Published on December 31, 2001
*                                                                             *
*                                Exile                                        *
*                         for the Sega Genesis                                *
*                                                                             *
*                v1.2                               May 6, 2001               *
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*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
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 Table of Contents

I.  Intro/FAQ
  What is Exile?
  Why did you write this guide?
  Is this the latest version of the guide?
  Can I use your guide on my website?
  Can I send you E-mail?

II.  Version History

III.  The Walkthrough
  Dunes Village
  Norbian Village
  Faisan Pass
  Rangle Island
  Oni Island
  Mount Koya
  Homis Shrine
  Homis Shrine - Past

IV.  The Lists
 a) EXP/Level Table
 b) Weapons
 c) Shields
 d) Headgear
 e) Armor
 f) Tonics

V.  Cheating

VI.  Contact Info/Copyright

What is Exile?

Exile is an often overlooked RPG for the Genesis that came out in 1991.  The
game is very linear, and the story is confusing and very Eastern, but the
action is exciting.  Also, the conclusion is wonderful.  If you're looking for
a decent classic RPG, try this one!

Why did you write this guide?

Well, I heard about this game when CJayC over at GameFAQs put up a bounty for
it, so I looked at the game.  I really enjoyed it, so I went ahead and wrote
this guide.  Enjoy it!

Is this the latest version of the guide?

It depends.  If you got it from my website( or from GameFAQs
(, it is the latest public release of the guide.  If you got 
it from'm a mod on the boards there, look for me), it is 
probably the latest version, give or take a day.  If you found it at any other 
site, it may not be the latest version.

If you're reading this, the guide is probably the final version.  Everything
relevant to the game is in the guide right now.

Can I use this guide on my website?
It depends.  Here's how it is:

 please use your Exile guide on my website(www.wherever)?" will do it, but any
 and all sucking up is appreciated. :)

You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no"
 in almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

Can I send you E-mail?
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide first!

************************   II.  Version History   *****************************

v1.2 - May 6, 2001 - Added a transcription of the great ending, by request.

v1.1 - May 3, 2001 - Added those lists.  Thanks a ton to Breakman for the help!

v1.0 - April 30, 2001 - The walkthrough is complete, but I'm not totally
 satisfied with this guide yet.  I plan to add item lists and stuff like that
 later on...probably some time next week.

************************   III.  The Walkthrough   ****************************


Now that you are in town, look around!  Talk to a bunch of the people on the
left side of town, then talk to the people in the middle.  Once you have four
people in your party, leave the town through the south.


In the desert, go forward until you find the oasis.  Enter the water, and you
get sucked into the first Action area!  You take control of Sadler in a 
side-view action stage.  You can jump, attack(with various weapons), and use
Magic(later in the game).

Go right and fall in the first hole.  In this area, enter the cave in the upper
right if you want some Heartpoison.  The proper exit is in the upper left.
After entering that cave, continue right until you find the message from Yuug 
de Pane.  After a few conversations, you decide you must go to the Shrine of 
Homis.   Return to Dunes Village for supplies if you need them, then go to 


Go straight north in El-Is.  Sadler decides to go on his own again.  This area
is very intertwined, so this may not be the quickest path.  Go left and enter
the building, then climb the stairs to the left inside.  Jump across the
platforms to the right and enter the door to find 500G, then return.  Enter the
door at the top of the stairs, then take the final door on the left.  Go all
the way left and enter the new building.  Inside, a knight challenges you.
Kill him with downward thrusts and continue to the right.  Go north to meet
Yuug de Pane.  The story it just me, or does it all sound a
little fishy?  You gain the Kamul Stone and you end up in the Norbian Village.


Buy new equipment in the shop to the right.  If you head north and stay to the
right, you find a small path through the trees.  Rumi is captured by the Catit!
Continue north to leave town, then go to the Faisan Pass.


Head west.  Enter the cathedral by yourself; I chose to take the left path.
Jump up the platforms, then go to the level above the door in front of you.
Take one of the doors, then enter the next door and jump across the gap.  You
find Rumi's necklace in that door.  Go outside and go north to find a sheep.
Go back to Norbian Village and talk to the Shepherd.  When he joins your party,
return to the sheep.  When the Shepherd leaves with his sheep, you get the
Reflector.  Go into the Cathedral again.

