Published on December 31, 2001
*                       RAYMAN 2: THE GREAT ESCAPE                            *
*                          for Sega Dreamcast                                 *
*                            FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                  *
*                                                                             *
*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
*                                                                             *
*                        v1.3         March 26, 2001                          *


I.  Intro/FAQ
   What is this game?
   Why did you write this guide?
   What's the deal with lums and cages?
   Is this the latest version of the guide?
   Can I use your guide on my website?
   Can I send you e-mail?
   Where is the 1000th lum?
   Where's the last cage in the Fairy Glade?
   I can't find so-and-so lum...
   Where's the sixth crystal?

II. Version History

III. Walkthrough
   Level One: The Woods of Light
   Level Two: The Fairy Glade          
   Level Three: The Marshes of Awakening        
   Level Four: The Bayou                
     Sub-Level Four: The Walk of Life        
   Level Five: The Sanctuary of Water and Ice     
   Level Six: The Menhir Hills         
      Sub-Level Three: The Cave of Bad Dreams          
   Level Seven: The Canopy             
   Level Eight: Whale Bay              
   Level Nine: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire      
   Level Ten: The Echoing Caves            
   Level Eleven: The Precipice             
   Level Twelve: The Top of the World         
   Level Thirteen: The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava      
      Sub-Level Thirteen: The Walk of Power        
   Level Fourteen: Beneath The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava    
   Level Fifteen: The Tomb of the Ancients    
   Level Sixteen: The Iron Mountain            
   Level Seventeen: The Prison Ship           
   Level Eighteen: The Crow's Nest            

IV. Dreamcast Exclusive Mini-Games!
 The Crystals
 VI. MENezis

V. Contact Info

=============================== I. Intro/FAQ =================================

What is this game?

This is Rayman 2.  It is the sequel to Rayman, a 2D platformer for the
Playstation.  The sequel is one of the best 3D platformers ever, and it has
been released on every modern gaming system.  This is the guide for the
Dreamcast version, which includes some unique mini-games and hidden crystals in
the levels.  The graphics are improved massively from the N64 and PC versions
of the game.

Why did you write this guide?

This is one of my favorite games of all time.  Period.  There has never been a
better, more fun platformer.  David Wouter wrote a great guide for it(yes, I
will mention his guide a few times), and it helped me through the N64 version.
Then came the Dreamcast.  Of course, I had to try this great game on the new
system.  At first, I was only planning to make a What's New?-type guide.  Then,
bam, CJayC over at GameFAQs puts a $50 bounty up for it.  I wrote this full
guide to enjoy the game one more time and pick up some cash for it.

What's the deal with lums and cages?

Lums and cages are the typical collectibles, like you find in other adventure
games.  In this game, there are 1000 lums and 80 cages.  For every ten cages
you find, your life meter increases.  For every fifty lums you find, a new
message will show up on the Start screen.  When you collect all the lums and
cages, nothing really changes besides that.  You do get thanked in the credits,
but it's pretty minor.

Is this the latest version of the guide?
It depends.  If you got it from my website( or from GameFAQs
(, it is the latest public release of the guide.  If you got 
it from, it is probably the latest version, give or take
a day.  If you found it at any other site, it may not be the latest version.

If you're reading this, the guide is probably the final version.  Everything
relevant to the game is in the guide right now.

Can I use this guide on my website?
It depends.  Here's how it is:


You may not make any changes to it.  You can ask, but the answer will be "no"
 in almost every case.

You cannot make it seem like you wrote the guide yourself IN ANY WAY.  It must
 be clear that it is my original work.

You may not re-write it yourself in your own style.  It's called plagiarism.
 Even if you change every word, plagiarism is the theft of IDEAS.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me an E-mail address which
 I can inform you about updates to the guide.

If I grant you permission by E-mail, you should give me a hyperlink to the web
 site on which you post the guide.

Can I send you E-mail?
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide, after
you make sure it's not one of the questions below!


Where is the 1000th lum?
Read my walkthrough for the Tomb of the Ancients!

Where's the last cage in the Fairy Glade?
You'll find out when you get to the Echoing Caves.

I can't find so-and-so lum...
I can't list the location of EVERY lum and cage in this game.  I mention the
location of any off-the-path cages and lums, but the ones that are obvious to
me might be completely missed by someone else.  If you really need help, read
David Wouter's guide for the N64 version over at  He has done
just that, and the guide is pretty impressive.

Where's the sixth crystal?
That depends...which one are you missing?  Geez...the list is around the bottom
of the guide, so go to each level and see if it's there.

============================ II. Version History ==============================
v1.3 - March 26, 2001 - Found the 1000th lum, so fixed all the appropriate
  sections.  Thanks to the people on the GameFAQs boards(esp. riveler) for this

v1.2 - March 9, 2001 - Fixed one(perhaps the only?) typo in the guide.  Thanks
  to krustster on the GameFAQs boards for helping me with my constant struggle
  for perfect grammer[sic]!

v1.1 - March 3, 2001 - Ran the guide through a spell-check.

v1.0 - March 2, 2001 - First version.  Complete, but I plan to add more detail
  to a few areas if I get any criticism.

