Published on October 18, 2011

On your band. Put a bird on your band. Make your band a bird band. DO IT.

This post is about EAGLE TWIN. Their album "The Unkindness of Crows" is an unrelenting sludgefest. I love the guitar tone, All the songs on this record are about birds, too:

  • In The Beginning Was The Scream
  • Murder Of...
  • 10,000 Black Birds Of Hot Fire
  • Storytelling Of Ravens
  • Crow Hymn
  • Carry On, King Of Carrion
  • And It Came To Pass That Birds Fell To Earth As Black Snakes


Eagle Twin - Crow Hymn

Crow Hymn is the apex of the album, IMO. It's immediately accessible, it's got some sweet riffage right at the start...listen to that fuzz!

Remember when Incubus put out that steaming pile of shit, A Crow Left of the Murder? Fuck that. I officially award this album the Best Crow Album Award. It's one of those albums that flies by, the kind that lasts an hour but doesn't feel like it. Oh hey, you can understand the lyrics on this album! Amazing. They sound ominous. They sound like some tale about how these birds don't give a shit about you, and are probably ancient.

These guys are on Southern Lord, home of the sludge. (I wish that was their tagline. It should be.)