To find the broken stained glass, get to the very top of the level.  Go back to
the first door down the right side, then enter the glass door after following
the paths.  Go in the left door and go left to meet a boss.  Slice him when you
can.  When he changes form, attack the orange head.  When you kill him, take
the exit to the left.  The correct door in this hall is the second one from the
left.  When you take it, you find Rumi on the floor.  After some conversation,
return to Norbian Village and enter the cathedral in the upper left.  At the
bottom are the survivors.  Talk to them and return to town.  After another
talk, you decide to visit Caira.


Talk to the people around town.  The various merchants are on the right side of
the screen.  If you talk to the man in the castle, he sends you on a mission in
Rangle Island.  Take the exit to the south and go there.


Visit the fallen prince in the upper right cave, then visit the soldier in the
lower left.  Enter the forest.  Go straight left and go down into the earth.
Follow the path until you reach an area where you can either take a door or
fall down a hole.  Take the door and you find Jofre.  She needs you to find
Moa's diary.  Return to town and grab it; it's right in front of the blue
statue in the right cave.  Return to Jofre.  Now, she wants you to defeat
Garuda!  Return to the surface and climb the trees to find another cave.
Inside is the Garuda - kill it and rescue Milleiu.  Return to town, talk with
your buddies, then perform the resurrection by standing in front of the blue
statue.  The ritual fails, so return to Chenobora and go straight north.
After another conversation, you must travel to the tower of Baiyon.


Follow the path for awhile.  In the big open room, climb your way to the top.
This floor has quite a few doors.  The third door from the left has 2500G.
Take the sixth door and follow the path to the dead end.  Press Up on the green
thing in the statue's mouth to get the Ritual Book.  This activates another
simple boss.  Attack around the time when its eyes turn weird colors.  Exit the
tower and return to Chenobora to speak with Larma.   After the conversation,
go to Rangle Island and visit the blue statue.  You learn the wisdom of the


Talk with the people here.  You must go to Oni Island to rescue their leader.


Talk to the prisoner in a green shirt here.  He tells you to go to Mount Koya.


In here, go south all the way, then go east until you find a temple on your
path.  Grab the key inside.  Return to Oni Island.  When you use the key on the
door, it doesn't work!  Get the Mandrel from one of the prisoners in the lower
right, then return to the door and use it.  He will join you.  Return to Mount

The first temple you're looking for is on the first northern path you find.
It's the building to the east in the group.  Follow the path until you find a
room with four doors.  If you follow the left door, you eventually find a
Cantharos.  The real exit is in the second door to the right.  Take the left
door, then the middle door.  Continue moving left to find the Mandala Chart.

After leaving this temple, enter another one to the northeast(but not too far
away).  Take the right path, then take the left path.  Take the door in the 
upper right to find the Chart.

Take the two charts to a temple in the northeast corner.  Return to Kongobuji,
the second temple.  Inside, take the far left door, then the middle door.  Take
the door directly to the left and follow the path.  Kill the boss here - he is
tougher than most of the bosses.  Be patient and wait to strike when he does
his red lightning attack.

Return to the third temple in the Northeast.  You receive the Jikei light -
take it to Toro-Do, the temple south of here.  After a cutscene, you return to
the Homis Shrine.


Go up and talk to Yuug.  Rumi and Jofre have died, but you must carry on.  Yuug
suspiciously asks you to enter a mysterious door.  On the other side, you find
the town Elseus.


Talk to the people around here.  You learn that the Vakkaso Shrine in the 
north side of town has a mysterious sword and a daughter up for sacrifice.  Be
sure to talk to the lady in the upper-left house and the man on the left cliff,
then enter the shrine.  The path is completely straightforward and uneventful,
besides the encounter with the famous Pythagoras.  When you reach the temple,
jump on up and ruin the ceremony.  The boss(straight out of Snow White, eh?)
attacks...just swing when it gets ready to fire.  Speak to Semere when you
finish off the boss.

When you exit the temple and speak to the first old man, you realize that you
must have gone back in time!  This really is ancient Greece.  Leave the town
and visit Homis Shrine.


