Published on December 13, 2011

But at least it's something you can song-drop in your playlists to make them instantly more badass.

VILDHJARTA, also a band you can't even talk about with your friends in real life. On gchat, maybe. On blogs, of course. It's technical and mathy and the production is very polished; I want more bands like this! Their music videos are kind of dumb unless you really like trees. But hell, they're on Century Media, so I don't blame 'em. Anyway their debut album came out a month or so ago; the whole album is good, but here's the opening track:

Vildhjarta - Shadow

I kind of liked them better when they were instrumental, though. Because seriously, when I want to hear something that's just ripping off Meshuggah anyway, I'll usually put on something instrumental like Cloudkicker:

Cloudkicker - #

It takes about 3 min to get to the djenty part. You know, the syncopated rhythms and "wait this is really 4/4 but why do the time signatures feel so weird?" part. Meshuggah invented that feeling. But that doesn't mean I can't listen to 100 other bands trying to get it right.