Published on December 31, 2001
*                       Mother/Earthbound Zero Guide                          *
*                               BY: SloDeth                                   *
*                                                                             *
*             v1.6                                  April 30, 2001            *


0. Introduction
   Who am I?
   What is Earthbound Zero?
   What is a ROM?
   Where can I get the ROM?
   Why should I play this game?
   Why shouldn't I play this game?
   Can I use this guide on my website?
   Can I send you E-mail?

1. Version History

2. Before You Start
   The Command Menu
   The Battle Command Menu
   What's the deal with the money system?
   When/wehere should I gain levels?
   How can I hold more items?

3. Walkthrough
   a. The House Song
   b. The Canary Song
   c. The Zoo Song
   d. The Piano Song
   e. The Cactus Song
   f. The Dragon Song
   g. The Robot Song
   h. The Grave Song
   i. The Beginning of the End
   j. The End

4. Manipulating Your Emulator
   4. CHEAT!

5. Earthbound Zero <-> Earthbound (Comparison)

6. Contact Info
   E-mail address
   ICQ #
   Web Page
   Copyright Info

0. Introduction
Who am I?
I am SloDeth.  I have written many FAQs for various games, but this is my first
journey into the world of classic RPGs.  I'm proud of this guide, and I hope
you find it useful.  I wrote it because I found the other guides for this game
were lacking in the crucial parts of the game.  All that other good stuff...
the rest of my contact info is at the bottom of this guide.

What is Earthbound Zero?
Earthbound Zero is a game for the original NES which never made it to America.
It came out before its sequel, Earthbound, which was a very successful RPG in
both Japan and America.  As far as I know, it is only available in America
fully-translated as a ROM.

What is a ROM?
A ROM is a little program with questionable legality which allows you to play
NES games with an emulator.  Here are the basics to getting started:

1. Download an emulator, such as Nesticle.  Use a search engine to find it.
2. Read the README, read the info on the sites you find, read everything.
I won't go into detail here about emulators and ROMS because there's plenty
of information elsewhere on the internet.

Where can I get the ROM?
Look for it on the web with your favorite search engine.  Don't use Yahoo! or
Lycos, but Altavista works well.  Search for "earthbound zero roms" or "mother
roms", because Mother is its name in Japan(and Earthbound for the SNES is
Mother 2).

Why should I play this game?
1. You played Earthbound for the SNES and you want to take it a step back.
2. You enjoy 8-bit RPGs(yes, there are people like that...).
3. Incredible boredom.
4. You want to get back to your roots!
5. You find bad dialog and such amusing, like this quote: "Stop asking so many
   questions or I'll start to cry!"
6. The Forgotten Man!  He made the whole game worth it.  I think...I don't
   quite remember.

Why shouldn't I play this game?

1. It gets confusing without the walkthrough.
2. The game is VERY slow.
3. It falls into the dark trench of mediocrity.

Can I use this guide on my website?
It depends.  Here's how it is:


You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no" in
 almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me an E-mail address which
 I can inform you about updates to the guide.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me a hyperlink to the web
 site on which you post the guide.

Can I send you E-mail?
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide!

1. Version History
v1.6   April 30, 2001 Fixed a bunch of typos and added some similarities.
                      Thanks to and others for pointing out
                      my errors...

v1.5   June 28, 2000  Updated guide to conform with my new FAQ format.
                      Added new Contact Info.
                      Moved this section.

v1.0   June 22, 2000  First version.  Complete, unless I get any new ideas.

2. Before You Start
The Command Menu

TALK:  Talk to people.
CHECK:  Examines an object.  Use on anything that seems peculiar.
GOODS:  Uses goods.  Here are some important goods(there aren't many...):
   Cash Card: Use on ATMs to withdrawl money
   LifeUpCream: increases your HP
   Food: increases your HP
   Bread: tastes stale, Use to start dropping bread crumbs
   PSI Stone: increases your PP by around 20 points
   Pills/Candies: increase various stats
   Keys: open doors
   Onyx Hook: warps you to Magicant
     COMMANDS: Use-use item
               Eat-eat food item
               Drop-throw the item away
               Give-give the item to another member of your party
               Look-game tells you more about the item
STATE:  Shows your statistics, PSI spells, items equipped, and melody pieces
PSI:  Lets you cast spells.  All the spells are very self-explanatory, except
      Teleport, which can only be cast on a long stretch of land.  PSI LifeUp
      will be the only spell you use frequently.
SETUP:  Allows you to change button assignments and change message speed.

