Published on December 31, 2001
*                       Neutopia II FAQ/Walkthrough                           *
*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
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*                        v1.0       December 20, 2000                         *

0. Intro
 What is Neutopia II?
 Where can I find Neutopia II?
 Can I use your guide on my website?
 Is this the latest version of the guide?
 Can I send you E-mail?

1. Basics

2. Walkthrough
 To Tamool Cave
 Inside Tamool Cave

 To Shadow Labyrinth
 Inside Shadow Labyrinth

 To Douma Labyrinth
 Inside Douma Labyrinth

 To Manton Labyrinth
 Inside Manton Labyrinth

 To Pladon Labyrinth
 Inside Pladon Labyrinth

 To Twin Towers
 Inside Twin Labyrinth

 The Yellow Medallion
 The Red Medallion
 The Blue Medallion

 To No Labyrinth
 Inside No Labyrinth
 The Green Medallion

 To Atra Labyrinth
 Inside Atra Labyrinth

3. Version History

4. Contact Info
 E-mail address
 ICQ #
 Web Page
 Copyright Info

What is Neutopia II?

Neutopia II is a blatant Zelda-ripoff for the Turbo Grafx16(or whatever it's
called in the rest of the world).  This is the sequel to Neutopia, and it has
improved in many, many ways.  I can't say it's better than Zelda 3: A Link to 
the Past, but it's much better than the first and second one for sure.  Any
Zelda fan would enjoy it.  I only heard about it because CJayC over at put a bounty on writing an FAQ for it.  After playing it, I must 
say that it is one of the best classic games I've played!

Where can I find Neutopia II?

The best way is to buy it!  Check your local used game stores and see what you
can find.  Check some online stores and see if you can find it there.  I don't
think FuncoLand has any, but they charge too much anyway!  The best place to
look is probably eBay.  I've seen it go for between $40 and $80.

The other way is to download yourself a ROM of it. should
provide all the information you'll need for that.  DO NOT E-MAIL ME about ROMs
or emulation.  I'm not against it that much, but I don't want to deal with it.
You can find any information you need online.  Since the price is so high for
the cartridge, this is probably the way to go.

Can I use this guide on my website?

It depends.  Here's how it is:


You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no" 
 in almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me an E-mail address which
 I can inform you about updates to the guide.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me a hyperlink to the web
 site on which you post the guide.

Is this the latest version of the guide?
It depends.  If you got it straight from my website, it is the latest version.
If you got it from GameFAQs, it might be a day or two behind, but this is 
probably the best place to turn.  If you got it from any other website, you
might not have the latest version.

Since this is a classic game, I probably won't need to update the guide very
many times.  If you think anything is missing, tell me about it!

Can I send you E-mail?
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide FIRST!

Here's the storyline, straight from the box:
"In the previous edition of Neutopia, Jazeta brought peace
back to the land.  But as long as evil and fear life in the
human heart, the dreaded Dirth, Emperor of Darkness, will
be plotting his return.  The Emperor is stirring under the
peaceful surface of Neutopia, bringing suffering to its
people.  Who will save them ? Jazeta, the hero, is lost in a
labyrinth in a foreign land.  Can his son withstand the
powers of the Emperor of Darkness to rescue the good
people of Neutopia from fear and despair ?"

Yes, this game is a Zelda clone.  I don't think anyone can deny it.  Playing
Zelda(the very first one) will prepare you for this game like nothing else.
The strategies you use are very similar.  Most of the following advice could
be applied to Zelda also.

This game is easier than the original.  The plot is also much less linear.

Whenever you see something suspicious, bomb it!  There are hidden caves and
passages just about everywhere.

Whenever you enter a room, kill all the enemies.  When you're travelling on
the land, you can avoid the enemies if you wish, but it is more dangerous and
you won't get any gold/prizes.  In the dungeons, killing all the enemies in
many, many rooms will open doors.

Whenever you see a rock, try to push it!  Moving rocks can open doors and
secret passages.

In the later levels, pressure plates can activate spike floors, trigger blocks,
or fire arrows.  Some of these plates can be invisible.  Be careful!

