Published on December 4, 2012

This is not really a fair show review; I missed the first half of DEATH GRIPS’ set, but two of my friends got in to a sold out show for free, so I’m not complainin’.

Zach Hill is the sickest drummer I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’ve seen plenty of ridiculous drum kits with 20+ pieces; I’ve heard the fastest blast-beats, whatever. What blows me away about Zach Hill is the way he BELIEVES in what he’s playing. He feels it with every inch of his body. When he stands up for a quick second to hit a beat, it’s because he’s overwhelmed by the groove. He doesn’t give a shit if you think it looks cool or not. He uses his fists to pound on drums because drumsticks just aren’t visceral enough.

“I’ve Seen Footage” and “Lord of the Game”, with their samples from “Push It” and “Brass Monkey”, were definitely good choices for their set. But my favorite songs from The Money Store were all missing – “Hustle Bones”, “Double Helix”, “System Blower”…I mean, these are their heaviest songs! Where they at?? I came for the VOLUME. Same with “Stockton” from NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Idunno. I wanted an encore. I wanted a longer set from a group with 3 albums playing to a sold-out crowd. Those are my only complaints.

This band will be amazing at festivals next summer, as they’ve got that sound that instantly catches your attention, and that look that makes you wonder what they’ll do next. I hope I’ll get to see them again soon.