The Battle Command Menu

FIGHT:  Attack the enemy physically.  NOTE:  When you choose what enemy your
        characters attack, consider that your characters will try to attack the
        enemy you chose even if the enemy is already dead.  For example, if you
        encounter three weak(one hit kills) enemies, have each member of your
        party attack a different enemy.  That way, none of your characters
        attack enemies that have already died.  It makes more sense when you
        play the game, so just use your best judgment.
PSI:  Cast a PSI spell during battle.
GOODS:  Use an item during battle.
CHECK:  Works like Examine, Scan, Psych...tells statistics and strengths or
        weaknesses of the enemy
AUTO:  Have the game choose commands for your party automatically.  It chooses
       which enemy to fight randomly.  If one of your characters runs low on
       HP, each character will cast the highest LifeUp spell it can to help
       the character.  Don't use this command!  You can choose commands for
       your party much better than the game can.
GUARD:  Defend yourself.  You take less damage, but you do nothing.
RUN:  Try to escape battle, you wuss.  Its success rate depends on your speed
      and the strength of the enemy you face.
SING:  Only available after you have visited the Queen and sung the entire
       melody.  Used in the final battle with Giegue.

What's the deal with the money system?

Whenever you battle enemies, your dad puts a little more money into your bank
account.  In department stores there are usually ATM machines in the corner.
Go up to them and Use your Cash Card on them to Withdrawl or Deposit money.
When you die, you lose half your money, so you should leave most of your money
in the bank account until you need it.  On the other hand, if you don't die
much, carry it all around with you.  Money isn't very important in this game,
so don't worry about it.

When/where should I gain levels?
-Whenever you find an area where the enemies are too difficult.
-After the Girl and the Weakling join your party.
-Around free inns.

How can I hold more items?
You can't.  Try to rely on PSI instead of items for your needs so you don't
carry around Antidotes, Magic Herbs, Food, or LifeUp Cream.

3. Walkthrough
Here it goes.  I tried to be very straightforward without being boring and
detailed without rambling, so here it goes...

a. The House Song

You are in your house.  Exit your room, and you will be attacked by a lamp.
Kill it and go down the hall to your sister's room.  Fight the doll to save
your sister.  After you defeat the doll, Check it to learn the first song.

b. The Canary Song

Talk to your sister, your parents, etc.  Go outside and Check your dog to get
the Basement Key.  Go back in your basement and use this key to get some items.

Go down the path to reach Podunk.  Nothing much to do here so early in the
game.  Go to the top floor of the Department Store.  Talk to the man and he
will ask if you want a Canary.  Say yes, but turn down his price of $85.  Then
he will give it to you for free!

Head to Canary Village(somewhere in the northwest).  On the north side of the
town, there is a row of grey statues.  There is a hole in the fence behind one
of the statues, so go behind it.  Use the Canary on Laura the Talking Canary.
She will sing you the second song.

c. The Zoo Song

Head back to town and go to City Hall(with the sign in front and a pink door.
Talk to the Mayor upstairs and agree to help the sleazebag.  Go down South to
the Graveyard(you have to go over three bridges and walk around small alleys
created from the trees).  Once you get in, go south and around to find an open
grave.  In this grave, follow the passage and Check the coffin in the lower
left corner.  Egad, it's Pippi!  Take her back to the mayor in Podunk.  She
returns and you can get the Zoo Key from the secretary/assistant.

Go towards your home and you will see Pippi at her home.  Talk to her to get
a Franklin Badge, which protects you from several PSI attacks.

Head back to Podunk, and leave it on a path to the northeast.  Up there you
will find the Zoo.  A Singing Monkey will steal your key, but the gate opens.
Zigzag your way around the zoo until you reach the Superintendent's building
in the southeast corner.  The building is littered with items, but the enemy
lurks on the left door of the top floor.  Check the capsule and you are
attacked by Starman Jr..  The fight should end quickly.  With the Franklin
Badge, you don't need to do anything because his PSI Beam will hurt only
himself.  Make your way out of the Zoo.  The Singing Monkey is near the
entrace, so talk to him to get the third song.

d. The Piano Song

From now on, the songs will be much harder to get, so be prepared.  Head east
and north of the Zoo and talk to the guards on the bridge.  Cross the bridge
and enter a nearby cave.  At the end of the cave you will find a pink stone
in the ground.  Cast Telepathy on it to warp off to Magicant.  This is a mystic
world which connects the storyline of the whole game.  To the northeast is a
palace and the Flying Men.  To the southeast is a dungeon and plenty of wells.
To the southwest is a village, and some monkeys farther to the west.

