Published on October 5, 2011

Beat Just Fine.


Dangers - Break Beat

Who needs a slow dance? Love at first glance? Who needs woe is me?
When there's dead mothers and friends that slit their wrists, who needs kids like me?

DANGERS has one of the angriest vocalists I've ever heard. Some dudes can just bring that energy, where you know they're giving it their all. Every ounce of his life force is focused on self-expression, on letting out whatever darkness he has inside of him. Every injustice in the world. Every memory is a scar, every scream a reminder.

DANGERS are extremely political, in that anarchist way - "fuck cops", "capitalism sucks", "way to go with the Katrina response, you racists." Here's a great song that's basically saying, Screw you, mom. Enjoy your TV dinner while we pollute your son's mind with this noise. Life is meaningless, but at least your kid's still got some passion.
Dangers - Stay-At-Home Mom

DANGERS remind me of a time when passion was acceptable. When was the last time you even believed in anything? At some point (2000-2009) you had to speak 'snark' to get anyone to understand you; enjoying anything authentically was a quick way to get put down. It made you complacent. It made you accept the way society was, without getting yourself involved beyond being a critic.

Maybe you don't understand what Dangers are about. Maybe you like the way things are going and you're fine with the mainstream. But Dangers is tapping into an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with society. America is bursting at the seams. You thought punk was dead, but I can't think of a better time to bring it back.