============================= III.  WALKTHROUGH ===============================

       Level One: The Woods of Light       Lums: 5         Cages: 2

Use this level to get used to the controls and the game itself.  There are
these things called "lums" that contain a little of the world's energy - if
you're up to the challenge, try to collect all of them.  Also, you will find
your friends stuck in cages throughout the world - try to free them all.  Your
life bar increases in capacity after every 10 of them.  You meet a few 
characters in this level - Globox the frog(I guess), Ly the fairy(who you must
save), Murfy the flying guy with big teeth, and the king(s) of the Teensies.

After the intro movie when you gain control of Rayman, shoot open the grate and
go into it.  Slide down, grabbing the red lums as you go.  In the next area,
follow the river to the first cage of the game.  Shoot it open, then grab the
lums and fall down.  

In here, grab the lums on the ground level(make sure you get the one behind the
waterfall) and then jump up to the cave.  You need to use a helicopter jump - 
press and hold A until you reach the height of your jump, then tap A to start 
spinning.  Go through this cave after talking to the little Globoxes, then walk
through the cave to the rock wall.  Jump between them and press A to hold
yourself between them, then jump again and press A at the height of your jump.
Repeat until you reach the top.  Shoot the cage and meet the Teensies, then
move on to the next area.

* NOTE * Did you notice that purple round lum on your way up?  Once you gain
the power, you can shoot this and swing across to a Dreamcast-exclusive area
known as the Globox Village.  More on this later...

       Level Two: The Fairy Glade          Lums: 50         Cages: 7

Welcome to the first real level!  In this level, you will learn the basics of
progressing through the game.  You are introduced to swimming, switches, simple
puzzles, exploding barrels, updrafts, purple lums, and battles.  Good luck!

In the beginning, grab the lums in the immediate area(including the ones
underwater).  Jump on the mushroom with an area pointing down to it, then climb
your way to the cave.  Make your way up and around to a switch.  Shoot it, then
walk across the branch and get the cage.  Jump back down to the ground and
enter the gate you opened.

In here, make your way to the top(float on the barrel in the watery area to get 
some lums).  Jump on these two machines and enter the cave.  Climb up the tree
here into an open area.  Note that you CAN'T GET THE CAGE IN THIS AREA YET.
Later on you will be able to enter this area from another entrance, and you
will be able to get the final cage and its two lums.  Anyway, climb across this
area, avoiding the piranhas as you go.  Follow the path to an open area.

Here you find a pirate tossing exploding barrels at you.  Follow the left path
to get some lums and a cage first, then return here and stand on the platform
in the middle of the ground with the X on it.  When the pirate throws a barrel
at this location, jump out of the way and let it hit the planks.  Jump down
through the newly created hole.  Kill the pirate here and jump across the
debris.  Climb the web, alternating between left and right to avoid the
barrels.  Shoot open the door with the X over it.

In this open area, kill the pirate and enter the room.  Kill the pirate here(by
grabbing an exploding barrel and tossing it at him, to save time) and grab a
barrel.  Walk back outside and toss it at that door with an X to find a cage.
Go back to the first room and climb the gate.  At the top, cross the netting
and grab any lums in the area.  In the next area, you see a blue laser scanning
the floor.  Time your jumps well.  Shoot the switch and enter the door.  Kill
the pirate, shoot the switch, then jump to the room below.  Follow it to an
open area.  Go down to your left to a little cave with a large machine.

This is a little tricky.  After defeating the pirate, enter the cavern and grab
an exploding barrel.  Walk forward until a flying bomb gets too close for
comfort.  Throw the barrel up by pressing A, then shoot it down while standing
in place.  With the barrel in hand again, walk forward and repeat.  By this
time, you should be close enough to hurl the barrel at one of the bandages.
Do this three times(once for each bandage) and you free Ly.  She gives you the
power to use purple lums.  Yes, now you can return to the first level and enter
the Globox Village.

Go back outside and climb the net.  Shoot the purple lum and swing across to
the new area.  In the shaft with oil at the bottom, float down and grab lums.
At the bottom, walk across the bridge and get the *FIRST CRYSTAL*.  These are
used to access the bonus levels in the Globox Village.

In the next area, you must use your helicopter to float up the updrafts.  Grab
the scattered lums on your way up, and shoot the cage at the top.  Exit the


Secret Entrance from the Echoing Caves
From here, shoot the plum and jump on it.  Go downstream until you can jump to
the spiderweb.  Climb it and climb across the big horizontal spiderweb to the
next level.  Jump and swing across purple lums to the pirate ship.  Let the
pirate blast a bridge down for you, then enter the passage that appears.  Kill
the sleeping pirate here.  Get the *FOURTH CRYSTAL* and find the cage, then
fall down the hole to return.

