Published on February 7, 2011

author: Marten
date: 07/02/2011

It ain't metal, but let's talk about some dark pop music for a second.
James Blake - I Never Learnt To Share

This guy just put out an album, so here's my fav song besides Wilhelms Scream, which you might've heard? I call this "Ghost Pop" because it's all these sparse arrangements that are barely even there. Like the songs feel incomplete ON PURPOSE. It's lo-fi, it's like hearing a rehearsal. How to Dress Well does this too. You fill in the blanks of the song. It's like when you're singing an old song, but you're humming along because you can't remember the words.

So, obv guys, we need some "ghost metal" - you know, like spacey, ambient, "hinting at heaviness" sort of metal. Let's get to work. Is PYRAMIDS the closest thing we've got?