Look around and talk to the people, then return to Elseus.  Talk to the old man
who mistook you for Roget.  He says that Pythagoras has traveled to Es-Keso.
Pursue him there.


Talk to Pythagoras to the left.  It turns out this is like a parallel 
dimension, in that the people are mirrored to each other - Pythagoras is 
Vaigler, and the Heramusso is concerned with the Mandalas.  This is the first
time in the game I actually thought I understood the story!  Roget was
reportedly killed by his three pupils, Yubera, Yubero, and Yuberum.  After you
finish the conversation, go to the building directly north of the entrance.
Inside, you must find the three killers.

To find Yubero, take the leftmost door in every room until you reach an open
room with masks on the wall(it has no path to the left).  Yubero is in the door
on the right side of the room.  Yuberum is in the next room, if you take the
left exit from Yubero's room.  He killed Roget himself, so you must kill him!
He can be tough if you are still at a low level.  Hack at him whenever you get
a chance and he will die eventually.  You receive the Heramusso after killing
him.  You can find Yubera by taking the left door from this room and following
the path.  Exit the building.

Back outside, go talk to Pythagoras and enter the triangular lake from the
north side.  Meet Yuug and Pythagoras inside, then walk up to the wall.  Yuug
reveals that he is the Holy Emperor.  Leave and talk to Pythagoras, then travel
to Homis Shrine.

Go inside the shrine and through the mysterious door.  At the bottom is a
spooky forest, in which you must fight your own shadow(hmm...sounds familiar).
He is pretty simple.  You then must fight with the Holy Emperor himself.  Be
sure to activate Fire Slash 3, then stand back and attack when you can.  Jump
to avoid his flames and dodge his sword attacks.  If you are patient, it won't
be difficult to kill him.  Sit back and enjoy the ending!  I think this is one
of the most intelligent endings I've seen for this type of story.

Here's a transcription of the ending(by request):

HE: Oh, what a thing to say!  Are you telling me that our ambition of thousands
years will come to naught!  Sadler, succomb to me and you shall experience
spiritual awakening.  Come on!  Quickly!

SAD: DHAAAA...! [strikes Holy Emperor]

HE: Uh! son of a demon?  Yipes...!

SAD: I was dreaming of such a beautiful world where everybody lives in peace. 
Sadler, I think that this world seems strange and that there is something 
wrong.  Rumi, I have learned that a utopia for all beings will never exist.
There was never a being who could bring all mankind together on earth, nor did
the Holimax ever exist from the beginning.  All the evils, suffering, sorrows,
and grief in this world, all these will turn into their opposites.  Evil to
good...suffering to pleasure...sorrow to joy...grief to hope...some day.

***************************   IV.  The Lists   ******************************** ya go.

Thanks a ton to Breakman/Blues Just for this information...he provided all the
stats, and I just supplied the formatting.

 a.) EXP/Level Table:

Level |  HP  |  MP  |  AP  |  AC  |  EXP until next level
  1      16      0      5     14            72 EXP
  2      23     22     12     18           152 EXP
  3      30     29     14     24           312 EXP
  4      37     36     18     27           552 EXP
  5      44     43     23     35           872 EXP
  6      51     50     34     40          1272 EXP
  7      58     57     35     43          1752 EXP
  8      65     71     41     52          2312 EXP
  9      72     78     43     56          2952 EXP
 10      79     85     51     61          3672 EXP
 11      86     92     52     66          4472 EXP
 12      93     99     66     70          5352 EXP
 13     100    106     68     76          6312 EXP
 14     107    113     70     88          7452 EXP
 15     114    120     73     92          8672 EXP
 16     121    128     89     95          9972 EXP
 17     128    128    102     98           ------

 b.) Weapons:

      Name    |  AP  |  Price
 Bat's Sword      2      10G 
 Gaze's Sword     4      25G
 Abel's Sword     6     110G
 Blueno's Sword   8     250G
 Arleni's Sword  10     880G
 Syak's Sword    12    1660G
 Pasth's Sword   14    2710G
 Azala's Sword   16    4050G

 c.) Shields:

      Name     |  AC  |  Price
 Bat's Shield     1       50G
 Sem's Shield     2      120G
 Egon's Shield    3      360G
 Lana's Shield    4      790G
 Syaka's Shield   5     1490G
 Posth's Shield   6     2430G
 Sumpa's Shield   7     3620G

 d.) Headgear:

