Published on February 15, 2012


Craft - I Want To Commit Murder

I kind of like the restraint of this song title. Like, if this guy was truly evil, he would've just done it already...or he would've pretended that he runs around murdering people all the time like it's no big deal. Instead, it's like, MURDER: IT'S ON MY BUCKET LIST! (Just give me a minute to consider the consequences, the moral ramifications, etc.)

Metal bands fall all over themselves to be the most brutal, the most disgusting...CADAVEROUS MASTICATION, MUTILATE THE STILLBORN, every grindcore song title has a real comic book quality to it. Sometimes it's best to step back from the arms race, to keep it simple.

"I want to dig your grave!" "I want to collect your shadow!" What is this, Pokemon?
But seriously, this song is pretty catchy for black metal.

Here's a really helpful guide to murder.