speaking of old COG, I like this geeky track:
(2000) Cog - 1010011010

Put down your calculator - that's 666 in binary.

  1. This is pretty likely, in fact, since I was busy getting my APC tattoo in Australia the same semester I saw Cog live. Missed your chance, Cog. ↩︎