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The Flesh Prevails.

FALLUJAH, currently melting my face. Really digging this album "The Flesh Prevails" from FALLUJAH. Don't be an idiot like me and ignore these guys for having a dumb name. They're not

The Next Level Of Heaviness

Before we get started, I'd like to make a note that I am the first person who noticed the similarity between these two album covers: ...well, I made this connection as soon as

Legends of Screamo

Here's a screamo legend for ya. JEROMES DREAM were a short-lived screamo band from Connecticut. Jeromes Dream - I Won't Stop Wondering Until You Stop Breathing This post won't make any sense until

I Wanna Forget: DISTURBED

Help! I was all set to write something about how embarrassingly bad the band DISTURBED is. But they're not. They fucking rock. (2000) Disturbed - The Game Okay, let's just hit Play on

I Want To Commit Murder!

Craft - I Want To Commit Murder I kind of like the restraint of this song title. Like, if this guy was truly evil, he would've just done it already...or he would've

Let's Talk About Love.

Maybe you think it takes some guts to say "I love you". Maybe you get choked up when you're letting out the words "will you marry me?" That's nothing.