Published on June 28, 2015


Hi! I've been trying to cut weight without losing strength over the course of the last four months. Here's what I did in one of the final weeks.

I hit around 12.5k calories for the week, and my TDEE is somewhere around 14-15.5k calories, so I'm about on track to lose .5-1 lb/wk with this. I didn't count calories too strictly during the cut, but I counted for this post just to make sure I wasn't completely full of shit!

In summary, this is 4 days of lifting, 3 days of biking, and 2 days of yoga. The lifting sets+reps I listed are just what I did this week; I do a variety of sets & reps, usually working on the 2-5 rep range on the main lifts and doing up to 4x12 on accessories.

This is pretty much the minimum I could do to keep making progress. Obviously there are things I could do better (less snacking at work, sub beers for nothing or whiskey), but with this diet plan I didn't have to change much of what I love to eat.

If you're trying to do something similar: figure out a plan that works for you, track your progress, and keep yourself honest. Recognize your own excuses and defeat them!

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