Published on December 31, 2001
*                                                                             *
*                               Traysia                                       *
*                         for the Sega Genesis                                *
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*                v1.0                              May 11, 2001               *
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*                          Guide By:  SloDeth                                 *
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 Table of Contents

I.  Introduction
 What is Traysia?
 Can I use this guide on my website?
 Is this the latest version of the guide?
 Can I send you E-mail?

II.  Version History

III.  The Walkthrough

IV.  Contact Info/Copyright

*****************************  I.  Introduction  ******************************
What is Traysia?

Traysia is one of the first and only strategy RPGs for the Genesis.  It is
often shadowed by the more popular RPGs, like the Phantasy Star and the
Shining Force series, but it is still one of the best Genesis RPGs.  While the
gameplay can be boring and repetitive at times, the story is incredible.

Is this the latest version of the guide?

It depends.  If you got it from my website( or from GameFAQs
(, it is the latest public release of the guide.  If you got 
it from'm a mod on the boards there, look for me), it is 
probably the latest version, give or take a day.  If you found it at any other 
site, it may not be the latest version.

Can I use this guide on my website?

Not yet...wait until I complete it before you can use it!

Can I send you E-mail?
Yes, but PLEASE read the Contact Info section at the bottom of the guide first!

*************************  II.  Version History  ******************************

v1.0 - 5/11/01 PM - Finished up the walkthrough.  I will do the lists and such
in the next version.

v0.95 - 5/11/01 - Finished Battles in my Memory.

v0.9 - 5/8/01 - Finished up the Town of Adventurers.  Thanks again to Robert 

v0.8 - 5/5/01 - First public release.  I'm stuck at this point, so the guide is
suspended unless I can figure it the bottom of the walkthrough for
more info.

*************************  III.  The Walkthrough  *****************************


Explore the town.  Be sure to enter the Inn to the southeast and save your 
game.  Enter the castle in the northwest as soon as the doors open and meet
the "master".  Once he finishes his speech, talk to the people around you and
assemble your party.  In town, leave through the east and head east.  You
find a bridge over the river - cross it and fight your first battle with four
snakes.  Unless you bought equipment for Roy, he will be very weak.  Keep him
away from the snakes.  Let Banegie and Magellan attack, and have Floyd use an
attack spell at the beginning of battle.

After the battle, enter the forest on the left fork.  This is a forest maze -
the exit is in the northwest.  Inside the cave, you find a Lemon to the
southwest, a hammer to the southeast, and the exit to the northeast.  On the
next floor, grab the Cuirass to the north(after going west slightly).  Farther
up north the path splits - grab the shield on the left fork, then go right.
Floyd betrayed you and led you straight to the boss of the cave!  Have Magellan
and Banegie use their strong physical attacks and the Minotaur will die after a
few rounds.  Take the exit to the east.

Out here, I recommend you visit Stone Village first.  Stay at the Inn and buy
equipment.  The elder tells you to go west to the forest to get some lumber,
then return here and build a boat.  Go west to a small maze.  Head directly
south for as long as you can, then head west and around to the east.  Grab the
logs here.

Return to Stone Village and enter the first house on the left.  Talk to him -
he will make you a raft.  Go south directly to the river and move a few steps
to the left to get the raft.  You return to your homeland.  After a brief
conversation, go west into Salon.  

Bellenue the Warlock joins to help you destroy Floyd.  Go in one of the 
northern houses and you find a secret entrance.  Enter this basement.  Grab the
treasure chests in the corners on the first floor.  You can enter an empty 
floor via the stairs in the center, but you won't find anything.  Take the 
stairs in the northwest.  Take the northeast stairs on this floor.  Take the 
longbow(near these steps) and the great sword(in the northwest), then take the 
stairs up in the center.  Go counter-clockwise around and up the stairs again.
On the next floor, go south to the next stairs.  Up there, you fight a boss.  
You fight two very weak people.  Kill them one at a time.

Take all the stairs down and exit the town.  Talk to the villagers outside,
then continue going east.  A conversation starts, and the game progresses...


Enter Gypsy town to the west.  The man in the northern tent gives you a mission
to prevent war between the Lyudies in the east and the Iyuvies in the west(and
the Selvites live in the north, but that comes up later).  It turns out that
there's some connection between the Iyuves and the northern cave, as you learn
from the chief in Selve(direcly across from Iyuve).  Find that cave by going
north from Selve and a little west.  Inside, you find a very confusing set of
corridoors.  Find the double doors inside.  Go through them to find a room with
three chests, then return.  Go left of the doors to one more door.  The boss is
inside - you must fight six soldiers.  To defeat them, I first had everyone
move towards the right side of the screen.  I had the magicians cast Hou Khan
when it would help the battle.  Then, I defeated the soldiers one-by-one.