     Name      |  AC  |  Price
 Hemp Turban      1       60G
 Cotton Turban    2      500G
 Silk Turban      3     1230G

 e.) Armor:

     Name       |  AC  |  Price
 Hemp Clothes       2      12G
 Cotton Clothes     4     480G
 Silk Clothes       6    1470G

 f.) Tonics:

  Name         |                  Function                     |     Price
 Convalsants   |               restores 10 HP                  |      100G
 Somnifacients |               restores 20 HP                  |      200G
 Heart Poison  |               restores 30 HP                  |      300G
 Kaku          |               restores 10 MP                  |      200G
 Kava          |               restores 20 MP                  |      400G
 Pip Beetle    |               restores 30 MP                  |      800G
 Snake Poison  |       gain 10 AP(for about 20 seconds)        |      300G
 Spider Poison |       gain 20 AP(for about 20 seconds)        |      600G
 Cantharis     |       gain 40 AP(for about 20 seconds)        |     1200G
 Ipoh Dok      |       gain 10 AC(for about 20 seconds)        |      400G
 Kayu          |       gain 20 AC(for about 20 seconds)        |      800G
 Aconite       |       gain 40 AC(for about 20 seconds)        |     2400G

****************************   V.  Cheating   *********************************

Do you want to gain experience quickly?  Well, it's simple!  Find an area of
the game with constantly regenerating enemies, like the ants in the Desert, the
basement of the Rangle Island forest, or any of the Temples in the East.  If
you find a safe place, hold down B to constantly attack.  Every enemy will die,
and your experience quickly soars.  However, if you're too lazy to sit there
and rack up points, you'll have to do one of the following...

1) Break out a turbo controller with auto-fire.  Turn on the B button and come
back in a few hours.

2) Break out a regular turbo controller and find some way to hold down the B
button.  The easiest way is to use a guitar capo.  If you don't already have
one, pick one up for a few bucks at any music store.

3) Find a capo or something to hold down the B button on a regular controller.
Every time you gain a level, you will need to come back and release the button,
then press it back down.  The highest level is 17, so this isn't such a slow
process.  However, it will take far too much time and work to get to lvl17 by
fighting ants.  I recommend gaining a few levels, then moving on in the game.
If you need more experience, gain it in some other level later.  The monsters
in the later levels are worth MUCH more experience.

**************************** VI.  Contact Info ********************************

ICQ UIN:   15025844
Web Page:

E-mail Rules:
Don't ask me questions that are already answered in the guide!  Search for it
   before you email me!  It will save you AND me some time.
Make sure you are reading the most updated version of the guide.
Include the name of the game or guide in the subject.  Exile is enough.
E-mail me just about ANYTHING: questions(not answered in the guide), comments,
   praise, constructive criticism, requests...
Ask me if you can use this guide.  I will almost certainly let you, as long as
   you ask politely.
Don't E-mail me crap.  Don't ask me to join a website, like AllAdvantage.
   I've received way too many of those.
Don't spend any less than one minute writing your E-mail.  Check it over and
   make sure you used correct spelling, decent grammar, and capitalization.
AOL slang is not up to my standards.  Don't use "r u" instead of "are you" or
   anything like that.  It gets on my nerves.  If you do that thing where you
   cApItAlIzE eVeRy oThEr lEtTeR, don't expect a response.

ICQ Rules:
Do whatever you wish.  I don't care about ICQ very much.  Put my number on spam
   lists, tell it to your friends, and flood it with whatever you want.

What you can find at my web page:
-More info on me(in case you care)!
-Links to all of my guides!
-The most recent versions of my guides!
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-Feedback forms, surveys, and some other crap!
-News on what I've done and what I plan on doing!

If you're looking for me on a message board, you'll probably find me on the
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Please do not distribute this guide in any way without my explicit permission.
I'm sure you could use it and mutilate it to your pleasing, but I'd appreciate
it if you ask permission first.  Do not sell this guide, or do anything to pass
it off as your own guide.  I am well aware of my rights, and I will take the
necessary actions to protect my work.  Check out if you have any doubts.

Or, as they say, This document Copyright 2001 by Martin Silbiger.

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