Published on February 24, 2011

author: Marten
date: 24/02/2011
category: top-lists

Okay, so there's this review going up tomorrow over at WeLoveDC, of the THURSDAY / UNDEROATH show I saw on Tuesday. Quick summary: Thursday are kind of one of my favorite bands. I would be embarrassed to admit this, but every time I go to their shows, I look around and see a bunch of metal and hardcore kids just like me who understand their appeal.

Photo by Andrew Markowitz

They're actually not some pussy emo band - since Full Collapse [2001], they've been a post-hardcore band trying to shed the emo label. They're also miles better than every other band to come out of the New Jersey 'scene' they started.

Here are the 5 heaviest Thursday songs, with links for streaming:

For The Workforce, Drowning
please don't let me drown before the workday ends!

The opener to their heaviest album, War All the Time [2003]. It's about going to work and doing the same shit everyday, but then something bad happens (9/11 obv) and 'computers spark like flares', and in that sort of hell, you long for the familiarity of your 9 to 5. It's also maybe about databases and how you're just a primary key in the EMPLOYEES table and you're 'marked for delete'. Here's a good way to quit your job: tell your boss you got married and change your last name to JOE';DROP TABLE EMPLOYEES;COMMIT;

Jet Black New Year
nine chances to drown ourselves in black hair dye

A good counterpoint to Death Cab for Cutie's "The New Year". In case you don't know: this year won't be better than the last.

Division St.
I'll burn up before I wake up

'This is serious', in case you couldn't tell by all the oversincerity. 'I drew an X on your city's name!' What does that even mean! To me, it's about how there's a girl in a city far away and you decide you can never go back there again. Then you draw an X on a map because you want people to ask you why that city is dead to you.

At This Velocity
complete the equation: / our names are X and N / we have no value.

Pretty sure this plane is crashing. There's a ton of math imagery in this song - but I mean, this is the one thousandth song where Geoff sings large numbers for dramatic effect. But it actually has a math problem in it: "five hundred feet per second / five thousand feet from the ground / how long will it take us to hit?" Answer: are they going 500ft/s forward or straight down? Assuming no air resistance, either a) 17.7 seconds or b) 8 seconds. (You're welcome, nobody.)

Resuscitation of a Dead Man
it's been stopped for so long / can you start it?!

This song has to be about a failed suicide attempt, where said person realizes their will to live in the ambulance. Dude probably caught a glimpse of hell but couldn't handle it, and wanted to be "loved", or at least hugged by his parents for once in his goddamn life.