When you exit the cave, you return to town.  Nothing has really changed in the
world.  Go up north(east of that palace with the invisible barrier) and find
the village of the master swordsman.  Talk to the man in the upper house; he
commands you to kidnap a few of the members of royalty.  Go to the palaces in
Iyuve and Lyude, then talk to the person on the left throne.  Return to the
master swordsman village, talk to the people in the east house, then go back
south.  In the center of the desert on your way to Iyuve, you find two armies
ready to battle.

After the conversation, you appear in Iyuve.  Go into the palace.  You learn
that Iyuve's military advisor has dissapeared.  Head to the North Temple, which
is almost directly North of Iyuve.  On the first floor, go straight north to
the stairs.  On the next floor, take the Magic Book in the northwest and the
Great Sword in the center.  Take either set of stairs down, then take the 
stairs in the center on the next floor.  Grab the chests in the northeast and 
east, then take the southern stairs down.  Defeat the boss here; it's only four
worms.  Go forward and get the Silver Key, then go back up the stairs.  Get the
chest in the northwest, then take the stairs to the south of that chest.  Use
the key on the door and open the chests.  Defeat another mini-boss, then go to
the main event up north - four Priests and a Wizard's Assistant.  Finish off
the Priests first.  Have everyone move toward the right side again, and be sure
to put Bellenue in a place where she can use her spells effectively.  When you
finish, take the new exit in the north and return to town.  The game continues
when you speak to the Prince.


This strange world contains thirteen huge towns.  You must collect the key to
the next town from each mayor until you reach the end.  In the Town of 
Adventurers, go to the north house and talk to the man to get a key.  Take the
stairs in the west to enter the Town of Merchants.  In here, your Pendant is
stolen!  Talk to the mayor in the north and take the stairs in the northwest.
In the Town of Thieves, check out the labyrinth in one of the southeastern
homes.  Go north and east to the stairs.  After going down, take the stairs in
the northeast, then take the stairs in the southeast.  Go west and circle 
around clockwise to find another set of stairs.  In here, you must go through
a hidden passage in the west wall.  It is in line with the bottom of the upper
rocks, so stand next to the last one and move westward.  Get the Golden Cross,
then exit this maze.  Talk to the owner, and he gives you 20k.  Talk to him
again, and he pays you again!  It's infinite money, so quit when you wish. 
Now, go up one level and take the stairs in the northeast.  In the Town of 
Witches and Wizards, go to the building in the center and take a class.  Follow
the rooms until you find the tracher.  Challenge him - it's an easy battle with
three Monks.  Go deeper, and you find the old man.  He gives you a key and asks
you to investigate some suspicious wizards.  Go to the Town of Thieves and talk
to the leader.  Return to the Magic School in the Town of Witches and Wizards.
Watch it burn down.  Talk to the leader of the Town of Thieves, then talk to
the king in the Town of Kings by going south into the building and up both
staircases.  He gives you the key to the East Town.  Note that there are eight
jewels in the basement; when you leave, just take the other stairs down. 

* UPDATE * It turns out I was on the wrong track; Robert Geiger set me 
straight(thanks again!).  Return to Merchant Town.  There are two entrances to
the south, which are just white spaces.  Open them just like locked doors or
stairs.  The one to the left leads to a Town of Craftsmen(and West Town further
below), but the one on the right leads to the Town of Swordsmen.  Go there,
talk to the mayor to get the key, then go down to the Town of Noblemen.  Open
the southern door here and enter the temple.  Take the stairs in the middle and
move north until you reach South Town.  Take the southern stairs to find the
Town of the Lowest Underground Level.  I think we've reached the end!

Go in the house in the center.  Take the middle stairs WITHOUT talking to the
man here.  Go forward in the room until a conversation starts.  The wizards
here create an infinite series of Illusionists, so you might want to skip past
them...hug the left wall and go south past them to find a set of stairs(yes,
this is either a secret or a bug).  Take these down, then continue down the 
spiral until you reach another floor.  Take the northeast stairs.  Grab the 
east and west chests, then follow the westernmost path to the next floor.  Take
the closest path on the next floor, then follow the path to the boss.  It's an
odd strategy, but for this one, try killing the Lord first.  Have Roy cast Illi
Own on him for ~400 damage, then move everyone towards the middle.  Attack
until he dies.  If Roy is still weak, have him stand and defend in the back
row.  After the Lord dies(probably along with Banegie and Magellan), have Roy
continue defending, then let Bellenue finish the Mages off with her bow/staff.
After the battle, go to the Town of Kings and talk to the king himself.  It's
all downhill from here!


Go west and talk to everyone in this North Village.  There are some wizards on
the North Mountain that are doing something suspicious.  All the residents seem
to be losing their memory.  Go to the east to talk to a wise man, then return
to the village.  The strange blackness shows up at the to a few
villagers if you want, then return to the wise man.  He says you must stop the
wizards in the Temple!