In the town towards the southwest, you can get a Big Bag filled with Magic
Herbs, if you wish.  A man will ask you if you'd let him borrow your cash card.
Let him, and ask him for it back quickly.  He will give  the card back along
with the big bag.  DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!  You can also get an ocarina from
the northeast part of town in one of the buildings.  Just talk to the people.
The shops there in the northeast have all the goods you'll need.  When you have
enough money, buy all your characters Gold Rings, Magic Coins, and Pendants.
These are the best items in the game...setting the record for Worst Armory
System in an RPG.  Buy Boomerangs and any weapons you might want.

Head to the castle in the northeast.  Three guards don't allow you to pass the
first gate, but Cast Telepathy on the middle man to gain entrance.  Inside the
castle, explore the rooms to get items.  Some rooms only allow you to get one
of the gifts, so choose wisely(or see Manipulating Your Emulator).  When you
find the throne room, talk to the people to learn about the story.

When you finish, head to the wells to the south.  You could go to the north
instead to visit the Flying Men; talk to one of these men and they will join
your party until they die.  There are only five of them, so use them wisely.
To enter the dungeon, you must find the real well among the fake wells.

After you cross the narrow place and pass the solitary well, you will see a set
of wells like this:

	   *       *
         *     *
            O    *

(No, this isn't the extent of my ASCII art...)
The one with the O is the dungeon.  Walk over it to enter.  Inside the dungeon,
each floor has two paths: one on the left and one on the right.  Various items
lie on the paths, but head Right, Left, Left, and Right to reach the bottom.

At the bottom, wander around(it's very straightforward) until you find a hole
in the ground.  Notice the dragon to the west, but don't worry about him yet.
Head to the north exit, where you find the Forgotten Man.  Tell him you'll
ignore him and take the exit.  There is an Onyx Hook in the cave, which will 
return you to Magicant when you use it.  It will save you plenty of wandering
time, as well as save you from near death experiences.

Find the exit at the back of the cave, and you find the great outdoors once
again.  Head north around the obstacles and find a building(Twinkle School).
Now head south to the Little-Sweet Factory.  Various items around, you know the
drill.  Your goal is at the top, so take all the ladders up.  You are looking
for a Bottle Rocket, which will allow you to gain another member in your party.

Go back to the Twinkle School.  Find the janitor(I found him in the first room
on the right), who opens the door to the roof for you.  Up there, Talk to the
trash can, which hides the next member of your party(I will call him the
Weakling, since all his friends consider him one, as do I).  Give him a weapon
(preferably a Boomerang) and armor if you can afford it.

Follow the train tracks(to the north) until your way is blocked.  Go around the
blockade to the west and you find a Pass on the ground.  Continue on to the
Duncan Factory, where you can Use the Pass on the guard dog.  This looks just
like the Sweet Factory, but this time, the goal is to the west.  You have to
reach it in a large semicircle, and you go counterclockwise starting by going
east.  It gets a bit confusing, so good luck.  Once you get there, launch the
rocket and go way back to the train tracks.

Follow the train tracks through the narrow path, which you cleared with the
rocket.  Keep on following until you find a building on the tracks, which is
the Union Station.  Catch a train to Reindeer to get your third character...

Talk to the people around the town.  One woman will give you the hat of the
girl(I will call her Girl, appropriately...), which you must return to her.
Head back to the Reindeer Station and grab a train to Snowman.

In Snowman, go to the Chateau to the northeast.  It is home to Girl and her
family.  When you return her hat, she joins your party.  At this point, you
should return to Magicant(with the Onyx Hook) and buy her armory and a
Boomerang.  After this stop, get on a train to Spookane however it is most

In Spookane, there is an area with houses and such.  There is nothing of
interest here, so continue on south until you reach a hotel.  If you stay at
the hotel(for free), you get attacked by the owner, who is a Starman.  It's not
a big deal, but you can never use the hotel again.  Continue east, then north
along the path to reach the real village.  Talk to people and all that good
stuff, and one woman will give you the Ghost Key.  Go up north to the Haunted
House and Use the Ghost Key on the door.  This house is pretty SPOOKY! because
the enemies are very difficult.  Be careful with the Alarm Ghosts and Dustweed.
Various items around, etc.  The quickest way through is to talk to the mouse,
head through the upper door, the upper door, the lower door, and the lower
door.  Follow all those passages and you'll reach the Piano room.  Check the
piano to learn the fourth song.