Use your shield wisely.  If a projectile is about to hit you, turn to face it.
Your shield can block most projectile attacks.

Always try to carry two doses of the Medicine of Vitality.  You don't really
need to spend your money on anything but Medicine.

Don't put yourself into dangerous situations.  For example, don't try to attack
a large horde of enemies at once.  Wait until one separates from the pack, then
kill it.

As with all RPGs(if you can call this one), SAVE OFTEN.

Here's a list of the items you can receive from killing enemies...
Silver Coin-worth 10 gold.
Gold Coin-worth 50 gold.
Money Sack-worth 100 gold.
Heart-refills life by one box.
Wings of Return-use it to return to the Shrine.
Magic Ring-turns all enemies into a weaker type of enemy.
Bombs-blow stuff up.
Hourglass-every enemy freezes for awhile.
Icicle-freezes and destroys all enemies on screen.

2. Walkthrough

To Tamool Cave

*Welcome to Neutopia.  You are the son of Jazeta, the hero of the original
Neutopia, who is the son of Murdock.  Your father went to Yurius Shrine, in
Lapool, to investigate some monster appearances.  He hasn't returned.  He's
probably in trouble, so it's up to you to rescue him.*
Right now, you're in the Roa Woods.  First, you must go to Shamul Cave to the 
east, which leads to Lapool.  Unfortunately, the way is blocked by lava.  The
man in the cave next to you in the beginning gives you some bombs and some 
medicine, and there are merchants(bombs and medicine) in the southwest.

To find Tamool Cave, go northx2, east, southx3, westx2, southx2, westx2,
northx2, east, then northx2.

Inside Tamool Cave

Go north(bomb), grab a dose of Medicine, then go back south.  Go east,
east(bomb), north(bomb), then northx2.  Take the Crystal Ball.

Go north(bomb), north(bomb), then north again.  Take the Bronze Armor.

Go south, west(bomb), southx2, west, then south(kill all the enemies, one in 
each corner).  Take the Key.

Go north, west, northx3, east, east(bomb), then north to the boss.

BOSS: The metallic worm jumps up in the air and lands back in the ground.  He
doesn't fire any projectiles, so you shouldn't have a problem with dying.
Hack away at him with your sword whenever you have the chance.  It doesn't
matter where you hit him.  When you kill him, go west and take the Chalice of

To Shadow Labyrinth

From Tamool Cave, go southx2, west, southx2, eastx2, north, eastx2, south,
east, north(on the right), northx2, then east.  Go into the cave here.

Inside the cave, go east.  Use the Chalice of Agony on the platform here.  Go
east and south to exit the cave on the other side of the river.

Go north, east, then north.  Explore Lapool Village.

*Your father Jazeta saved Princess Lily of Yurius, so he is a hero.  Princess
Keia, the daughter of Lily, resides in the Yurius Shrine.  She hasn't been seen
for awhile, so you may want to check on her.  When you go to the shrine in the
upper left of town, you find that she is ill.  You must retrieve the Manipula
Herb from the Shadow Labyrinth.*  Bomb and Medicine salesmen are in the upper 
right of the town.  The password lady and a Boomerang salesman are in the lower
right.  You should pick up a Boomerang before you leave town.  The Boomerang
fires across the screen and returns to you.  While it tries its best to return
to you, you can easily avoid it.  Don't do this, or you'll need to find a new
one.  Also, don't leave the screen without your Boomerang.  When you are
finished, go south from the lower right of town.

After leaving town, go east, north, east, then south.  Kill all the enemies
here, then push the stone in the middle-left.  Go down the stairs and the elder
gives you the Fire Staff.  This shoots out fire, but its strength depends on
your health.

Go east, south, westx3, south, east, north, south(on the right), south, north
(on the left), west, south, then west.  Burn the rock down and go down the
stairs.  The elder here increases your bomb-carrying capacity by four.

Go south, west, northx2, east, then south.  Enter the Shadow Labyrinth.

Inside Shadow Labyrinth

Go northx2, east, then east(rock on left).  Move a stone in the lower left and
take the Bronze Shield.

