Published on October 4, 2011

What does your name even mean, TIME TO BURN? Could be almost anything.

Whose time is it to burn? The sinners? The saints? I can't tell. But damn, are these guys pissed. Here's one of my favorite tracks:

Time to Burn - Tormenta

Turn it up real loud. The drumming is relentless; can't you just see this guy's scowl as he brings his arms down hard on his drum kit? I can. And I love the one-note riffage towards the end. Sometimes one note is all you need. You know, you COULD call this sludge-metal, but it's also got some elements of screamo (namely, the screaming), and it's way more aggressive than your typical sludgey jam-fest. They remind me a whole lot of the excellent French group CELESTE. Oh, and it's real noisy, which means that when you crank it up loud, you start to notice all these nuances to their sound. Like little waves of feedback that don't stand out on their own, but add to that chaotic atmosphere.

Or maybe they've just got time to burn? It's the economy, y'all. Wish Obama would create more jobs in the metal industry.

Time To Burn - Isle of Men

Here's a real 'economical' song, short and sweet. They don't even need vocals to bring that chaos. Seriously, the drums are tripping all over themselves just to get you movin'.

Do you like Phish? It's time to burn one, 'namsayin? Burn some GREAM, 'namsayin?

Time to Burn - Gream

(I don't know...I just wanted to rock out to this one too.)