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2015 Best Of

2015! Another great year for teh metalz. And a great year for weirdo electronica. I wrote some words about this but why don't you just dig into this playlist: VAGUELY BLACK-METAL-INFLUENCED METAL OF

Noise > Metal.

Lately I've been having this feeling, that as I continue on my journey to discover the heaviest metal in existence, that I've been looking in the wrong place. Blastbeats? Riffs? Melodies? It's all

Is This Even Metal? – Menace Ruine

Let's get weird. MENACE RUINE is an artist I caught last year when they opened for Botanist. Two folks playing weird synths, this French woman howling about somethingorother. I didn't particularly enjoy their

Hate-Listening to BABYMETAL

Hate-listening is a thing I do where I challenge myself to listen with an open mind to bands I know I’ll despise. Does BABYMETAL need an introduction? Probably. What you already should

The Flesh Prevails.

FALLUJAH, currently melting my face. Really digging this album "The Flesh Prevails" from FALLUJAH. Don't be an idiot like me and ignore these guys for having a dumb name. They're not

Mumford & Shits

[The following is an email that I actually wrote to a woman, after our first date, after she accused me of hating Mumford and Sons for no reason. The real reason I hated