   Level Three: The Marshes of Awakening        Lums: 50         Cages: 5

This level is one of the most fun in the game.  After the little intro, you get
to water-ski on your friend's back through the swamps.  Enjoy!

Jump across the lilypads(remember the branch to the left) to the net and jump
over it to the floating bridge.  Shoot the cage here and meet Ssssam.  Shoot
him to start your water-skiing adventure.  This part is very straightforward.
Some of the lums are difficult to get, but they are all out in the open.  Use
the L-trigger to slouch down whenever you see a piranha.  Slouching will keep
the fish from knocking you off.

       Level Four: The Bayou                Lums: 50         Cages: 7

This level is very straightforward.  You need to keep moving in a few parts, or
the ship will shoot you into the marsh.  Here's where you may have trouble:

-In one area, you will see a cage below you, but you can't shoot it directly.
Ricochet bullets off the nearby wall to open it.

-In an area a little after it, you see a purple lum and a tree with a large
crack in it.  Swing across the lum into the tree to find another cage.

-After that, you find another large tree trunk with a monkey-like pirate inside
it.  Swing across, stay near the edge, and get it to chase you.  Jump in the
air near the edge and make it fall off.  Continue the button and
dash across.  Go left at the first opening, then press the switch.  Go down 
instead of up and find another cage, then continue up to the exit.

    Sub-Level Four: The Walk of Life        Lums: 50         Cages: 0

After you enter The Bayou, turn left instead of looking forward to the rest of
the level.  You see six pillars.  Go talk to Ly in the center of it, and you
warp off to The Walk of Life.  You need 100 lums to do this.

In this level, you must run through the level quickly, collecting lums as you
go.  Be sure to grab all the lums on this level...the time doesn't matter at
all.  In fact, if you fall off, the time limit is restored to 30 seconds.

    Level Five: The Sanctuary of Water and Ice     Lums: 50         Cages: 2

This is your first Sanctuary, complete with puzzles, a boss, and a mask.  The
only new concept in here involves the magic spheres.  When you find a colored
ball(blue or yellow in this level), find the little pyramid that matches its
color and toss the ball onto it.  These often unlock doors.

The level begins on the beach.  Turn around and walk across the bridge to the
first cage.  Go back to the beach and climb up the cliff.  Go into the cave and
jump in the water first.  Swim down into a passage until you find the cavern
with a cage and the *SECOND CRYSTAL*.  Swim back and climb on up into the next

Time for a puzzle!  Behind the house on the right is an exploding barrel.  Pick
it up and blow open the door of this house.  Get the sphere in the house and
throw it onto the receptacle.  Repeat this with the house on the other side and
enter the door.  Go around the path to get the lums - you should have 40 by
now.  Go into the door.

This area is another sliding path.  Slide down and grab lums as you go.  At the
bottom, you will face the first boss, Axel.  To beat him, just swing across the
purple lums in succession until you reach the end, then shoot the icicle to
kill him.  Swing across them again and continue on to reach the end.

       Level Six: The Menhir Hills         Lums: 50         Cages: 8

Oh boy...this is a complicated, tedious level.  In here, you meet a strange
bullet.  You can ride on it, just like a horse.  To do this, run around until
it gets tired and stops moving, then run into it and take off.

In the beginning of the level, turn around and find a switch behind a rock.
Flip it, then go down the grate you opened in the middle of the three rocks.  
Get the cage and go back up.  Find the running bullet and ride it over to the 
structure.  If you aim it towards the door and jump before you hit it, you can
get the next cage.  Enter the structure and kill the two pirates(or sneak past
them).  They are guarding a cage to the left.  Get it, then go straight to the
next area.

In here, jump up the mushrooms and swing across the purple lum to get a cage.
Go back down and ride the shell across this next area.  This ride is tougher,
but you'll get the hang of it.  The yellow lum is on the right path when you
reach a fork.  When you reach the end, blast through the door with the X over
it again.

Before you go into the house, go to the ground and grab the barrel.  Walk into
the ground-level entrance to the basement.  Walk into the flame on the wall
with the barrel to rocket yourself over the gap.  On the other side, grab a
barrel and throw it up to the cage.  Rocket yourself back.  You probably
wouldn't be able to find this cage without playing further in the game first,
since this technique isn't introduced until much later.

Go into the house by flipping the switch past the pirate.  Meet your buddy,
Clark.  He's not feeling so need to get him the Potion of Life from
the Cave of Bad Dreams.  This is discussed in the next section.


Once you give him the potion, he will bust through the wall for you.  Go
through and make your way to the top of the area by swinging across the four
purple lums.  Break the cage and go to the next area.  Hit the switch to open
the gate for Clark.  He breaks through one more wall for you.  Go down these
stairs.  Find the two cages in the area, then hop on the shell.  At the end of
this path is the exit.

 Sub-Level Three: The Cave of Bad Dreams          Lums: 50         Cages: 0

Enter the Marshes of Awakening.  Instead of jumping across the lilypads, go
left onto the branch and follow the path around to the top.  Meet a spooky
Cyclops at the top and enter the Cave of Bad Dreams.