e. The Cactus Song

Get back to Union Station(way back northwest) however you wish.  From Union
Station, head east and up around the cliffs.  When you reach the desert, go
into the center to find a man with a plane, tent, and tank.  From his camp,
head west for ten or twenty paces and head straight up until you find the
group of cacti.  One of the cacti looks different from the rest; Use Telepathy
on it to hear the fifth song.

f. The Dragon Song

I usually save this one for last because you are already on the path for the
other two songs.  Feel free to skip over this section until later.  It's only
here because this is where it is positioned on the Status menu.

Use the Onyx Hook to return to Magicant.  Head back to the wells in the
southeast and go into the dungeon.  You remember it, right, left, left, right,
and go back into the dungeon.  Check the sleeping Dragon, and you fight it if
your PSI power is strong enough(if not, come back later in the game).  Have
Girl use PSI-Block on it to prevent it's PSI Fire attack.  Once you defeat it,
Check it to hear the sixth song.

g. The Robot Song

Once you return to the man in the desert, take a plane ride for awhile.  Make
sure you have at least ten free inventory spaces.  Talk to the man and ask for
a ride.  Go on the A-route each time to save money.  Also on this path, notice
the rock walls to the east because you'll be there soon.  Once you've gone on
a ride four times(with your three people), you have twelve tickets.  Use a
Ticket on the man and he will let you ride his Tank.  You only needed ten
tickets, but that is irrelevant.  Take the tank over to the rock walls to the
east.  Head towards the center, but you will meet a robot before this.  The
tank protects you, so wail away at him until he falls.  Head to the pit in the
middle and continue along until you find another pink rock in the ground.  Use
Telepathy on it and you return to Magicant.

In Magicant, go back to the well field in the southeast and go through the
dungeon again.  When you exit this time, you end up near Youngtown.  You can
learn Teleport(unnecessary) if you Use Telepathy on a baby in Garrackson's
House.  Otherwise, head east to the swamp(read the signs).  Head northeast
through land strips around the water and cross bridges.  Find a house where
Pippi is staying, because you can sleep here for free.  Head south then
southwest to continue on.  After awhile, you are able to travel east across
some bridges.  Follow this path for awhile until you can head north.  Finally,
you reach the big city of Ellay.

Ellay is overrun with the Bla-Bla Gang, so don't talk to the people here.
Could this be sly political/social criticism?  Yes, but don't get caught up in
it.  If you'd like to go on a brief side quest, go to the Food store in the
Department Store.  Buy three (straw)berry Tofus and head to the Lookout Tower
to the northwest.  Check the farthest telescope on the roof of this building.
Take the rocket to the little island and enter the building on the island.
Give a berry Tofu to each man in the house to get Words Of Love, Swear Words,
and a brief plot story.  What a waste of $3000!

Anyway, back to the main quest.  Buy a Ticket from the Department Store and
head to the Live Show.  Talk to the man at the entrance to get him out of the
way.  Use the Ticket on the bouncer inside.  Talk to the people around and tell
the man you would like to dance.  You dance on the stage for awhile until the
leader of the Bla-Bla Gang asks to fight you.  He only fights the leader of
the group, but the fight is simple.  He now joins you for a short trip.  Don't
have a drink with the lady, or you'll visit the jailhouse and lose a weapon.

Now you need to find the cavern.  Head east, south, across the river, east,
and southeast again.  You can head to the healer's house, but the cavern is
just north of the house.  This is a big cave, which has all the Ultimate 
Weapons for the four characters.  Note that weapons are next to useless, as I
explained somewhere else in this guide, but go ahead and look for them.  To get
you started, get the Katana in the first area by going around counterclockwise 
without entering the side passages.

Here's the quickest way to get through the cavern:
-Go through the first passage(heading east) and take the first path to the
 north.  Follow the path along to another cave.
-Head southwest to the intersection, then go northwest to the next cave.
-Go south, and stay on the south path heading west to the next cave.
-Go south to the end of the path.  Go up the next path over(heading north) to
exit or go east to get Hank's Bat.

