Published on April 17, 2011

What does screamo mean to u?

Circle Takes the Square - In The Nervous Light Of Sunday

Screamo is one of my favorite genres because it's so dynamic. There are all these softer parts that give you a quick break from all the noise, then they keep hitting you with these really abrasive riffs. Their drummer is INSANE - can't believe how fast and accurate it is. This band is closer to grindcore than any other genre (yeah, it's that intense).

Honestly it makes me sad that most metal bands don't write memorable lyrics. I usually just tune them out, because who the hell can understand them anyway? Plus, once you do, you'll be disappointed to find out they're secretly a Christian band, or misogynist, or whatever.

That's why I turned to SCREAMO. Screaming is how you celebrate metal/hardcore. The greatest singers IMO are the ones with so much energy that it's contagious. Listening to all that noise, you need a way to fight back, to let out that energy. Luckily, the lyrics are strangely catchy. So of course you're going to scream along "that you curse! curse constantly!" whenever you can. You're going to scream at the show, at your laptop, on the street while iPodding, etc.

Oh also there's a chick singer/screamer in this band so obviously I'm in love with her.