The beginning of this level consists of some simple jumping problems.  Go
forward until you reach a magic sphere receptacle.  Kill the enemies on the 
platform to get the sphere, then move on to the next area.

Go in the cavern to the left in this new area.  It forks into two paths.  The
left path has the silver ball and the right path has the gold ball.  You must
follow the path to the ball, then throw it and follow it back to the entrance.
Note that if you accidentally throw a sphere into the brambles below, it will
magically reappear from where you threw it.  Once you put both the spheres on
their receptacles, enter the next area.

Go down the slide here.  Move fast and shoot the crystals, or the Cyclops might
get you!  At the bottom, you face him in a real boss battle.  This consists of
two strategies: avoid his flames while you jump across the platforms, or shoot
the skulls that the throws to freeze them and turn them into new platforms.
It's hard to express in words.  Chase him to the very end.  You will find a
huge pile of gold!  You can choose between keeping it or moving on with your
journey.  Try the first option - the sequence takes a deep, symbolic look at 
the isolating effects of money...but you can interpret it however you wish!  
For some reason, you must pick the second option to move on(you choose again
after watching the first), unlike in the N64 version.  Take the life potion 
back to your pal Clark.

       Level Seven: The Canopy             Lums: 50         Cages: 4

This level introduces two new powers: Globox's power to create rain storms at
will, and your power to charge up your shots.  When you lead Globox to certain
objects(laser doors, fires, plants...), he will create a storm to allow you to
continue on your journey.  About halfway through the level, he gives you the
silver lum that will allow you to charge your shots by holding B.

You begin the level in a cave.  When you walk outside, a spider will chase you
around the big room.  Collect the sixteen lums, then shoot the purple lum in
the center and swing to the exit.  To get the cage under the platform, do a
helicopter jump to the side of the platform and shoot as you float down.  The
exit is through the cave near that platform - just follow it to the other side.

In this open area, cross the plank to your left.  Kill the pirate(be careful!)
and walk up to the next wooden plank.  The camera zooms behind you; shoot the
switch in front of you across the gap.  This frees your pal, Globox.  Go back
to the beginning of this area and cross the other plank.  Lead Globox to the
laser door, and he will summon a rainstorm to short it out.  Go through the
door and fall down the tunnel to a new area.

Lead Globox to the plant and he will summon up a rainstorm.  Jump on the flower
that appears and stand on the right side of the flower.  It will transport you
over to another platform.  See the tall pillar here?  On the back of it is a
bandage - shoot it to make a ramp for Globox to cross.  Once he crosses, lead
him into the cave and have him put out the fire.  Cross the path and meet a
pirate.  Globox is a scaredy-cat, so he'll run away.  Once you kill the pirate,
you must find him and get him to follow you again.  This time, he gives you the
silver lum mentioned earlier.

In the next area, a ship starts bombing you and a pirate appears in the
distance.  This is a great time to try out your new power - just hold B and
release when he fires off a shot.  When you defeat him, find Globox and
continue on.

The next open area has a strange-looking plant surrounded by three lums.  After
you use the purple lum to get the cage in the corner and the lum on the roof
to the right, lead Globox to this plant.  Once it grows, step into it and sneak
into the fortress.  Open the cage and take the exit.

       Level Eight: Whale Bay              Lums: 50         Cages: 4

In the beginning, you find a big enemy in a barrel after exploring a bit.  You
can destroy him, but it's a complete waste of time.  Jump into the water(behind
the glass wall) and swim to the other side(collect the one yellow lum if you
want).  Hit the switch and go through the nearby cavern before the barrel guy
finds you.  You can climb on the netting by jumping up to it.  Once you get the
lums you need, jump on top of the net and continue onward.

In the next area, kill the pirate jumping around the huge ship in front of you.
Flip the switch on the ship by climbing up the barrels to your right, then
enter the door it opened.  Make your way over the barrels to the next area.

Kill the pirate on the center island here.  Go into a small alcove to your
right and grab a barrel.  Toss the barrel at the door near the island and break
open the cage inside.  Climb the trees and swing across the new purple lum onto
the balcony.  Walk through to the next level.

Look around at the's quite nice.  Swim underwater and enter a
cavern near the shore.  When you come out on the other side, walk to an open
room.  Shoot the switch on the other side of the room to free Carmen the whale.
Go back to the room and you find a walking shell.  Ride it through the only
exit and hit B to accelerate before you hit the gap.  You sail over it into the
X-door on the other side, which has a cage inside the room.  Make your way back
to the open ocean.

Find Carmen the whale and swim through the air bubbles he leaves behind.  In
the next area, do the same, except go faster, or the piranhas might get your
air.  When you see a ship, diverge from the path.  If you want a crystal, go to
the cavern left of the ship.  When you reach the surface from this place, jump
on the platform and bounce up to the *THIRD CRYSTAL*.  

