Published on July 17, 2015

Notes from 2015:

Ahh, I remember sinking a ton of time into this one summer! In retrospect I did a lot of things WRONG with this TAS - it would get disqualified for a lot of reasons; it's multi-segmented and video-edited together, and the 24:41 time is level-time only, not the complete start-to-finish game time. Plus, there's a lot of optimization that could be done, and this is more of a "first-complete-draft", if anything. I just wasn't using all the tools available to really get all the frames right. Still, this was a fun way for me to dip my toes into the world of tool-assisted speedruns. There wasn't much/any competition in this game, and it was really fun to blaze through these levels in ~1 minute when usually they would take me a few minutes. (Time travel is fun!)

I don't know if it's that much fun to watch if you haven't played the game before. This game is like a puzzle version of Marble Madness. The music's pretty awesome IMO.

This is a fluid run through Spindizzy Worlds on the Spindizzy cluster and on Advanced Mode. It is not a strict speedrun - sometimes liberties are taken, to avoid enemies and such. The character does fall off the board in bonus rounds to save time, and crashes (in two levels) to save time.

These are the total times for each level:

  • Beginner - .45
  • Pak Attack - 1.57
  • Buxton Cat - 1.30
  • Sandy Island - .21
  • WaterWorks - 1.11
  • Pyramidea - 1.24
  • Tri Path - 1.07
  • Ballrace - .28
  • Castle Quest - .57
  • Frigia - 1.09
  • Roller-ama - .46
  • Arrow Maze - .51
  • Grass Hopper - 1.18
  • Tower City - 1.05
  • Grass Maze - 1.00
  • Canal Side - .49
  • WaterWorld - 1.04
  • MisDirection - 1.22
  • Oily Way - 1.15
  • Torture! - 1.13
  • RADIMA - 1.30
  • Obelisk Run - 1.39

The final level, Spindizzy!, does not report a final time. It takes 3.47, but game time does not include loading time, so it is significantly less than this.

The total running time of this movie is 45:12, which includes the intro sequence and the credits at the end. It is encoded in XVID - find information about this codec at SMV files for use with SNES9x or a similar emulator can be provided upon request.

Let me know if you enjoy watching this!