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Binaural Beats

HOW I BECAME A PUBLISHED PSEUDOSCIENCE AUTHOR & INTERNET VANDAL First, I spent a few weekends researching "binaural beats" and digging into stupid articles proclaiming the health benefits of listening to

2015 Best Of

2015! Another great year for teh metalz. And a great year for weirdo electronica. I wrote some words about this but why don't you just dig into this playlist: VAGUELY BLACK-METAL-INFLUENCED METAL OF

bit Dungeon II Speedrun (26:36)

2015 Notes: This is pretty recent! I'm super proud of this, and still get excited watching this video. I had bought a video capture card earlier in the year and recorded myself playing


2015: bit Dungeon II Speedrun, 26:36 [World Record] 2011: Trips - a web-based multiplayer card game 2001: Spindizzy Worlds TAS, 24:41+ 199x-2001: GameFAQs Contributor Page (26 guides) Yeah, I've played a


Pinnastorm was a fun blog that my friend Amanda Mattos ran from 2010-2011. She had it all - culture posts, musician interviews, show previews and song reviews. I forget how this came together

Food & Exercise Diary

ONE WEEK OF FOOD & FITNESS Hi! I've been trying to cut weight without losing strength over the course of the last four months. Here's what I did in one of the final

Noise > Metal.

Lately I've been having this feeling, that as I continue on my journey to discover the heaviest metal in existence, that I've been looking in the wrong place. Blastbeats? Riffs? Melodies? It's all

Is This Even Metal? – Menace Ruine

Let's get weird. MENACE RUINE is an artist I caught last year when they opened for Botanist. Two folks playing weird synths, this French woman howling about somethingorother. I didn't particularly enjoy their