Return to the area where you left Carmen and go straight to the ship.  Swim up 
into a new area.  Start this area by climbing to the top of the ship.  Find a 
purple lum and use it to swing to the top compartment(I don't know my ship 
parts...), in which you find a cage.  Jump your way over to the water slide and
grab the lums on your way to the land.  Climb to the cave with the 
monkey-pirate in it and free the Teensie.  Go to the exit above.

  Level Nine: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire      Lums: 50         Cages: 4

In this level, you are introduced to a magic plum that can bounce and float on
lava.  Grab and throw it just like a barrel.  Jump on it to ride it, and shoot
in any direction to push yourself in the right direction.  I hate this level.  
You will too!

Make your way around the path until you reach a building.  After killing the
pirate, shoot a bandage near the top to unlock a purple lum.  Use it to swing
over to that platform above the lava.  Standing on the platform, shoot another
bandage to unlock another purple lum.  Use the new one to reach your first
super glove(or whatever you call makes your shots more powerful until
you get hurt thrice).  Go back down and into the cavern.  Cross the platforms
(after killing the pirate) until you find your first plum.  Instead of going
onward, you need to do some backtracking to get some cages, if you want...

Hop on the plum and head back to the beginning of the level.  It only goes one
way, so you can't get lost unless you start going backwards.  Near the 
beginning is a cavern with a tree in the middle.  Throw a plum on the spike in
the lava here.  Jump on it and across to a new area.  Take a plum and impale it
on the horizontal spike in front of you.  Once it sticks, dash under it and
catch it.  Repeat with the next spike.  Near this spike is a hallway in the
left wall - throw the plum up, then step out and jump on top of it to catch it
on the bounce.  Jump again to get up there.  Shoot the cage and return to the
place where you found the first plum.

One more cage behind you.  Go back a bit to the nearby open area and look for
a ledge.  Jump up to it and go inside.  See the monkey pirate?  Throw a plum
(in the corner) on his head and use it to jump up to the next cage.  Return.

Now you can move onward.  Go through the lava to the next area.

Murfy talks to you, and you find yourself in a grassy area.  See that X-sign
pointing left?  Take that path to a very long temple.  It's not on the main
path, but it has quite a few lums and cages.  I won't guide you through it, but
here's some advice...
-When you reach the area with the walking shell, use A to jump over gaps.
-In the end, check the middle door first.  The exit is in the left door.

Done there?  Go back to the place with the X-sign and go right.  Continue down
the long path.  Eventually, you'll find a metal grate.  Go around and get the
cage you saw earlier, then return and go the other way.  Jump on the platform
and onto the ledge.  In the next area, you must face a mini-boss.  He acts like
the ghosts from Mario Bros. - he doesn't advance unless your back is to him.
Either stand against a wall so your bullets ricochet and hit him, or just wait
for him to sneak up on you, then quickly turn around and shoot him.  When he
dies, you get a plum.  Use it to reach the ledge on the far end of this room.

Go down this lava passage on your plum.  When you reach an area with a big
circular thing to your left, start scanning the right wall for the passage to
the final cage.  It doesn't show up for awhile, but watch for it.  You need to
do some fancy spider web bouncing and climbing to reach the top.  At the top,
float down to the exit.

Grab the gold sphere and throw it to the platforms in succession.  Be careful
not to get too close to the black worms or the various flames.  At the bottom,
walk to the edge of the lava.  Throw the sphere up and shoot at the plum to
make it bounce towards you.  With the sphere in hand, walk onto the plum when
it gets close enough.  Throw the sphere when you get close to the next ledge,
then jump to it yourself.  Continue to the large circular room and place the
sphere on the receptacle.  It opens up another path for you.  Take this path.

Does this place look familiar?  You were just here.  Be sure to grab the high
lum on this platform by throwing a plum up directly under it, then stepping out
and jumping on it to catch the plum on the bounce.  Jump again to get the lum.
Continue down to the exit to this area.

This next area is different.  Jump on the plum and go forward a bit, then shoot
the blocks in your way thrice.  Go through this exit and continue.  Slide down
a long slide, chasing a purple lum into that circular room.  Use it to swing
your way around to get the lums and get the silver sphere.  Once you place the
sphere on its receptacle, Umbar will come to life.  Use the purple lum to swing
yourself to a step, then get to the highest block.  Jump onto Umbar's head.  He
walks through the lava for you, but you should jump off before he sinks.
Before you get the next mask, get the final lum behind you when you enter the
new room.  Congratulations...hope you don't have to do this level again.

     Level Ten: The Echoing Caves            Lums: 50         Cages: 5

...and now for something completely different.  In this level, you get to use
those exploding barrels as rockets.  You soar through most of the level!  This
level also includes the alternate entrance to the Fairy Glade.

In the beginning, you must activate four switches to unlock the door.  To find
the first one, go to the pirate ship and kill the pirate.  The switch is on the
top deck.

To find the second switch, go outwards from the pirate deck into the nearby
hole with an arrow pointing into it.  Fall, and swim into the pond.  The switch
is on the other side.  Return, and throw a plum on the monkey-pirate's head.
Jump on him and climb your way to the first area.