Now that you are outside, head up three ropes tied to the tree trunks and head
east until you find a healer's house.  Now for some intense action!  Wait until
the kids are in bed!  Talk to the man, then go into the next room with Girl.
Here's what happens and what she says:

Please stay with me.
Silence falls...would you like to dance?
Do you love me?(say yes!)
Oh [Name], I've loved you for such a long time.
I've loved you since I saw you in my dream.
::Gang Leader interrupts::
Gang Leader: Why are you two blushing?
             Sorry to bother you two...
             But did you hear those loud noises?
             Those noises outside, not the ones inside, silly!

Whoa, that was some B-movie quality dialog right there!  Anyway, you fight the
robot R7038.  He kills you all and injures Gang Leader forever.  When you come
back, Weakling rejoins your party.  You need to go back through the cavern and
find a broken boat outside.  Once you get back to the healer's house, head
north and around the shore to the east.  Find a broken boat and let Weakling
fix it.  Head west into the whirlpool in the middle.  There aren't any enemies
down in this place, so enjoy the view.  At the end of the passage, there's a
robot named EVE who will help you out.  It's like a super-powered Flying Man,
doing around 1000 damage with each hit.

Now you need to reach the summit of this mountain.  Take ropes and head on up.
If you get lost, head west for awhile. There's a cave on the cliff which gives
you a Sea Pendant.  On your way up, R7038XX will return and have a massive
robot battle with EVE(yay Japan)!  They destroy each other.  Examine EVE and
you will learn the seventh song.

h. The Grave Song

Continue up the cliff until you reach the summit.  There is a gravestone at the
top, which you must Check.  You now learn the final song.

i. The Beginning of the End

Return to Magicant with the Onyx Hook.  Don't worry about weapons, but if you
don't have all the greatest armors(Gold Ring, Magic Coin, any Pendant) for your
characters, go get them in the northeast shops.  If you can't afford them, you 
are in serious trouble and I recommend you go fight some enemies to not only
get money, but gain some much-needed levels.

Also, check over your PSI spells before you leave.  The main character should
have  PSI PSIShield Alpha or higher, and PSI DefenseUp Beta.  Girl should have
PSI LifeUp Pi.  The only items you need are PSI Stones(for Girl) and maybe some
LifeUp Creams.  High HP is recommended, but the other stats won't matter.

Head northeast to the Palace.  Return to the throne room and talk to the queen.
Magicant disappears and you return to the gravestone.  Head north and through
the caves to the boss of the game, Giegue.  Here's my near-flawless plan for
defeating Giegue, including dialogue:

-Have the main character cast PSI PSIShield Alpha on Girl.  Have Girl cast PSI
LifeUp Pi(or if her speed is high, you can skip it the first round).  Have
Weakling do whatever you wish for awhile.

"[Name], I am grateful to your family."

-Have the main character cast PSI PSIShield Alpha on himself.  Have Girl cast
PSI LifeUp Pi.  Have Weakling do anything.

"Your Great-Grandparents, George and Maria raised me."

-Have the main character cast PSI PSIShield Alpha on Weakling.  Have Girl cast
PSI LifeUp Pi.  Have Weakling do anything.

"But George stole vital information from our planet that can be used to betray
my people..."

-Have the main character cast PSI DefenseUp Beta.  Have Girl cast PSI LifeUp
Pi.  Have Weakling do anything.

"And now, one of his descendants is obstructing our plans, and must be stopped!
[Name], I'm talking about you!"

-If you have survived up to now, congrats, it gets easier from here.  Have the
main character cast PSI LifeUp Alpha or Beta on whoever has the least HP.  Have
Girl cast PSI LifeUp Pi again(she'll do it every time she can).  Weakling does
anything again.

"Go home now!  Perish with the rest of the ugly Earth People."

Do the same thing as last round.

"Foolish one, you cannot do a thing with your meager powers...powers worthy of
a lowly insect."

Same thing as last round...

"[Name]!  You alone.  I must save you.  Just you alone.  Board our Mother Ship
with me."


"...then, fall into a long sleep with your friends and the other ugly Earth

Now that his dialog is complete, you can start attacking him with the Sing
command.  From now on, have the main character Sing, the Girl cast PSI LifeUp
Pi, and Weakling Sing.  PSI LifeUp Pi costs 17 PP, so if you run too low, have
the other characters take over the healing duties while Girl uses a PSI Stone.
You must Sing eleven times, and he says this while you cast it:

Stop singing.
STOP singing!
STOP! Stop the song!
You puny little Earth bugs.  Shut up, and STOP SINGING!
The SONG...
Stop...please, stop!

