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Pinnastorm was a fun blog that my friend Amanda Mattos ran from 2010-2011. She had it all - culture posts, musician interviews, show previews and song reviews. I forget how this came together

A Hipster Reviews, What Was the Hipster?

By Martin Silbiger Wednesday March 9, 2011 Only a hipster would read [http://www.amazon.com/What-Was-Hipster-Sociological-Investigation/dp/0982597711](this book). (Only a hipster would even read this review.)[1] It’s a

Digital Drugs: A Trip Report

Digital Drugs: A Trip Report

By Martin Silbiger Wednesday September 15, 2010 Maybe you’ve heard of a new trend out there called i-Dosing? Awhile ago, a school district in Oklahoma wrote a letter to parents to give

A Pocket Guide to Metal Subgenres

By Martin Silbiger Thursday August 26, 2010 (Some header image made by Amanda here...lost to the ages.) Metal as a genre has largely faded from the zeitgeist of popular culture since the