Published on December 31, 2001
Mario's Picross 2:  Wario Worlds 1-6 Solutions

These images are compiled of screenshots of the solutions for the levels.  While
I don't recommend using them to glide through the game, feel free to use them
whenever you get completely stuck.

These images were made entirely by taking screenshots and cut-and-pasting.  I
could have made them look much nicer and made their file sizes smaller, but I'm
too lazy!  I have no apologies besides that.

These images may be distributed freely and individually as long as they aren't
modified IN ANY WAY.

Level numbers are generally assigned in a clockwise order, or simply the nearest
level to the previous one.  For example, in the third world, I take the upper
right branch before the lower right.  In the sixth level, I do the left column
first from top to bottom, then the right column from top to bottom.

Images by: Martin Silbiger(  All rights reserved (c) 2001.


  • UPDATE * I'll only be in town for one week of the next six, and this series of
    solution series won't be getting anywhere soon. If you'd like to help with this,
    or even just take it over, I wouldn't mind. To do this, you just need to grab
    No$GMB(an emulator) and the ROM with my Save State available at:

Every time you solve a puzzle, take a screenshot by right-clicking and selecting
"Screenshot". When you solve the last one of four, take the screenshot quickly,
because it will switch to the Congratulation screen quickly. Then, once you have
all the screenshots for the world, cut-and-paste them into an image, or just zip
them up and send them to me. I'll do the rest! If you go the independent route,
be sure to give me credit for what I did, then upload it to GameFAQs, etc. Email
me( if you have any questions or need any help, but don't
expect an answer for a few weeks...but I would appreciate your comments. I don't
want this little project to die, but I also can't continue at this point.