To find the third switch, from the beginning of the level, go forward to the
gap with a platform on it.  Jump across and continue forward until you fall
down to some shallow water.  Kill the pirate here and flip the switch.

To find the fourth switch, find the button on the other side of the pond from
the third switch.  Push it, then climb up the platforms onto the net.  Follow
the path at the top of this net.  Jump on the flying platform, but jump off
before it flips you over.  Get to the ship on the other side.  Press the button
inside to open the door and flip the switch on the other side.  Return to the

Now that you have flipped all the switches, go down into the unlocked door.
Grab a barrel and open the door behind you to find a cage.  Take another barrel
and walk into the flame.  You're flying!  Get used the controls, then get the
cage and lums at the top of the structure.  Use another barrel-rocket to send
yourself to the next area.  In here, follow the path of lums to the upper left.
This is the entrance to the Fairy Glade.  See the Level Two Walkthrough for
more information on this place.

After visiting the Fairy Glade, drop down to the platform with the 
monkey-pirate.  Make him run off the platform, then grab a barrel and bring it
into the fire.  You blast off towards a switch on the other wall.  Release when
you get close to it, then return to the platform.  The door is now open, so
enter it.  Throw a barrel up to hit the cage above you, then rocket yourself to
the next platform.  Get the cage here by jumping on a trampoline to the left.
After killing the pirate, press the red button to open the gate and use the
barrel to continue onward.  The rest of the level is straightforward from here!

      Level Eleven: The Precipice             Lums: 50         Cages: 6

This level is as simple as they get.  Run and jump quickly through the level.
Move constantly, or you might get blasted.  In the end, be sure to go past the
exit and find the upwards ramp to the left.  Here, you will find the final ten
lums and the *FIFTH CRYSTAL*.

   Level Twelve: The Top of the World         Lums: 50         Cages: 2

This level introduces a strange form of transportation.  You sit in a chair,
which follows an electric path to the destination.  You can move left and right
in a circle to collect lums and avoid obstacles.  Note that you can shoot while
in the chair.  The second half of the level has three of those huge barrel
enemies, so be prepared.

Start by tricking the monkey-pirate into jumping off the cliff, then hop in the
chair.  Good luck!  You'll need it if you plan to get all the lums here.

Once you finish your chair ride, the hard part of the level begins.  Kill the
barrel pirate down the hall by stepping out and firing a stream of bullets, or
just stay in a safe area and ricochet bullets to kill him.  Go down the hall
when you finish him off.  Jump over the barrels into the alcove and climb up.

In here, grab a barrel and hurl it at the barrel pirate to kill him.  Go back
and grab another barrel.  You need to go into a passage on the left(from where
you entered) wall.  In there, step on the flying platform, still holding onto
the barrel, and cross the gap.  Step off and toss the barrel at the door here
to free the Teensie.  Collect the lum and the power fists here.  Return to the
big room and take the other upwards exit.

In here, kill the barrel pirate with your power fists.  Get the higher lums by
jumping across platforms and get the cage in the corner.  Take the exit when
you finish.

  Level Thirteen: The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava      Lums: 50      Cages: 6

Although this level is quite tedious, it's relatively simple, and it's MUCH
better than the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, despite the similar name.

Start the level by going forward and across the various bridges.  In the open
area, kill the eyeballs and move on.  Note the big monster to the left of the
entrance...he probably does something, but I have no idea what.  Continue on...
this beginning part is pretty straightforward.

When you get into the temple, make your way across the brambles to a room with
a flower in the center.  Hop on it and it will take you into a bramble pit.
This part requires PATIENCE, so just ride it out and shoot the tentacles when
needed.  When you reach the bramble pit, jump off just as the flower is 
consumed in flames.  Shoot the wall when you have some time.  Do the same with
the next two flowers.  As you fall down the long pit, be careful - a wind will
blow you to the left if you use the helicopter all the way down.  Continue to
the final room.  Grab the two lums behind the columns, then stand near the
exit.  When you shoot it, the bullets will ricochet to hit the cage above you.
Take the exit.

     Sub-Level Thirteen: The Walk of Power        Lums: 50        Cages: 0

When you enter the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, turn left and talk to Ly.  Go
through the level, collecting the lums along the way.  In the end, you will get
a fist of power.

Level Fourteen: Beneath The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava    Lums: 50   Cages: 4

This level is pretty simple.  In the very beginning, Ly gives you a silver lum
that gives you the power of flight!  When you hold A, you will float up instead
of just floating downward slowly.  Hold the left trigger to strafe.

In the beginning, kill the black worms and look for the first cage.  When you
see it, turn around and go through the small opening.  Follow the path around
to get the cage.  Return to the main room.

Float upwards into the bramble patch.  Don't touch the walls!  Go through the
long path until the wind stops blowing.  Kill the pirate and go to the corner
with a few lums.  Below the bridge is a cage, so float down and get it.  Take
the only exit in the room.  To break open the floor, float up to the angled
surface above it and shoot to make the bullets ricochet to the floor.  Grab the
lum near the ceiling, then float down into the hole.

