Published on January 18, 2012

Sometimes you're just not looking for anything deep. Sometimes you just need some good riffs and stupid lyrics and quick, fast songs to get your fix and get on with your day. Some days are perfect for Structures.

Structures - At Las(T)

Structures - Hydroplaning

Is deathcore okay to like? I'm here to tell you it is. I mean, if you accept its existence, this is TECH-DEATHMO.

THA FUCKIN' GOVERNMENT!!! Why are these kids so pissed about it? Who cares.

I guess there's a moment towards the end of "Hydroplaning" where, even after all the death-growling and spastic, shifting time signatures, they slip into early 00's-era screamo, like they think they're Saosin or something. That's the moment where I get chills and think about my teen years and decide I'm too old for this band. But whatever. I'm glad kids these days are at least super-precise with their polyrhythms and have perfected their guitar tone. More power to 'em.