Go to the Temple to the north.  Go up the stairs and enter the teleporter to
the right.  Take the northern teleport and talk to the wizard here.  He 
explains that two groups of wizards argued over the use of a new magic.  The
bad wizards wanted to use this magic to erase people's memory and take over the
world.  The good wizards opposed this, but the bad wizards won out in the end.
The bad wizards have started experimenting with the magic.  The wizard 
disappears, and you are alone.  Take the right teleporter to find two chests,
then return and take the left teleporter.  Leave the Temple.

Go further north(west first) and enter the first village with the scratched
sign.  Talk to the man in the house - he says that a black light was headed
toward an eastern lake.  Go north and enter the cave.  Take the northern 
stairs, then the northern stairs.  Grab the chests in the north, then take the
southwestern stairs.  Grab the various chests, then take the southwestern
stairs.  Take the southern stairs, then open the chest in the northwest and
take the northeast stairs.  Exit through the south.

Go to the east and enter the fort.  Follow the path around until you are
confronted by a Black Dragon.  Again, Bellenue seems to be a bit too effective;
cast Illi Own, then play a little hit-and-run after Banegie and Magellan die
fighting.  After the battle, the black light starts to affect you.  Banegie
leaves the party.  Continue on your journey - enter the temple to the east.
Grab all the chests, then take the southern stairs.  After the depressing 
meeting with the Queen, you show up in the middle of nowhere with no memories.
Banegie rejoins your party.  Go north, then west to the temple.  Go north at
the intersection, then follow the strange path around.  At the end, you find
the Queen and Floyd.  You must fight an intense battle with the Queen.  Use the
same basic strategy - Roy casts Illi Own and hides, Bellenue stands like a
warrior with her bow, and the other two fight to the death.  After that, you
have defeated the Wizards of the North!


This place doesn't seem so jolly.  Stay at the inn, then go west after paying
the admission fee.  It seems like nobody likes the new leader of the town.
Talk to the people in the town, and be sure to enter your own house in the
midwest.  Traysia is trapped in the basement of the new castle...I guess you
have to rescue her!  Leave through the west, then find the hidden fisherman's
village to the southeast in the forest.  The wise man in the northeast says
that there's a lighthouse to the east that might be of interest to you.  It's
almost directly south of this village.  Follow the path around and talk to the
wise man.  He claims that a wizard(Floyd, perhaps?) came to the village, killed
the leader, and used his magic to come into power.  All of a sudden, some
knights come in and send you to prison.

Take the stairs down.  The next stairs lead to a pitch-black maze.  Move
randomly, trying to find the exit.  I think I started by zigzagging south,
then heading northeast.  One trip through that place was enough!
Unfortunately, it's not the last one.  Take the stairs down in the next area.
Get the Soul Sword to the southeast.  From there, go south and around clockwise
until you show up in the middle of a forest.

Return to town from here, by heading northeast.  In town, go to the Castle by
taking the MIDDLE path to the east inside Johanna.  In the castle, enter the
westmost turret and follow the path - take a right at the only intersection.
When you reach the dungeon, talk to the man and continue onward.  Take the
stairs down until you reach a dead end...just approach the north wall.  After
talking to Traysia, return to town.  Talk to your family, then the elder in the
northwest, then the blind man in the southwest.  Go back to the Castle and take
the west tower to the dungeon again.  Take the stairs down and talk to the man
in the southwest.  Go south, then follow the path to Traysia.  Banegie
disappears again.

Go back to the Castle area and take the main entrance.  Follow the path until
you find a huge room.  After wandering around blindly, you find that the room
has no exit...wrong!  Along the west wall is a block that jutts out.  The block
directly southeast of it is the entrance to the throne room - walk directly
into it from the south.  Inside the throne room, you verbally smack Floyd down
again!  He sends five soldiers to battle you.  It shouldn't be too difficult,
but the battle is worth 9999 EXP(!).  Talk to Floyd after the battle.  He runs
off to the temple in the northwest.

Back in town, buy any items you need for the final battle.  Talk to Traysia,
then depart for the northwest temple - just go north and follow the rocky wall
along to the temple.  Inside, go straight north and take the west stairs.  Get
to the stairs by going around counterclockwise, or go east and find three
powerful weapons for your characters.  After going down the stairs, you find
a room with ~10 stairs leading downward.  Explore if you wish, but the exit is
the northeastern one in the southeast corner.  On the next level, get the Boons
Shield in the northwest corner, then spiral inward to the stairs.  If you are
prepared, go forward and confront Floyd for the final time.  In the battle,
kill the soldiers first, then attack Froid(heh heh, whoops...) with full force.
After the battle, Banegie dies...she seems to be the unlucky one throughout the
game, eh?  Return to town and talk to Traysia.  Enjoy the ending...

**************************** IV.  Contact Info ********************************

ICQ UIN:   15025844
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