BERMUDA concept art

What's happening now? (February 2024)

Working on a project BERMUDA, a large interactive project with 25,000 LEDs controlled by a MIDI keyboard and knobs. This project will also involve songs sequenced to music, autoplay patterns, audio-reactive effects, and other code and hardware borrowed from LIGHTDREAM. Project page here.

Our rough timeline:

February & March 2024: Build all LED triangle fixtures
April 2024: First full dome build with BERMUDA
May 2024: First real event

If you want to help with build or support, please reach out! Email me at

My hobby projects mainly involve LED art and video/projector art. I love interactive art pieces and want to create "video instruments" that evoke feelings of musicianship, but in the visual realm.

Links on the left are mainly project pages for larger projects. The blog posts that follow are generally instructional about small projects or tasks that I've finished. Please reach out if you have any questions or let me know if you're interested in collaboration.

I'm a software engineer by day. Most of my hobby projects involve technologies like Arduino, C++, OpenGL, shaders, Python, and Nodejs; and software such as Resolume, TouchDesigner, AfterEffects, Blender, and Onshape. I try to include documentation and source code with anything interesting I'm doing.