That's the end, you did it!  Now sit back and enjoy the ending.

j. The End

4. Manipulating Your Emulator

-Tricks you can use to make the game easier, if you are using an emulator.

     Your emulator should have a feature called Save State, which saves all the
variables, position in the game, etc. into a file.  It pretty much freezes the
game wherever you are at the moment.  You can then load the state to resume
playing where you were.  It's an instant save game!
     This obviously has many advantages over the game's system.  Since it's
instantaneous, it's quick and easy.  Since you don't need to be at a "Save
Spot" to use it, you can save anywhere: towns, caves, and even mid-battle.
You can check out the paths ahead, take extra risks, and manipulate any of the
randomly-generated variables.  It will be your best friend.  Learn the shortcut
keys so you don't have to pull down the menu each time.  Use it frequently and

Specific things to do in Earthbound Zero:

-Use it to avoid tough enemies.  See, when you enter the environment, the game
 decides how many paces you have until you encounter an enemy, and what the
 enemy will be.  However, when you access the menu, the numbers are generated
 again.  You can manipulate it like this:
  *Save your state.
  *Walk until you encounter a battle.
  *If the battle is unsuitable, load the state.
  *Walk one less pace than however far you went last time.
  *Access the menu.
  *Exit/cancel the menu.
  *Save your state and restart the process.
 If you do this, you can avoid almost any conflict in the entire game.  In
 fact, the only enemies you must fight in the game are a lamp, a doll, a
 Starman Jr., a robot, a Gang Leader, a dragon, and Giegue.  Seven enemies!

-Use it to manipulate the level gains.  When your character gains a level, hit
 Save State.  The game generates the statistics as you go along.  Keep on
 loading the state until you get higher statistics.  This works especially well
 with Max HP and PP.

-Use it to learn more PSI skills.  After a battle, you can hit Save State after
 the enemy has been killed.  Keep on hitting load until you "Learn a new PSI
 power through battle!"  It is more likely to happen after a Level Up, so hit
 Save State after all the statistics(and Max PP) have been calculated.

-Use it to look ahead and plan your routes.  It isn't as useful because I
 already wrote out the walkthrough for you, but it may come in handy.

     Yes, the game is too slow, no doubt about it.  What can you do?  Speed the
game up!  Check to see if your game has any fast-forward button, and use it
frequently.  If there isn't one, look for a function called Frameskip.  This
function is usually set to Auto, which mirrors the speed of the real system.
If you set this to a number(the higher, the faster), it speeds the game up. 
This is your best choice if you use Nesticle.  However, it completely ruins the
music in the game.  Turn off the music and get a CD player or something(I
recommend some Pitchshifter for this game).

     This game has some very nice artwork for its time and system.  Take some
screenshots and use them however you like.  I was thinking about going through
the game, taking pictures of each enemy, and creating a large "mural" of all
the enemies.

     I'm sure there are Game Genie codes and State Save HexEditing addresses,
but I haven't found any.  Oh yeah, and cheating is BAD.  If I find any codes,
I'll post them here, but don't get your hopes up.  I've looked through the Hex
codes, but I haven't found anything obvious.

5. Earthbound Zero <-> Earthbound
It has been said that Earthbound is simply a 16-bit version of the NES game, 
but this is completely wrong.  However, these two games do have many things in
common.  I have made a list of them here, and I will add to it as I discover 
other things.


The boy has a baseball hat in each game.
The boy uses Bats as his weapon.
The Canary appears in both games.
The girl appears at a special school.
Trains are the main system of transportation(until you learn the spell).
There's a haunted town.
There's a town run by a gang.
There's a theater which you must visit.
The main character has a minor love interest with the girl in the party.
You must visit eight places to get to the boss of the game.
PSI is the system as magic, using energy points known as PP.
The main character's sister lets you store items not currently in use.
You never see the boy's father, who you must call to save your game.
ATM machines appear in each game.
Hippies and their hippie music appear.
You start the game in your own house.


Magicant is visited only once in EB, but it is a center of the game in EB0.
The spells in the game remain nearly unchanged.
The boss' name has changed from Giegue to Gigyas.
The number of characters in the party is limited to three in EB0, while it is
   four in EB.
The Flying Men can be used in EB0, but they only appear as NPCs in EB.
Giegue is defeated by Singing, while Gigyas is defeated by Praying.

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