Published on April 6, 2011

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fully sick mate!

Oh god. PkwyDr, why do you do this? Here's the thing. You're a pretty great Australian metalcore band; veterans of the scene, even. Your new album: best one yet. Your choice of Joe Barresi (see also: Kyuss, Tool, Jesus Lizard) to produce your album was ace. Your riffs are sweet. So sweet that, in my favorite track of yours:

(2010) Parkway Drive - Sleepwalker

I can ignore stupid lyrics like "how the fuck am I supposed to feel / when everything I know / lies broken at my feet?!?"

(Bad, I guess.)

I hate to mention the lyric "My solitude: my shield, my armor. Tested with full force." That's not even a line from "Alone", which is mostly about being alone in an ocean (rather than a battlefield, or whatever.) But yeah, "Home is for the Heartless" made me laugh out loud as I was sitting at my desk.

I actually love emo, so combining emo and metal is pretty okay with me. Still, when it comes to "guilty pleasure" metal bands, I haven't been this embarrassed since I fell for MISERY SIGNALS. See, usually I just tune out metal lyrics, so I don't care if they're singing about heartache, or the severed head of Satan. But Misery Signals doesn't let you suspend your disbelief. They have one guy screaming, then one guy will chant something cheesy, like "we are not meant to contain the sadness in this world".

(2004) Misery Signals - The Year Summer Ended in June

The breakdown in this song is amazing:

don't you know I tried to find those pictures...
**I     LOST      THEM         AS     I      LOST      YOU!!!**

By the way, I just invented the genre "diarycore". Google that shit - it's MINE. I win.