Float and follow the path here to the end.  At one point, you can enter a
side-room to your left; this room contains the final two cages.  Get them and
return to the main path.

When you enter the final room, the guardian Foutch appears behind you and 
smacks you down.  You lose your ability to fly...but the game wouldn't be fun
if you had that all the time, would it?  Run around this circle.  When you see
a spiderweb, jump on it and shoot the stalagmite above Foutch.  Once you make
three stalagmites fall on him, he's finished.  Jump on a spiderweb and swing
from the purple lum onto the platform above you, then follow the path to the

  Level Fifteen: The Tomb of the Ancients    Lums: 50(51)     Cages: 6

Start by going down the staircase.  At the bottom, jump across the pool to find
a cage and a switch that opens the gate.  Go past the gate and a spider will
pop up behind you.  Run into the next room.  Collect the lums around the pit,
then go into the pit to flip the switch on the gravestone.  Climb back up and
cross the debris into the next area.

UPDATE        UPDATE        UPDATE        UPDATE         UPDATE        UPDATE
The path now splits into three rooms.  Go in the left and flip the switch in
the upper right by climbing the spiderweb and jumping up to it.  Go in the
right path and flip the switch behind the far gravestone.  Finally, go up the
center path.  Cross the platform bridge you made and climb up the spiderweb.
If you want a secret lum, face the pond after you've climbed the web.  Jump to
your right(on the left side of the room when you entered) facing the pond and
go until the wall bends(the "corner").  Go a little farther and make a U-turn.
Look at that, there's a crack in the wall!  Go behind the wall and land on the
platform.  Continue on.  Kill three pairs of pirates in the skull's eye
sockets, then grab the lum and exit.
UPDATE        UPDATE        UPDATE        UPDATE         UPDATE        UPDATE

Go down the passage into the next area.  Shoot the cogs and jump to the barrel.
Float down on these barrels to the end.  When laser fields block your way,
shoot the nearby button shortly before contact.  If you hit it too soon, it
will zap you right as you go through.

When you reach a new room with a barrel, rocket yourself across the room into
the tube.  Once you finish there, fall back down to the platform.  Follow this
path to the end - a boss battle against Clark.

To defeat Clark, hit all three of the buttons to activate a blue laser.  Get
Clark to run into it after you jump to the other side.  When he falls forward,
shoot the device on his back.  Repeat this a few times to destroy the device.
Shoot the cage and take the exit.

     Level Sixteen: The Iron Mountain            Lums: 50         Cages: 3

This level is one of the best of the game.  The first third is typical, ending
in a hot-air balloon ride.  The middle third involves an intense ride on a
walking third.  In the last third, you steal a pirate ship to save the little

Cross the bridge in the beginning.  Swing across the scattered purple lums to
get some lums.  In the room across the bridge, you must shoot the two switches
while you rotate on a platform while avoiding a laser!  It's easy to get the
first switch, but the second will be tough.  Shoot in its general direction and
hope for the best.  You can get into the hole and bypass the electric field,
but it's quite difficult.

In the next area, kill the two pirates.  Climb up the various boxes and the net
to get inside the ship.  Continue until you see a huge cliff with currents
flowing downward.  Before you jump off, look behind you in the far corner -
you'll find the *SIXTH CRYSTAL*.  Jump off and float onto the balloon at the

In this next area, go onto the box in front of you.  When the huge bird jumps,
the box will bounce also.  Use this to get into the tunnel.  Get past the
monkey-pirate to the exit on the other side of the room.  Ride the walking
bullet around the wooden structure.  There are eleven lums on the very top 
surface of it.  If you go straight and then follow the arrows from the 
beginning of this, you find a strange courtyard.  Flip the two switches on the
sides of the walls, then go through the gate.  You're back at the entrance
again.  Make the chicken run into the four stones to reveal four lums.  The 
exit is on the edge - jump to the cave when you see it.

Now, you enter a darker area of the world.  To get the lums behind you, kill
the pirate and grab a falling plum from the floating crate.  Throw the plum up
around there, then jump on it.  Jump to the lums.  To continue, swing on the
purple lum on the left side to get to the ship.  Continue across the ships and
to the bridge.  At the end of it, you find Uglette, who's lost her children.
You must go to the four mines(north, south, east, and west) and collect the
kiddies.  I generally start south and go counter-clockwise around, then return.
When you finish, one of the kids gives you the fourth mask.

  Level Seventeen: The Prison Ship           Lums: 94           Cages: 0

This is it...the final action level.  After some sliding areas, you meet the
flying shell.  Use the control pad to steer and the L trigger to turn.

The first area is a basic downward slide.  Grab the lums as you go.  The second
are is a complicated downward slide.  Grab the lums as you go, although it will
probably take a few tries.  Shoot any switches you can, as soon as you can.
Each one will open up more of the path.  In the end, you need to hit the circle
at the right angle to grab all the lums.  Once you start going around, keep
your momentum up - you can go around at least five times if you keep your
momentum and you don't make any jerky movements.

