Published on July 14, 2015

2015: bit Dungeon II Speedrun, 26:36 [World Record]

2011: Trips - a web-based multiplayer card game

2001: Spindizzy Worlds TAS, 24:41+

199x-2001: GameFAQs Contributor Page (26 guides)

Yeah, I've played a lot of games in my day. I grew up putting a ton of time into NES and SNES games, a few of my favorites being Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, the Donkey Kong Country series, Mario 64, Final Fantasy 7, Persona 4, Quake II, Command & Conquer, and basically all rhythm games I can get my hands on. These days, I still follow gaming, but don't make so much time for it. I get pretty snobby about games and tend to dig games with something unique to them; something with good atmosphere, unique mechanics, etc. Indie games are more my thing than big-budget titles.

I've also produced a handful of gaming content. This started a looong time ago, when I was a teenager. I loved the walkthrough/strategy guide site GameFAQs and started writing guides for them whenever I saw good opportunities to fill in gaps. A good handful of these guides were written to collect 'bounties', i.e. I'd get paid $20-50 for writing these guides - not a whole lot for the time I invested, but still, this was pretty cool to me before I was even legally allowed to work. Lots of these guides are crappy in retrospect, but...whatever! I'd spend a lot of time digging through games in an emulator, pushing boundaries everywhere, exploring the mechanics in exhausting detail to make sure I covered everything.

I was super embarrassed about this phase of my life, especially in college! (You know, like, "oh I was such a loser, I would write these guides instead of going outside" or something.) In retrospect, dude, I was producing content instead of just consuming it! And I was helping people, even if the number of people I reached was low. These guides still exist, so theoretically people might read something I wrote when I was a teenager!

Plus, I can make a pretty direct line between the skills I was developing then, and the programming skills I now use daily.

My favorite story about these guides - late in my 20s, my siblings and I were playing through Rayman 2 for nostalgia, and I got totally stuck on the first level. Lazily, I looked up a walkthrough for the level. Sure enough, I saw a full guide written by me, SloDeth.

GameFAQs Contributor Page

Going along with the 'fully exploring and totally breaking games' thing I got into via walkthroughs, I also got super interested in speedruns. The speedrunning scene was only in its infancy when I was a teenager - it's come a long way since then, via AGDQ and other communities - but I watched interesting ones and have produced a few myself.

2001: Spindizzy Worlds TAS, 24:41+

2015: bit Dungeon II Speedrun, 26:36

MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH, I've made some games! Hopefully this space will expand in the future:

2011: Trips - a web-based multiplayer card game