Published on December 16, 2012

KRALLICE has been chugging along for a few years now, cranking out a distinctive style of droney black metal. Black metal is boiled down to its essence - tremolo guitars against blastbeats. The guitars NEVER STOP tremolling[1] from start to finish of each song. This means the band neglects a lot of aspects of music, like dynamic and rhythmic variation. It leaves you feeling a bit lost in the music, as a song with chug along for 10 minutes without really feeling distinctive.

That's not to say it's necessarily BAD because of this; self-restrictions lead them to a unique sound that's still ultra-heavy, and it helps that these guys are extremely talented musicians playing at blazing-fast speed. I just couldn't really get into them until I heard all the sick riffs on Years Past Matter.


Krallice didn't want to have distinctive track names, either. Hope you're good at counting. Here's my favorite track, with 9 Is, or as I like to call it, "Track 3":

There's a sweet riff around 4:45 that gets me every time; right at that part, I start rolling around with the blastbeats and I'm totally on board the Krallice train. (Yes, this song is over 12 minutes long. Krallice requires some endurance. If you can only concentrate for 90 seconds, go listen to Pig Destroyer.)

  1. not a word ↩︎