Go south, east(rock in middle left), then south(bomb).  Kill the zombie and 
push a rock in the lower right.  Take the Crystal Ball.

Go north, west, north, westx2, then west(bomb).  Grab the Key.

Go north, north(upper left group of three), then west.  You can find some Bombs
by going west(bomb) then south(bomb) or south(bomb) then west(bomb), then
return.  Go north(southernmost rock on left), west, north(2nd from lower left
corner), west, then north(right rock in middle).  Take the Bronze Sword by
moving the rightmost rock.

Go south, east, south, east, south, east, east(bomb), then north to the Boss.

MAGOT MOTHS(I think they mean MAGGOT): The easiest way to defeat them is to
equip your Boomerang.  Throw it at them any time they show a blue spot.  Be
careful not to lose your Boomerang, or you'll have to finish the fight with
your sword.  They spray sand from the blue spot, so using the Boomerang from
a distance is a big advantage.  When you defeat them, go north.  Move the two
northernmost rocks surrounding the treasure chest, then take the Manipula Herb.

To Douma Labyrinth

Return to Lapool(from the shrine, go north, west, southx2, east, north, east,
north, east, south, east, northx2, south on the left, west, north, eastx3,
north, west, north, west, south on the left, west, north).  Go to the shrine
in the upper left.  Go east, then north.  Use the Herb on the Princess, and
she will awaken.  When she takes you west to the goddess, use the Chalice of
Agony on the statue.  Take the stairs that open up.

Go north, east, then north to found the town of Mykesha(SP?).

*A woman in here is missing her husband, who also wandered around in 
labyrinths.*  The Bomb and Medicine merchants, and the password lady, are to
the west.  Go in the house with the open door in the east and push away the
clock to find the Moonbeam Moss.  This moss will light up a dark room.

Leave through the east exit.  Once outside, go easex2, south, westx2, southx2,
east, north, east, southx2, then west.  Enter the Dark Cave here.

To get through this cave, go north, eastx2, northx2, west, then south.  From
outside the cave, go north and enter the Douma Labyrinth.

Inside Douma Labyrinth
This labyrinth introduces dark rooms, multiple floors, and "pressure panels".
When you step on these panels, purple blocks will go up or down, blocking or
unblocking your path.  This labyrinth is filled with dead ends and multiple
paths, so this section of the guide should come in handy.

Go northx3, eastx2, south, then south(middle one on right side).  Get the
Crystal Ball.

Go north, then west(bomb).  Go down the stairs.  Go east, north(rock on right),
north, westx2, west(both rocks are second from the top), then west(bomb).
Flip the switch in the upper left corner and take the Silver Shield.

Go east, southx4, west, then south(bomb).  Get the Key.

Go east(bomb), east, then northx3 to the Boss.

WERETOAD: The toad is vulnerable when you see a yellow spot on the toad's head.
If your life is full, use the Fire Staff...shoot a flame at him whenever he
lands, so that the fire will burn him if he becomes vulnerable.  When your life
gets lower, just use your sword when you can.  When he dies, take the stairs
down and take the Rainbow Drop.

*The elder here says that your father took the Aqua Lung and disappeared into
the ocean.  He has one more Aqua Lung at his house, and he will let you use it.
In the end, you will need to team up with your father to destroy evil.*

To Manton Labyrinth
Before you go on to the next level, you should go back and get some items.
First, use Wings of Return to go back to town.

If you want the Falcon Shoes, leave town from the east exit, go eastx2, south,
westx2, southx3, then east(with the Rainbow Drop).  The man underground will
give you the Falcon Shoes, which increase your speed.  Return to town.

If you want the Wind Staff, leave town by the east exit, go south(with the
Rainbow Drop), then west.  Use the Fire Staff to burn down the tree.  The elder
gives you the Wind Staff, which works just like the Fire Staff. Return to town.

Take the north exit.  Once outside, go eastx2, north, then westx4.  Burn or
blow down the tree here.  The elder downstairs allows you to carry four more

Go north, east, then west(on the upper side).  The elder in here, when he sees
your Falcon Shoes, will upgrade them to Snow Boots.  You can now walk on the
snow without sliding around!