In the next area, as you go down the ramp, the toughest pirate in the game pops
out behind you.  It would be wise to go down the ramp and jump to the power
fists.  Even with the fists, it will take FIVE shots to kill this guy.  Good
luck.  When you finish, shoot the switch on the lower platform and return to
the top.  A flying shell now runs out to the edge for you to ride.  Fly around
and grab all the lums, then go through the far exit by flipping the switch on
the platform leading to it.

The final area is a tough flying area.  The path never forks, but try not to
turn yourself around.  In one part, you can see the sky and a laser turret is
firing at you.  Keep moving, and change your direction constantly.  The next
area after that one is the final area.

     Level Eighteen: The Crow's Nest            Lums: 0        Cages: 0

This is it: the battle with Grolgoth.  He has three attacks...for one, he lifts
his feet and throws some big energy balls at you.  Misdirect these.  For 
another, he jumps at you.  Stop Z-targeting and RUN.  For the last attack, he
tosses three flying bombs at you.  When you shoot them, they bounce back at
him.  He can step out of the way for these.  The easiest way to hurt him?
Z-target him as the bombs soar towards you.  Don't move, then fire one bullet.
As you shoot the other two, move to the left or right.  One goes straight at
him, and the others go where he could be.  When you finish him up, watch the
cinematic and get ready for the second attack.

This place is divided into a few parts: the center arena, its upward tube, and
two side tubes(in which the bullets generate).  Start by grabbing some bullets.
Shoot Grolgoth's arms first, then toss the other three bullets at him while he
soaks in the lava.  After a round or two of this, he will start to fight back.
Balls of energy seek towards you.  To get rid of these, do some sharp, circular
turns right near walls or tubes.  They can't turn quite as sharply as you, so
this is the easiest way to get rid of them.  When Grolgoth starts to hang out
higher up the tube, shoot his arms and then his body just as before.

=================== IV. Dreamcast Exclusive Mini-Games! =======================

0.  The Crystals

One of the things added to the Dreamcast game are several mini-games.  To
activate them, you must collect some crystals throughout the game.  Where are
they?  Here's a short list.  Check the full walkthrough for more info.

FIRST CRYSTAL: Fairy Glade.  This is on your path after the big, oily drop.
SECOND CRYSTAL: Sanctuary of Water and Ice.  Swim to the underwater cave in the
  very first pond.
THIRD CRYSTAL: Whale Bay.  After you follow the whale to the end, instead of
  going into the ship, go to a cavern over to the left.  It's at the top.
FOURTH CRYSTAL: Fairy Glade.  When you take the alternate entrance, it's to the
  left of the exit.
FIFTH CRYSTAL: Precipice.  When you find the exit, keep on going to the left.
  Go up the ramp and get the crystal.
SIXTH CRYSTAL: Iron Mountain.  Before you float down to the balloon, go the
  back left of the platform.

To use these crystals, enter the Globox Village(read the Woods of Light

Requirements: 2 Crystals
My Score: 15'07

In this game, you must collect the lums on this Q-bert style world.  The
quickest route is up the right side, then down the left side.

Requirements: 4 Crystals
My Score: 16'16

In this game, you must collect the lums in this pyramid of trampolines.  The
path is pretty defined in this one, but there are a few shortcuts to take.
Start by jumping on the first web and going right.  Make your way up the right
side, then fall down the left side.  Try to fall straight down and collect the
lums as you go.  You move much faster when you let gravity do the work.

Requirements: 6 Crystals(or hold L+R and press B a few times on the "PRESS
  START BUTTON" screen until you hear a sound, then select the last option)
My Score: I get bored before 10k

In this game, you collect the lums in the center while avoiding the monster.
You get points for killing the monster - set a wall near it so it gets crushed
between the rotating wall.  Stand in the center to collect lums, then return to
your base.  Get the good items while avoiding the bad ones.

Requirements: Download the SPA file from
My Score: 12400(too lazy to play it for that long)

This game is very similar to something...Hurricane, I think?  You are on a
circle, and enemies are coming out of the center.  You must shoot them.

Skulls: when you shoot them, they turn around.  They die when they crash into
  other skulls.  Make them turn around towards the center when you must.
Bombs: they explode when you shoot them.
Plums: they are some kind of power-up/power-down.  If you see one called
  FRIENDS, get it!  This will give you two auxiliary cannons.

V.   LIF
Requirements: Download the LIF file from
My Score: 14'25

In this game, you must swing up some purple lums to collect the red lums.  This
one is tough...try to stay in one plane and just swing your way up.

VI.  MENezis
Requirements: Download the MEN file from
My Score: 163(yeah, I'm not very good at this one)

This is a side-scrolling shooter featuring your favorite letters of the
alphabet!  Use B to shoot and A to 'evade'(jump out of the line of fire for a 
few seconds).

============================== V. Contact Info ================================

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