Published on May 21, 2014

First of all, I HATE El Corazon. 3 reasons:

  • As far as a hardcore/metal venue goes, this place is one of the shittiest I've been to in terms of sound quality & layout(unless you get the sweet spot, which happens to be right in the mosh pit). Srsly, The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY blows this out of the water, and I ragged on that place all the time.
  • Every show I've been to, including seeing CONVERGE, has had young crowds. Like, maybe 50% high schooler crowds. I don't know if I hate the kids so much as I hate the idea that there's some reason people my age don't go to these shows anymore, like I'm somehow "wrong" as a metalhead for going to these shows. I need it loud to drown out these thoughts.
  • Their shows open super-early. Case-in-point, last year I went to catch GLASS CLOUD there, but they ended up playing 2nd of 5 bands, and I arrived too late to catch them at 8:30.

You'd think I would fucking learn my lesson. Turns out, fate won't let me see GLASS CLOUD. Doors for this show were at 6pm, so I decided I should head over there early at 8:30pm. NOPE, TOO LATE. Glass Cloud played 2nd of 4 bands, and I guess their set was 7:45pm-8:15pm. Fuck, man. Fuck. To rub salt in the wound a little, I was standing right in the doorway waiting to get in. There was noone else at the entrance except these two kids who walked up at the same time. They both had backpacks, which they had to get searched. AND, this kid had a fucking knife in his bag, which he got taken away from him! I'm standing there listening to the closing notes of If He Dies, He Dies.

LETLIVE was GREAT - the singer was really dynamic, and gymnastic, and got his feelings across. Dude couldn't love someone back because he didn't love himself, ya know? Had so much fun moshing to these guys.

moshbait (mäSH-bāt) n. (1) A show attendee under the age of 18. (2) A generally inexperienced show attendee, as demonstrated by poor impact avoidance. See also: 'feeder fish'

There was an 'incident' during ARCHITECTS' set. Someone jumped on stage and did something pretty dumb, like pulling the singer to the ground while he had his back to the audience. The band stopped playing and the singer left the stage.

To set the scene, people were crowd-surfing constantly at this show, during both LETLIVE and ARCHITECTS. One of my biggest pet peeves is "people who crowd-surf multiple times". CHECK. Another big one: "people who crowd-surf while being huge". CHECK. It was pretty annoying IMO. And chaotic.

So anyway, the band stopped playing, right? And, UNRELATEDLY, a bunch of guys carried out a young lady who had collapsed. They did this basically ON THE STAGE, which was pretty uncomfortable to see! This was actually the SECOND limp body I saw being carried out during the set! Holy fuck. Such danger.

I really hope these people are okay. Also, I support BANNING CROWD SURFING at venues! Yeah, that's right. Get that shit outta here! It's annoying and it kills people, do I need more reasons?

After that, the band scolded us a bit, then played a song where nobody really moshed / surfed. He then made an emotional plea to everyone to keep rocking out, and that he understands and loves when people go fucking nuts. The next song had the audience back to its usual moshy self.

...actually, let me tell that another way.
After the silence, the band played a weak-ass song. Then the singer said some emo shit and played a better song with tons of breakdowns.