Go east, northx2, westx2, southx3, east, then northx2.  Enter the Labyrinth.

Inside Manton Labyrinth

It's hard to decide where to start here...let's get the Silver Sword first.
Go east, northx3, east, northx2, then east(bomb).  Move the two southernmost
blocks and take the Silver Sword.

Go westx4, west(bomb), south(bomb), then south.  Go east(bomb) if you want
some bombs, then return.  Go southx3, then south(bomb).  Grab the Flail here.
You can use this to grab or attack things across a distance, but it costs ten
gold for each use.

Go south, east(bomb), north, then east(bomb).  Grab the Key.

Go east, north(bomb), then east.  Grab the Medicine here.  Go south, east(move
a block in the upper left corner), then northx3 to the Boss.

ROBOID: He has two attacks.  In one, he throws his arm out like a flail at you.
In the other, he shoots out two lasers.  Both of these are easy to avoid.  When
he shrinks down into an ice cube, he will turn red and head straight at you.
This is the only time he's vulnerable.  Time it so that you can hit him as he
slides towards where you were.  It is possible to hit him twice if you can make
him slide across a long distance, like the width of the screen.  When you 
defeat him, head north and take the Aqua Lung.

To Pladon Labyrinth

Return to town however you wish.  Exit town by going west, then go underwater.

Go west, north, east, north, west, northx2, east, then north.  Enter the

Inside Pladon Labyrinth

Go north, east(right rock in the middle), eastx3, southx3, then east(rock in
the lower right).  Grab the Crystal Ball in here.

Go west, northx4, west, northx3, then west.  Take the Silver Armor.

Go east, southx2, then west(bomb).  Take the Key.

Go east, south, then eastx2.  If you go north(bomb), you can find Medicine,
then return.  Go eastx2, then north to the Boss.  He looks familiar...

KRAKEN: Take a slice with your sword, then step back.  Repeat until dead.  This
fight won't be hard if you're careful.  Since the floor constantly pushes you
toward him, stepping back is important.  When he fires the circular ray from
his head, step out of the way.  The tentacles shouldn't be a problem.

*Your father tells you that evil has returned to Neutopia.  You must collect
the four medallions, the Sun Sword, the Gold Armor, and the Gold Shield.  Dirth
is hiding out in the desert, practicing his evil magic.  He gives you the
Legendary Sword, which will turn into the Sun Sword if you wield it like a true
warrior.  The Princess is in danger, so he warps you to Yurius Shrine.*

To Twin Towers

Go into the shrine.  Go west, then north.  Swing your Sword while standing on
the platform.  Go north, east, then south to find the outside world again.
Go south, west, then north to enter the town of Pepai.

*There's not much new information here.  Legend has it that the island Atupal 
is powered by Sun Flame power.  A blacksmith will upgrade your sword to the
Sun Sword if you find the Sun Flame.*

Take the south exit of town.  Go south, east, then southx2.  Burn the tree
here.  The monk will increase your life force by one.  Return to town.

Take the west exit and kill all the enemies.  Go down the stairs and an elder
will give you the Lightning Staff.  It works just like the other staffs,
except it uses lightning power.  Return to town.

From the north exit, go northx2, east, northx2, west, then south.  Here is the
town of Igloo.

*From here and the surrounding areas, you learn that the Twin Towers, which
contain the Bell of Heaven, lead to the island of Atupal, which is powered by
the Sun Flame, which you need to change your sword into the Sun Sword, which
you need to travel in the South(whew!).  If Dirth captures the scientist Nanyo,
all hope will be lost.  A man here lost his granddaughter to a man in a red

Leave Igloo Town.  Go east, north, westx3, south, east, south, then westx2.
Use the Fire Staff to enter the Twin Towers.

Inside Twin Towers

Go west, north, then westx2.  Go north, west(after taking the Medicine), west,
south, then east(bomb).  Take the stairs up.

Go west, south, eastx2, north, eastx3, then north(bomb).  Take the Crystal
Ball, then go east(bomb).  Go inside the spiral and push one of the blocks on
the western side.  Go up the stairs.

Go south, south(the rock directly south of where you enter), west(rock in the
center pair), west(bomb), north(bomb, after pushing the southernmost rocks and
taking the Bombs), westx2, north(bomb), westx2, south(southernmost rock on 
upper left group), then east(bomb).  Mess with the top blocks and get the Key.
Go west, then south(bomb).  Take the stairs up.

Go northx2, then east(rock in the upper left).  Go east(bomb) if you want some
Medicine, then return.  Go south(right rock in the center), east(bomb, kill all
enemies and move the westmost rock you can reach), eastx2, south, east, then
north.  The woman(maybe your sister?) gives you the Flute, which will free the
Ice Giant later.  Go east(bomb) then east(bomb) and take the Gold Shield.  Go
west, then south(bomb, use the teleporter on the other side). Go up the stairs.

Go west, north(bomb), west(bomb), then westx3.  Go north if you want some
Medicine, then return.  Go south(lower rock in the middle), west(bomb), then
north to the Boss.

MEDUSA: This boss is one of the easiest!  While she moves only horizontally,
attack with your sword constantly.  Only move to kill snakes or avoid her rays.
When she begins moving vertically also, time your shots and be more careful.
The snakes can be overwhelming, but do your best to avoid them.  When she's
finished, go north and take the Bell of Heaven.  Take the stairs up and use
the Bell.  You are teleported to Atupal, where you can take the Sun Flame.
You are teleported back to the base of the Twin Towers.

The Yellow Medallion

From the entrance of the Twin Towers, go eastx2, northx2, west, then north.
You will play the Flute, and the Ice Giant will give you the medallion.  

The Red Medallion

Return to Pepai.  Talk to the blacksmith here.  He will upgrade your sword.

Take the west exit.  Go south, westx3, north, east, north, west, southx3, then
west(on the lower side).  Burn the tree here.  The monk inside will increase
your bomb-carrying capacity by four.

Go east, west(on the higher side), then south to the town of Basara.

*Dr. Nanyo used to live here, but he went into hiding in the Lost Woods.  This
town used to be connected to Oasis, but the volcano ruined the path.*

Leave the town again by the north exit.  Go westx2, north(on the left side),
then west.  Burn the center tree and go down the stairs.  Here you will find
Dr. Nanyo!  He gives you the Magic Hand, which will help you get into the

I don't think I mentioned this monk yet...from Basara, go north, east, northx4,
east, south, then eastx2.  Burn the tree here and visit the monk.

When you're finished with the Lost Woods area, return to Pepai.  Take the west
exit.  Go southx2, east, south, east, then south.  Enter the Volcano.

Defeat the enemies and go north to the Boss.

SALAMANDER: Attack him anywhere on his body.  This wouldn't be difficult, but
every hit takes off a few hearts and most of the panels push you into danger.
Be sure to use the Rainbow Drop to cross over to the other side.  When you
kill him, go north into the next room and take the Red Medallion.

The Blue Medallion

When you leave the Volcano, the island breaks off and you float over to a new
area.  You can visit Basara to the north if you want, but Oasis is just
west(the lower path) then South.  After visiting the people of Oasis, go west.
Burn down the trees and go down the stairs.  Kill the enemies here and go north
to the Boss.

ZORBON: This guy is tough.  Most of the time, he hops around.  When he lands,
he does an 8-way attack.  Every once in a while, he will just move around
instead of hopping.  This is your chance to attack!  The boomerang works nicely
here, since he usually starts hopping when you get close.  After you attack him
once, he splits into two.  Attack these and they split again.  Attack these and
they split for the final time into an enemy you've seen before that is always
vulnerable.  Good luck!

When you defeat him, leave the way you came in.  A fairy will fly away from the
lake, leaving you a chest.  Open it and receive the Blue Medallion.

To No Labyrinth
*This labyrinth is apparently unknown, since nobody knows the name.  One man
says that "there is no labyrinth, but there are four strange stones to the
south."  Thus, the name No Labyrinth...*

The town is saved!  Visit the rest of it in the west.  Go back east and take
the north exit.  Go east, west(higher side), north, west, south, west, south,
west, south, east, south, then west.  Defeat the enemies and enter the dungeon.

Inside No Labyrinth

Go eastx3, north(bomb), north, north(bomb), north(bomb), then north(bomb).
Take the Gold Armor!

Return to the entrance(southx5, westx3).  Go west, northx2, west, then 
south(bomb).  Take the Crystal Ball.

Go north, east, north, east(bomb), then east(bomb).  Take the Key.

Go west, then northx2 to the Boss.

SORFLOID: This battle is simple if you whip out your Boomerang.  The Sorfloid
is vulnerable when it sticks its head out.  Throw and direct your Boomerang so
that it hits a few times, all while running from it and its petals.  When you
kill it, go down the stairs.

The Green Medallion

Down these stairs, you find the Princess.  She gives you the last Medallion and
gives you the details on the final battle.

To Atra Labyrinth

If you need to return to Oasis(like to get Medicine), go back and then return
to the entrance to No Labyrinth.  From here, go east, north, east(on the
higher side), southx2, then westx2.  Burn the tree and meet the monk.  He gives
you your final life boost.  You should now have a full life bar.

Go east, south, eastx2, northx2, east, north, then west.  Mount the Medallions
in their places, then enter Atra Labyrinth.

Inside Atra Labyrinth

Go north, west, north, then east(bomb).  Take the Crystal Ball.  Go westx2, 
north(mess with the rocks in the middle), east(lower left rock, then mess with
the rocks near the red trigger rocks), north, eastx2, south(left rock), 
southx2, east(bomb), north, north(leftmost rock), then north(bomb).  Take the 
stairs up.

This floor is tricky.  Go west, then south.  You can grab some medicine by
going south, east, then south(bomb), then return.  Go west, north, then
west(bomb).  Take the Key in the southern chest.  Go east, southx2, west, then
south(bomb).  Go up the stairs.

Go eastx2, southx2, west, then west(bomb).  Take the final set of stairs.

Go south, east(left rock in the middle), then north to the Boss.

DIRTH: Equip your Medicine and get ready.  He takes your staffs and uses them
against you.  He splits into two, the real Dirth and an illusion.  Attack when
one disappears.  When he uses the Fire Staff, just step out of the way and
continue attacking.  When he uses the Lightning Staff, attack through the
opening, either vertically or horizontally, or diagonally.  When he uses the
Wind Staff, it's best to step back and wait.  It will hit you twice if you get
stuck.  When you are down to only a heart or two, use the Medicine.  Note that
while your life bar is filling up, any damage you take during that time will
also heal.  Since your life bar is so long, this is about five seconds of free
healing!  Good luck.  Once you defeat him, sit back and enjoy the ending.

By the way, I don't think we'll be seeing another sequel.  Oh well...

3. Version History

December 20, 2000 - v1.0 - First version.  Complete, as I see it.

4. Contact Info

ICQ UIN:   15025844
Web Page:

E-mail Rules:
Include the name of the game or guide in the subject.  Neutopia is enough.
E-mail me almost ANYTHING: questions(not answered in the guide), comments,
   praise, criticism, requests...even ADDITIONS TO THE GUIDE.
Ask me if you can use this guide.  I will almost certainly let you, as long as
   you ask politely.
Don't E-mail me crap.  Don't ask me to join a website, like AllAdvantage.
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ICQ Rules:
Do whatever you wish.  I don't care about ICQ very much.  Put my number on spam
   lists, tell it to your friends, and flood it with whatever you want.

What you can find at my web page:
-More info on me(in case you care)!
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-Feedback forms, surveys, and some other crap!
-News on what I've done and what I plan on doing!
Please do not distribute this guide in any way without my explicit permission.
I'm sure you could use it and mutilate it to your pleasing, but I'd appreciate
it if you write to me first.  I'm very willing to give out this guide, given
that it is not changed in any way.

Or, as they say, This document Copyright 2000 by Martin Silbiger.
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